Thursday, January 29, 2015


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“Yes, she hollered from her perch on the stumped tree… 

Intriguing photo, right?
Well, there's a story that goes with it.

I am going to enter the arena…

I am going to participate in the 

April 2015 

And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Well, if you can’t beat me you can join me…

What do you say?

Are you up to the CHALLENGE?

Stay tuned for some exciting news….

Cheers, Jenny

Thursday, January 22, 2015


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What I want is WORLD PEACE.

Do you ever get discouraged with your lack of Super Powers?

Well, I do.

I realize there’s only so much I can do for this planet.

 So, I’ll settle for wanting GRASS.

My front GRASS has been laid. 

And… new sidewalk.

Yup, laid….(go ahead think what you will) and it was a good lay job too - it looks really nice. (I really don’t like the word nice… it's so, you know, nice.

But, I’m having a beer (which was written ‘pear’ then ‘bear’ before it got to beer - cheap date) therefore the vocab list is, you know, maybe grade sevenish… or six. 

Hmmm, I know some really smart grade sixers. (which was written grade sizers) Oh yeah, me’sa rolling right along!


Okay, the sweet and adorable Ivy, from THE HAPPY WHISK, got a toy, this really cool tablet thingy that she writes these really funky notes on.

I wanted one… so, I got one! Well, sorta!

Clever, huh! Now I’m going to be cool too! 

Maybe not as cool as a cucumber… more like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic - which, in hindsight (gotta love 20/20 eh, Bushman) is not that cool. 

Well, okay, the water was freezing and all - so, yeah, okay, cool!


I read my free writes to Mother - yes, a captive audience. (I know what you’re thinking - elder abuse.)

Anyhow, Mommy Dearest loves her babykin’s ramblings. 

But… and this is rather a serious problem, for Mother anyways, she’s not happy with how I end almost every story with a cliff hanger of sorts. 

She’s insisting I write another 15 minutes to explain myself. (Not happening - nope, and don’t ask again I said, firmly.

Like explaining myself would ever help anything. (Really, the disillusioned that walk amongst us.)

Good Grief Charlie Brown, who does she think I am… Lucy.

Speaking of Lucy… doesn’t Miss Lucyfur look cute.

Miss Lucky Lucky Pow Pow aka Miss Lucyfur.
Isn't she good looking for being 98 in dog years?


Cheers, Jenny

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quite frankly, THEY don’t give a DAMN

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Today’s THEY are the new renters that occupy the little teardown behind my newly renovated teardown.

I know they are new to the neighbourhood because I ran into one of THEM the other day walking his pocket-pet. Okay, it’s a cute pocket-pet, but the mice in the neighbourhood are bigger.

Googled teacup yorkie.
I told you… mice are bigger.


Last Monday, on garbage day, these newbies put out their garbage.

Let me interject and explain garbage day and how it works in this fair city of mine. We are all issued two regulation sized bins, which come in four sizes, S M L and Jumbo.  One is for landfill garbage and one for perishable stuff. We also have a blue box for recyclable stuff. (that’s the short and sweet of it)

Did you know 3 adults, 4 if they're all slim, can fit in the jumbo bin… just saying!

Back to my gripe…

I roll out my bins the morning of - because that’s what sane people do. (Bin divers prowl the night before.)

We are NOT allowed to put bags of garbage out that are not IN the city authorized, bylaw approved, regulation sized bins. PERIOD - never. 

Geez, does one need to be a rocket scientist for this? Survey says: YES, it appears so.

Okay, the renters (trust me I’m calling them all sorts of other things) are daft. 

I think their excuse might be, according to the pocket-pet dude, that they have never lived in a house. Hmmm… okay!

It appears they’ve only ever lived in apartments… downtown. 

If you want to see some really cool 
furniture ideas for small spaces go visit the link above.

Now, all things being fair, the species living in apartments, downtown, in this fair city, do have different requirements for their garbage.  

