Friday, March 30, 2012

To commit or not to commit...are you waffling?

Source: My personal deck of Oracle Cards
The Heart of Faerie Oracle - Brian and Wendy Froud


The thought of actually “committing” to posting 26 times in one month with the added requirement that each post, in April, must relate to a letter of the alphabet has you saying, “IT’S JUST TOO MUCH!”

If you have signed up and are now freaking out because you do not have all your post ready…


Breath...inhale deeply; and now...slowly exhale.


Here’s the trick

I am going to share the secret of success with this Challenge, for those with NOTHING ready. 

Use the “day before” method. This worked for me the first year I signed up on April 1st and had NO posts prepared.

On March 31st, as you go about your day...think in terms of “A” and what “A” letter words jump out at you, then when composing your post...feature that “A” letter word or “thing”.

Example: A is for Adorable

This morning when I got up, tired from a long night tossing and turning worrying about life, my little dog was having attitude and wanting a lot of attention. I could get no further sleep without attending to her needs. 

With just a few words I can tell you about my day. I can add an ADORABLE picture of my wee trouble maker and I’m done. 

Without having to go "searching" for a topic I chose what was right in front of me. (my adorable little dog's cute face)

See, she’s adorable!
Then, just preschedule your posts in the 'Post Options' area of you 'New Post' page and you're done.

Okay, here comes B - I could further tell you how important sleep is to me and that my BED is the best you can buy because I believe in a good night's sleep.

When C gets here I could then tell you about my morning COFFEE routine and all the flavours I enjoy.

See...not that DIFFICULT - rather EASY don’t you FIND

It doesn't matter what letter you need… if you happen upon a "V" sort of experience on any given day...write it up, save it for the "V" letter day and you're good to go. 

Now, stop panicking!

Change how you think about this Challenge. Remember it’s all about having fun, meeting new bloggers and letting your creative juices flow.

Happy Blogging