Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zay it isn’t Zo (head injury in effect - anything goes)

Vell, vhat kann I zay… 
za end is now here und I am zo zad… 
ja, dat is vhat I am…
zo zad.

Okay… head injury aside there is only so much of that that I can handle in one sitting with a bag of ice on my head.
This is my childhood doll, Cheerful Tearful, standing in for me.
I think she's doing a good imitation of Tearful me too!

As I said… I’m sad the end is here. It’s true. 

I’ve had fun with this challenge and I hope you have too - whether as a participant or a spectator.

Those of us in the arena with the beasts know it’s been a tough battle at times - some of those letters were rather difficult and required some ingenuity to work into a post.

I knew this photo from Las Vegas would have a purpose.

Okay… that’s all I got…

But, (remember the Big But bit) I do have this for you… it is a repost, but I told you this would be the case, so it should not come as a surprise.

If you missed this "Z" post in 2011 here’s your chance to catch it now. 

Dare I say... it was without a doubt my most favourite of all my 2011 posts.


The shadows outside the window moved in a blur; she could make out the countryside yet nothing was clearly defined.

The man sitting next to her was asleep, the steady rhythm of his breath was hypnotic.

She smiled, he was a nice older man en route to his son’s wedding. His wife had passed away several years earlier, he had told her, and he no longer cared for long, lonely car trips. 

Besides, he liked the train. 

They had talked for hours until she could see his eyelids closing, his head had bobbed for a moment and then he was off - presumably to visit his wife in that place one goes to when leaving reality behind; the world of our dreams.

The train stopped, she knew it was time for him to disembark. He smiled and wished her a safe and happy journey.

Through the window, on the platform, she saw a tall, handsome young man embrace him with such devotion and gentleness that she felt her eyes well up. They walked away arm in arm, the younger carrying the luggage. 

Several steps were taken when they stopped - the old man turned and looked up at her window; seeing her he smiled and waved one last time. 

It had been a brief moment, this train ride, but it was now an imbedded memory - she had enjoyed their time together.


Ich genoss unsere Zeit zusammen.   

Translated:  I enjoyed our time together.   

I wish you a wonderful journey - ever onward, ever forward - always with happy thoughts and joy in your heart.

Did you enjoy our Zeit zusammen (time together)? 

Until... my next journey!

Cheers, Jenny


  1. I got to learn a little bit from you during the challenge. Comedy, life lessons, and a few great stories! Thanks!

  2. Good job on the challenge Jenny!I hope you feel better soon.

  3. first feel better... i enjoyed your post and i must say at first the baby photo looked a little real to me, it sort of freaked me out...

    take care of yourself!

    1. dang it... it's posts this month and i need more coffee.

  4. I think that you've done an amazing job with this challenge Jenny even battling through your concussion to finish it off, you've been one of my favourites during this challenge despite having to wing it and haven't let any of us down during it at all, well done!

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Your humor seems to still be in good shape.

  6. You finished the race to Z, even running hurt! You rock.

    Hope your head is completely better soon. :)

  7. And here is the end :) well done!

  8. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Does this mean you go into hiding again, my dear?

    I hope you feel better soon and the healing continues.

  9. Happy healing and congratulations on finishing!

  10. Yay, we did it! Now I need a nap ;P

  11. I do like that story. Now, get off the internet and fix your head :)

    We made it through AtoZ!

    Rhonda from Laugh Quotes

  12. Hi Jenny .. sure hope your head heals goodly well sometime soon ..

    Congratulations on doing the whole A-Z .. and yes now I'll join you in some lie down ... it's a great challenge ..

    Look after yourself .. cheers Hilary

  13. THANK YOU…

    DG Hudson
    Linda G

    I appreciate all of your kind words and supportive comments.

    In light of my head still throbbing I’ve opted to write a “blanket” reply as I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to tell you all how much I appreciate you.

    Hugs to all of you, Jenny


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