Sunday, June 15, 2014


Out for a run, feet pounding in time with tunes keeping me steady at a 9 1/2 minute mile, my mind wanders.

I let my eyes scan the horizon for the unique and different.

Not needing to look far, there up ahead, coming toward me were two very interesting characters… as if they’d stepped right out of Inkheart and were wanting to be read back home.

I envisioned a great story unfolding before me… 

Obliging me, I was able to shoot them from a few angles - their inhibition and youthful exuberance was captivating. 
Exciting, yet mystical at the same time.

Now, picture the story you could write...

When out and about HOW do you capture the moment?

Cheers, Jenny

Friday, June 13, 2014

SIWC - decision made. FEATHERS - great writing stuff.

The Master Class options for the upcoming SIWC are impressive.
There are two awesome choices in the time frame that fits my schedule.

It’s been a while now since my superpower (of being in two places at the same time) stopped working so, like you mere mortals, I was forced to choose.

Choose I did.

I chose door number two - the class given by Donald Maass, titled The Emotional Craft of Fiction. 

I was leaning toward the class given by Sean Cranbury, on Owning Your Online Space. I had the pleasure of having coffee with him the other day and, given he resides in my fair city, I felt I could book subsequent time (at a fee of course) for some one-on-one time to address how best to use social media (his specialty).

He’s also giving other classes, at the SIWC, which I will be checking out.

So, you see, since Sean Cranbury is readily available for consultation here, close to home, whereas Donald Maass is located in New York - just a bit out of the way - my choice, thought difficult, was based on geography. 

My final decision was further based on my immediate interest in all things emotional - namely the current state of emotional unrest my characters are experiencing - they've requested I seek immediate help. Some characters are so pushy.

Decision made!

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

I was out on a run the other day. I ran into a cemetery and found all the makings of a great story. 

So… I ran with it!  Oh gosh… it’s getting late and I’m running into a brick wall (aka writer’s block) - or maybe falling headlong into a freshly dug grave.

Have you ever seen feathers after a bird fight… here, look at these.

You know the drill, if you click on the photos they will get bigger… wow!  Really!
From a distance, as I entered the cemetery - I thought it was the remains of a small fire.
Up close, look at the feathers, the way they are thrown into the ground… weird.

See the crow - he circled me, like I was some kind of prey… (fool)
Just as I was leaving the cemetery, this caught my eye - truly beautiful… but still eerie!
It looks like a book, right, but it was a solid object.
Click on it to read the verse - it's touching.

Here are a few extra photos I took on my run… one always needs to balance the weird with the normal… right?

While having a coffee I thought my new runners deserved a little attention!
Now they are immortalized… 

Where do you find material for your writing - deep within the recesses of your mind, or out in that oasis called reality?

Cheers, Jenny

Sunday, June 08, 2014


I’ve decided to abuse* Twitter - okay, maybe that’s way too strong of a word. So… how does “utilize” sound - so utilitarian, but hey, anything to not look like the abuser I am!  :P  *make excessive and habitual use of (according to Mac’s Dictionary)

I am taking advantage of my creative juices, that are freely flowing thanks to Brenda Ueland’s book, If You Want To Write, whereby I am not thinking (easier than I thought) just typing what comes to mind.

My copy - but you can get yours HERE.

Back on May 26th, in light of discovering the SIWC twitter site, I tweeted this:

Johnny asked, “How many more sleeps till Christmas, mommy?” Mommy smiled, “153 dear, just 153!” #siwc14 My gift to me.

When I got a reply from the SIWC Board I thought, “Hmmm, let’s play with this a little.”

And so it went…  

I found Johnny and Mommy taking on a life of their own through my tweets. It got me thinking how much fun it would be, given this is a Writers’ Conference’s twitter feed, to use (or abuse) Twitter shamelessly and write a story, in 140 character bits, as a way of partaking in the world of social media. 

If you want to see the story unfold… it’s HERE!

Given my love of social media (if you know me well, you’ll see I’ve lodged my tongue in my left cheek as I type this) I figured, hey, what the heck, give it a whirl - really, what can happen? I might even get a few extra followers to keep my stalwart 37 in good company. 

In fact, I’ve been toying with attending a Master Class, at the SIWC, given by Sean Cranbury on Owning Your Online SpaceTalk about a lot of links...

I imagine he will be supportive of my using (or abusing - see earlier definition) Twitter in this shameless fashion. If not… oh well, can’t fault me for finding the teats and milking them on the old Twitter cow, now can you.


On to the conference… which can be found at

I have decided to book myself into the conference hotel, up on the Club floor no less - really, go big or stay at home. 

Staying at home was not an option as I plan on consuming the occasional adult beverage (it’ll be noon at some point throughout the day) - and driving would not fit that plan. (I might borrow Drake’s costume if I go the route of imbibing too much. If you read comments you’ll get the reference if not - you know; you snooze, you lose.)