So, on garbage day, this past Monday, pocket-pet walker and his fellow roomies, put their garbage out… IN BAGS.

Whereby, the one million crows that have their flight path right over my house espied the feast and proceed to dive-bomb and dismember the bags.

Now, this isn’t even the gripe… because the crows saw the opportunity and took it. I like crows - they remind me of me!

My gripe is with what “the smart girl” said, today, when I called her attention, from my newly renovated back porch, to the disaster zone outside her back gate.

“Oh, um, well… I’ll have to check to see if we did this. I don’t think it’s ours.”

Okay… let’s just say I HADN’T seen you put the bags out on garbage day.

And, lets just say someone else left bags of garbage at your back gate.

Wouldn’t you have a little pride of rentership as you step gingerly around the mess in your fancy heels and get your non-existent broom out and clean it up.


How do you think I would handle a situation like this?  


1 - get my shovel out, and my rake. Would I rake the crap in a pile and shovel it over their back gate, letting it land nicely on their walkway?

2 - get my good buddy, the garbage truck driver, to report them for littering in the back lane? They can do that you know. Big fine too!

3 - knock on their door and read them the “good neighbour act”. This includes the intimidating “if you ever do it again” clause.

4 - anonymously send them the photo I took of them in the act. Yes, I’m sick… I know, but hey… good evidence is so important these days.


5 - All of the above AND blog about it. 


Cheers, Jenny

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PAY IT FORWARD - Friday to Sunday

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I read over at Barb’s great blog that from Friday, January 16th until Sunday, January 18th there is a Pay It Forward Movement.

Seems this is a Facebook thing. So, sadly, I won't to be out there “liking” everyone for partaking in this great event because I don't Facebook! (last holdout)



I don’t like to talk about the paying of it forward because I think one should be humble and pay it forward quietly.

That said, let me share one of my recent feel good moments...

Tuesday morning I stopped to pick up a few things at my neighbourhood Safeway - well, two items turned into four and before I knew it I had a cool dozen.

Out of the corner of my eye I was watching folks picking lines.

Do you ever do that… pick one line, then change your mind… hahahah - I love watching this happen… anyway… on with my story…

A slender, slightly anxious woman, and her gangly son (maybe 16), stood behind me in line. 

They had two items - yes, two. (good number)

The mother advised her son he’d need a utensil to eat the sushi he was buying; she seems to have only selected a beverage. 

Now, I’m listening to them, not being obvious mind you, and I realize they’re in a hurry to get to an appointment at the nearby Children’s Hospital. 

It is then that I tell them to go ahead of me. The woman is so happy and so appreciative. Her son thanks me too.

The woman tells me they don’t like hospital food. I gather this is not their first visit to Children’s. 

Just as the clerk is going to ring them up I tell her to make the two items part of my bill. No biggie. 

Here’s the part I like - I feel great because it’s so random, so unexpected and the look on the mother’s face is priceless.

She is speechless. She reaches out and hugs me. She’s so happy, not only for being able to head out the store so quickly but that kindness is alive and well. 

Her son, whom I’ve now had a chance to look at closer, is not well. But, he has the biggest smile on his face as he thanks me.

Now… yes, winning a lottery to help pay for my renovations would be something special but this moment was priceless. Truly priceless.

The patron behind me start gushing, as did the clerk. I quietly stated, "I'm just paying it forward."

Okay, wasn’t that a feel good moment?

I confess, I feel a little awkward sharing it because as a rule I do this quietly for me, not for praise or kudos. It makes me happy, that’s why I do it. 

I’ve been on the receiving end of kindness and compassion all my life so the getting begets the giving. 

I give because I get.

I get because I give. 

I never break the chain.


Cheers, Jenny

Monday, January 12, 2015

Word COUNT - Making WORDS count.

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Day 12 done - heading into the home stretch of WEEK TWO.

I’m excited and surprised.


because I’m writing - I’m writing daily! TOO COOL!


because my WORD COUNT is about 550 on average for fifteen minutes
of writing.

