Monday, September 12, 2011

The Cariboo - the interior of BC

Before I pack up my summer frocks and pretty thongs (that would be footwear to those of us over 25) I thought you might like to see what I do when I’m not here, in Bloggerville!

Yes...there is life outside this monitor...and these photos will prove it!

Back in June I took my mother for a little birthday outing up to the 70 Mile House area, in the interior of beautiful British Columbia, to spend a few days with our dear friend Dieter at his spectacular property close to Watch Lake.

We did a somewhat circuitous route: Vancouver, through the Fraser Canyon, Cache Creek, Clinton and into the 70 Mile - 100 Mile House area...the return trip was the same until Clinton, where we veered right and headed through the Pemberton Valley, Whistler and home to Vancouver thus avoiding holiday traffic on Hwy #1 - the Trans Canada - which is always under construction...ugh.

Up the Fraser Canyon

More Canyon

And still more...

We met some friends for lunch - a few of my closest

Out for an afternoon snack

Lucky's testing the water temp for a quick dip

Can you see the Loons on the on photo to enlarge

A stitched photo of the private lake on Dieter's property - the three above are of the same lake.

Some neighbouring land

View from the porch...

The porch.

Flowers from the garden...enlarge and see the honey bee.

Enjoying an afternoon drink at the local watering hole
Enjoying an evening drink without going to the local watering hole

Just plain pretty, isn't it?

See next photo for more info

Self explanatory

Just out the back door...a frequent visitor

Rhubarb pie anyone?

The drive home

Pemberton Valley

Seton Lake

Just past Whistler...the back side of our local Vancouver Mtns.

So much snow has never been seen in June...but here it is just for you!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into British Columbia's interior. 

Do you get out and explore the land closest to you? Or do you prefer to vacation away from home?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here. 


Monday, September 05, 2011

Tide's in...what washed up surprised everyone!

What a glorious day in downtown Vancouver for visiting Third Beach in Stanley Park!
The setting couldn't have been better - the tide was in - people were out enjoying the last long weekend before another school year begins - no one expected to see the unexpected.
A mermaid was sunning herself on a large boulder nestled amongst the smaller ones covered in barnacles, the sun was dancing on the water keeping time with the laughter all around, a mother seagull feeding her young - summer was having its last hurrah.
Children and adults alike stopped to take in the magical sight for it isn't every day one sees a mermaid in Vancouver.
Such was the day where friends and memories came together and played between the layers of blue, and I captured some of it to share with you. Enjoy!

What did you do this weekend to take your mind off the start of another month?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here. 

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Good Food, Great Wine - Snap on TV

Here’s my meal…
The flowers: are from Gerry - the “older” brother I never had. Oh, I have two younger ones and an older sister...but I never had the much desired ‘first born’ brother aka the heir apparent.
If you know anything about me it’s that technically, by default, I’m the ‘son-that-should-have-been’ - if you are new here stop dawdling and read THIS to get caught up and feel like you’re part of the popular crowd.
I mean really...if you’re not in...well, do the math, then you are...say it with me...OUT! 
The corn: I husked it myself, nuked it for four minutes, skewered it with my little corn forks, rolled it in real butter, salted it and then…drum roll please...ate it! 
Well, that was the plan so if you were hoping for something weird and kinky...yah, well, this is a PG 26 site (with kids staying at home longer we here at Pearson Report [hey Al it’s Brackets-Within-A-Bracket-Time: I have a staff of two, first there’s ME and then 'MYSELF and I' often pitch in when the going gets tough] feel the need to seriously monitor the nudity, course language and violent content of this site - it’s here, you just can’t see it.) 
Trust me, I’m ranting, raving and fist waving all while sitting here in my still well-fitting birthday suit - pays to never put it in the dryer!

The wine: As you can see it’s red. It’s an unoaked Shiraz (I may or may not do a post on unoaked wines, but not now, so stop asking, “Jenny, what does ‘unoaked’ mean?” - you can always google it you know)
Where was I before I was interrupted...yes, red, unoaked, Shiraz...okay, back on track; this wine hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario. (like there isn’t enough good wines in BC!)
I like it; I drink it chilled (sue me) and I like that it’s unoaked! (typed with a wee snicker)
The english muffins: I double toasted them to make them extra crispy (anything less then extra crispy is wimpy), then I smeared a liberal helping of Hellmann’s Mayo on them (anything other than Hellmann’s is Sissymann’s), next I added the stuff on top.

The stuff on top: My neighbour, who was having a BBQ (I’m always invited, but never know I’m shy!!!) gave me the stuff on top.
Anyway, she (my neighbour) brought this over along with a plate of ribs, chicken skewers, chicken wings, BBQ’d salmon (which her husband caught) - basically enough food to feed a small army. Hmmm...I wonder if she knows what’s going on over here…
Anyway, the stuff on top was chopped avocado and tomatoes and something know the mystery ingredient that makes it taste fantastic but you never really know what it is and you dare not ask because knowing could kill you. 
I always say keep me in the dark, the less I know the better for everyone! you see here I am alive and well and typing my memoirs so the mystery stuff must have been all right.
Before I can even start though I need to thank darev2005 for lending me the word “Snap”.
If you’re clever, which I know you are because you loyally follow and read my every word with bated breath, you will know what foul, seriously profane, over the top, out of this PG 26 world kinda word I’m talking about...oh, alright...I think (cause I don’t really know myself) it means Crap!  There, look what you made me do...break my own PG rating.
We interrupt the currently scheduled rantings here at the over-staffed (could also be over-stuffed) Pearson Report to bring you the following plug…
darev2005 runs a blog called Attitude and Pepper Spray
Rev has the most interesting job and writes like a pro. He spins his work world into a fantastic yarn. A virtual page turner! I’m hooked and you will be too once you check him out.

Yes, you can go there now...I know you’ll be back because the smart ones know how to click and open a new Tab for dareve2005, thereby not needing breadcrumbs to find their way back here! 
Back to the scheduled program…
Snap on TV 
While enjoying my little feast I decided to tune into the telly. 
And what do you think I, not Kim and her daft (Al, note the difference in spelling) husband, that didn’t know she was married once before, make even bigger fools of themselves then they already are.
No...what I watched was a documentary on the Passionate Eye called “Too fast to be a woman” about Caster Semenya, from South Africa, who was banned from international running competitions because she was too fast to be a woman, so her gender was questioned. 
Seriously...I could not believe what I was watching. 
If a man runs faster than other men he’s a freak of nature and we applaud the anomaly. 
If a woman runs faster than other women she’s a fraud and we scorn her very existence and question her gender.
If you are so inclined, click the link above and take a peek. Watch the trailer (the second video on the site) or if you are interested in watching the actual program (the first video link) you will be utterly disgusted by the rules that govern gender testing in international sports.
Suffice it to say, if some male dominated governing body ever imposed such utterly ridiculous and preposterous restrictions on my daughter I would unlock and unload a round of bitch attitude into their thick, stupid hides. And you gotta wouldn’t be last “man” standing, would it! 
To you men out there that have daughters - I hope you would never allow something like this to prevent your daughter from being the best possible “human” she could be...all gender aside!
Well...that’s it in a nutshell.
I’m working on a huge THANK-YOU post for some awesome awards I recently received, you will not want to miss it, but it will take a minute or two - so until then…
What pushes your buttons when gender is called into question?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here.