I’m springing for the whole enchilada - not just one of those taco things - no siree - I’m going for the beans and the beef! 

In other words, for you that don’t get my humour (so sad, isn’t it - you not getting it) I treated myself to the 3-Day full conference package - listed as the best value. I’m all about the best… value!

Now, if you’ve made it this far, and actually read most of it, Tex would say I’ve done something right in the layout, colour choice, picture selection etc… ‘cause she knows all about this stuff.

Now, back to some spontaneous writing… oh wait, that’s what this was… silly me!

I think I’ll lace up my new runners and head outside - sunny and warm, with a little breeze - just how I like it!

Cheers, Jenny

Well, how are you in the social media department - twitter much?

Or is Facebook your bent?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

SIWC - cute picture - EPIC BLOGGER - your blog's status!

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s home from work I go…

All right.

Seems like HAPPY is joining me this evening!

Because I’ve signed on for the SIWC. In October I’ll be rubbing shoulders with fellow writers, published authors, agents and publishers.

The last time I attended the SIWC was back in 2006 - and, dare I say, it was epic. (yes, yes… gotta love epic!)

SIWC has been around a long time - this LINK will take you to their ‘History’ page if you’re inclined to want a little more meat on this bare bone. Suffice it to say it’s year 22 and they are still going strong.

If you want to see what I've been doing to help promote the SIWC check THIS out.

But, there’s more to the Why?
Happiness is:

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a blog out here for over four years; a blog that runs the writing gambit from posts on gardening (which are colourful and educational); to posts with snippets of works in progress; to posts bearing the tragic tales of life’s cruel and unforgiving hand.

The blog I speak of recently reached the 500 post milestone and is still as entertaining and full of great writing as it was back when I started reading it.

I am pleased to call the writer of this blog my friend and writing buddy. His compassionate, kind words have bolstered my spirits, as of late, as I journey uncharted roads. He is epic - in every sense of the word.

He is also embarking on a journey, a writing adventure, on which he has posted his thoughts HERE, eloquently and as he often does, in a short story to set the stage. Worth taking a moment to pay him a visit, you'll be glad you did. 

I give you


the creative force behind


Thanks to Bushman I have not given up completely on my blog and have found the passion deep within me to fire it up again and continue what I started. 

There is no mistaking the journey I am now on is a different one, filled with a reality that is disconcerting yet, in its own way, enlightening. In the midst of my hurricane lives the calm eye, it is in this calm I presently find myself taking up residence. 

For how long? 

All we ever have is today so it is a pointless question. Not worth the asking, not worth searching the endless tomorrows for answers that may never come.  

I will be here, now and then, mostly then… as for now I am busy dancing on my keypads with wily fingers itching to tell a tale of long ago and far away… in the world of dreams, and nightmares, where I have know the cast of many that make up the uncharted realm of my mind.

Well… it’s off to sleep I go… Heigh, Ho!   Maybe what I really need is a map-maker!

Cheers, Jenny

Have you ever attended a writers’ conference? Share the details - any suggestions - any insights?

Footnote: A special thanks goes out to Tex, over at the The Tex Files, for inspiring this post with her own witty and extremely informative (giggle) post on the topic of “10 Reasons Your Blog Sucks”. A must read for every blogger! Thanks Tex. 

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Back, but only barely… just in time for Father’s Day.

Monday found me sporting a little circular bandage after, yet again, more blood work. I’ve turned into a human pincushion and I’m not liking it one little bit - though the actual poking and extracting blood is not bothersome in the least; it’s the fact that it needs to be done at all that’s annoying.

After my weekly light banter with the guy that does the poking, and after holding the little circular bandage for two minutes (he insists), I was outta there and a free woman for another day or two. 

This little heart was blowing gently in the wind, outside the medical building.
It paused long enough for me to capture it on film.
Everyone needs a little heart now and then.

My route home takes me in the general vicinity of my dad’s place and given this is Father’s Day month I thought I’d snag him early and take him for lunch. He was willing, and still pretty able, so off we went down to the beach. 

It was epic (yes, yes, Bushman… I know, I do overuse epic) but it truly was - and I really enjoyed some quality time with my dad.

Here are photos of our outing… 

Taken from the bench we sat on while enjoying a tasty grilled hot dog!
This is English Bay!

The Sylvia Hotel - a heritage building from 1912

We ended up at Seasons in the Park Restaurant (a favourite of mine), up at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, for coffee and dessert - the last photo was taken from there. 

All in all, a spectacular day… well, after the poking!

Thanks for dropping in and taking a visual walk with Dad and me. 

Cheers, Jenny
Modified June 4/14
PS - I’ve done some house cleaning around this place, thinned out some old - making room for some new. I love sharing photos and have decided when the mood moves me I’ll pop in and leave a few treasures behind. Enjoy!