In 12 days I’ve written 6,826 words. 
WOW! I’m stunned - doesn’t seem like I’ve written that many.

Maybe, it’s that 15 minutes seems like such a short time to get much accomplished in.

Well… blow me over! The numbers don’t lie.


Here’s the scoop…

Going Home

My free write with the least words, at 476, is GOING HOME
I really enjoyed writing this piece… sort of Star War-ish.

Just Human

My free write with the most words, at 737, is JUST HUMAN
Now this one was interesting as it contains a lot of dialogue. Seems my characters were in a chatty mood.

No Fight Left

My favourite, so far, at 569 words, is NO FIGHT LEFT
There is something sad about this piece. It touched me, made me think of my mom.

So… as goals go, this goal is going along great.

And… she sells sea shells by the sea shore… just in case you needed a real tongue twister.

And you…

How are your goals coming along?

Cheers, Jenny

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Me, AFRAID… no, you must be MISTAKEN!

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True CONFESSIONS of a CRAZED writer.

I’m AFRAID - okay, I SAID IT.
I’m not going to say it again. This is a one-off confession.

No, I’m not afraid of spiders. 
Though if I lived in Venezuela this puppy might give me nightmares.

(Size - 28 cm - or 11 inches)

So… if not spiders than what??


I’m afraid of running out of imagination.

Is that even possible? I wonder… 

I googled "running out of imagination"
It's staggering what shows up!
I added the caption though - clever, and imaginative too! (hahahaha)

The other day, as I was getting ready to do my 15 minute free write I panicked.  

Yup. Me - that’s right - I panicked.

Well then I paused, breathed, scolded myself, and ate some chocolate - the cure all! 

Have you ever not know chocolate to fix just about anything, and almost everything?

Well… it does… and it did!  I’m cured… until the next time.

I'm enjoying my free writes but I'm thinking my imagination might run out.

Then what… aarrrgggghhhhh…. NO… 

Let me run out of things I can do without… 

like… my good looks
like… my endless charm
like… my cute toes
like… my ability to swing a hammer and hit the target
like… my great sense of humour - NO this one I can't do without - SORRY!

What would you be willing to do without if your imagination was on the line? 

Cheers, Jenny

PS - All things considering… my best free write piece to date was the one I panicked over - go figure!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

WALLS - they ARE meant to be BUILT

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Then (mid 2014)

Now, like right now!

Tomorrow the wood gets removed.

Then, the cedar fence goes up.

And finally… the yard will be put back together!

Kind of like Humpty Dumpty… only better!


Isn't it always?

Okay, let’s make it about YOU…

What do you do when you’re all broke up?

Cheers, Jenny

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A little of THIS and THAT - and a WOOKIE too!

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First, let me give a shout out to a dear blogging friend of mine

for leaving her encouraging comments over at Write Brain Challenge.

They inspire me to keep on goingTHANKS BARB! 

Of course, it’s only been a week since 2015 got off the ground. 

But… a week is still seven days closer toward fulfilling my 2015 goal of setting TIME aside to do my 15 minute free write posts.


Funny thing is… I’m doing more than writing for 15 minutes.

I’m here - writing… I’m commenting, that’s writing too.

And… drum roll please… 

I’m working on a project from long ago. 



I want to take a moment to talk about my free writing exercises, because the last two post are so NOT my typical genre.

I find myself rubbing my head after the timer goes off.

I wonder where the heck some of this stuff is coming from - obviously it’s in my head but it does baffle me a bit.

Though, the more I think about it I realize I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and maybe I’ve got a wookie or two wanting to come out and play.


Anyway… I’m finding it quite refreshing to write from flow - I truly am not thinking about what’s coming forth - the fingers are responding to some deep, inner storyteller.


Are you hearing, and listening, to your inner storyteller?

Cheers, Jenny

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


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Googled "Locked Out"
Look - it's me!



