Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kid Bro's Kid

I am late on the draw, so to speak - although technically any time today is just fine for getting my “K” out there!

I’ve been preoccupied with my kid brother’s oldest kid - Desi.

She recently moved to my neck of the woods and I find myself in the position of keeping the role of Auntie alive by extending a little kindness to this sweet kid.

Desi’s passion is hairstyling - to this end we are kindred spirits.

She had accepted an offer to do the hair for a stage production running for two days at the University of BC - not that far from me, but a much further distance from where she currently resides.

As the halfway point I was tickled when she called to ask if I would lend use of the spare room as her midway pitstop point.

Coming in late, from a very productive night, we kindred kinfolk sat and had a beverage while catching up on the evening’s events.

We covered a kaleidoscopic range of topics under the heading of hairdstyling; finger waves, updos, twists, french braids and the different kinds of period hairstyles for the production she was working on.

After saying our goodnights and heading in opposite directions in the house I lay awake thinking how wonderful it is to have one’s passion as one’s profession.

For thirty years my passion has been my profession - I love what I do - I wish my dear niece equal felicity as she endeavours to fulfill her dreams of become a great hairstylist.

Tools of the trade.

Now… as a little sidebar…

When I was about seven, I got a hold of a pair of my mom’s sewing scissors. I lined up all the kids in the neighbourhood and gave each a haircut.

Not just a trim - a serious cut. 

In this group was my bestest little buddy, Maria, a beautiful Italian girl with hair down to her waist… yes, you know where I am going with this.

I cut it ALL off!  (just recounting that experience gives me goosebumps)

Well… let me say, I was under constant supervision over the next few months because Maria’s papa was not a happy Italian man… need I say more. (possible mafia connections… I always wondered) 

He cursed me as the devil’s daughter herself (which must have pleased my dad to no end… Satan himself) and warned my parents to keep me away from his daughter.

Of course… Maria would tell you she was beyond happy as her beautiful mane was so long and so heavy she actually walked with her face looking to the heavens. 

We still played together when Mr. Mafia was at work - Maria’s mother gave me extra cookies, for some reason, every time I came over… her long locks always fascinated me too. And, on occasion, I think she left a pair of kitchen scissors within easy reach, ever hopeful.

So began my passion… 

Have you turned your passion into a profession?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Good thing you never wound up sleeping with the fishes.

    1. Or in bed with a horses head! You had to have been there... :P

    2. Ain't it great that we've seen 'The Godfather?' If not, none of these lines would make a lick of sense.

    3. That horse bit stands out - I'll be old and grey without a stitch of grey matter but I'll still remember that scene. :)

  2. Nah! There is no money in my passion. I love gardening but no way would I ever try to make a living off of it.
    I envy the people who can sell great books. People who captivate their readers so intensely that they cry when the book has been read and laid on the empty coffee table. Not because the main charachter has died but because the pages have run out.
    I suppose I will always be the guy who had to cut the head off the horse. Someone's gotta do it. I just wish they wouldn't bring me live horses!

    1. You could write one of those books - you've got so much heart and soul that needs to be put on paper - you just need to do it. I know where I'd start... up high, in that tree... letting your thoughts drift back to a time, not all that long ago, and then just put it on paper. It would be a heart wrenching tale, but it would be epic, because of the way you write.

      And then there's those short stories... I read your blog because you are a great writer. As long as you write, I'll read.

      Now, about that horse... :)

  3. LOL! I don't think I ever gave anyone a haircut when I was a kid, besides my Barbies of course ... but I did once try to raffle off my little brother to the neighbours!

    1. Hi Kellie - my parents should have clued in because just prior to cutting the kids in the neighbourhood I had "trimmed" all my dolls - my mother was not happy.

      Does your brother remember the attempted "raffling" - that is too funny! The things we did as kids, eh!! :) :)

  4. I guess Maria was happy, hair can be so heavy ...

    1. I remember her being the friend that wanted to be my first "client" - as I was playing 'beauty shop" - she never liked her hair, though truly beautiful it was just too much for her as she was such a small girl.

      After I "cut" it I recall she never grew it long again - it was always rather short!

      Thanks for stopping by, Claudia. :)

  5. I still give home haircuts and I don't think I'm any better than when I was a kid :)

    1. Hi Charmaine - to this day I love cutting hair. It is not my main profession as I went on to become an esthetician, but I hold a licence for both. I do think haircutting was my first love - I still dabble in it and never tire of wielding my scissors.

      Where you a hairstylist at one point - or did it also come naturally to you?

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. I didn't even have the guts to trim my own bangs until I was forty. Glad your niece has a wonderful mentor, and your friend's
    father probably forgot about the incident by now.


    1. It's funny how we view cutting our own hair - scary! I'm glad I'm of help to my niece - she has potential. As for Maria's father... I hope so! Hahahaha - I still can see the look on his face - not a happy man! Oh well... :)

  7. Oh that is an incredible tale!

  8. Such an awesome story Jenny, find it inspirational that you were able to turn a job into a passion like you say, not many people can do that. I'd never heard about Desi either before so it was cool to hear about him too, I bet you're an awesome auntie!

    1. Hi Matt - although I am an esthetician (specializing in facials) hair cutting was always my first true love. (won't tell my ex that - hahahaha) I got into the esthetic stuff by a fluke when I doing some modelling and found myself quite fascinated with skin care... there was no turning back. I've love my job and don't consider it work.

      Desi, is my brother's oldest daughter and since she lives about 30 minutes away I am enjoying getting reacquainted with her. (my bro lives 4 hours away) I hope I'm an awesome auntie! :)

  9. Hi Jenny - never seen the Godfather, and now definitely don't want to!

    Having no hair or little of it .. I love looking at people with beautiful locks - but that's as far as it goes .. nowt I can do - live with what little I have!!

    Great that you were able to share some time with your niece .. and lucky her, she was able to take advantage of that production break ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Ah, your comment makes me smile - I remember watching the godfather soooo long ago, but the only thing I remember is the horses head in the bed. I don't blame you for not wanting to watch it!

      My niece is such a sweet kid (19 back on March 31) and having her close has been really nice for my daughter too.

      Thanks, Hilary, for dropping in - much appreciated. Hugs, Jenny


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