Googled "Flat Tire"
No real incentive to get out and change that tire, eh!

And right now…


The Simpler Times


Remember them… 


Cheers, Jenny

Sunday, January 04, 2015

The END of my WIT is rather FRAYED

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I’m not a fan of having my page views counted as part of my page views. 
(Just wondering, do you think page views should be one word or two - I'm a fan of it being two.)

After many attempts of filing previous complaints, via the complaint button at the bottom right hand corner of the stats page, about this annoyance...

I wrote yet another complaint to Blogger Jan 3, 2015

Here, this is it:

Okay… drum roll… New Year - Old Problem.

Maybe, just maybe, in 2015, at some point, you'll address the issue of the DON'T TRACK YOUR PAGEVIEWS not working. 
When I open this up, in my STATS area it asks if I want to track, or not track my pageviews. 
IT DOES NOT WORK - does it help if I use CAPs - seems previous complaints of mine have been in lower case - maybe that's all wrong.

Anyway - PLEASE - PLEASE (to the tenth power) fix this problem.
It's messing with my headspace - and that's not a good thing even on my good days!  

Righty-o! Good Luck - maybe that's what I should grant you as a wish - LUCK IN FIXING THIS PROBLEM.

Well… let see if that works!

Okay - I’m thinking I said PLEASE, twice - and I sound really sincere and even a little, hmm…. I don’t know, at my wit's end, yay, that’s what I sound like… at my wit’s end.

Okay, just so we're on the same page
my teeth are a little straighter; my eyes are blue.
Must be the lighting! I'm sure with a good night's sleep I'll be me again.

Are there things about Blogger that fray your wits?  
Just curious…

Cheers, Jenny

Saturday, January 03, 2015

I'll ADMIT - a BEE is in my BONNET

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Here's my new coffee mug… I know you've been wondering if I bought another one back in December at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Hand painted - from Poland (okay, at least it's from Europe)
Little extra detailing on the inside - sweet!
On the right, last year's mug. I alternate between the two.

Now, I know it says Vancouver Christmas Market - but, reading their site you'd have thought it was based on the amazing Christmas Markets of German. (Rather than link this to one, might I suggest a google search of “german christmas markets”, then hit Images - you’ll be amazed)

I was gravely disappointed this year. 
Yes, gravely. 

Anyway, my disappointment stems from the fact I am Austrian. I hold fast to many of my ancestors traditions. (yodelling being key)

And this is especially for Al - I know how much he'll appreciate a traditional version!

Since I don't have the opportunity (with any ease) to jump a plane and enjoy REAL German style Christmas Markets I though, hey, this is cool. 

I have attend all five years of its existence. This was by far the worst. 

Yes, there were vendors from Germany and Austria, but something was sorely missing. It was more the atmosphere than the shops that let me down with its piped in music that wasn't even remotely in tune with the season - let alone having any Germanic undertone.

Not a hint of Oom Pah Pah anywhere. (Go ahead, google Oom Pah Pah - click Images - I’ll wait)

You really, I mean really, need to visit this site.
Click on the audio link.You'll know why I was soooooooo disappointed.
Yea, I own an accordion. (Stop laughing Al!)
Oh sure, there was a smattering of sauerkraut and bratwurst - but god forbid you buy anything there - huge prices.

And - here's a little bee in my bonnet I'd like to share. 

What's with charging admission to these things?


Rent is being charged to the merchants. The buck should stop there. I need to be able to arrive, enter free of charge (like going to a shopping mall) and then spend my hard earned (undervalued) after tax Canadian dollar as I see fit.

This goes for ALL types of Fairs and Shows - if merchants must pay to exhibit then the patrons should have free entry to see them. 

Someone really needs to open this can of worms.  Hmmm, in between my 15 minute free write and being Molly Domestic with my new Crock-Pot  I think I have time!

Source - Google search for 'can of worms'

What’s your take on paying an entrance fee these kinds of events?

Cheers, Jenny