Monday, September 22, 2014

It’s a BLOGFEST - an Alex J Cavanaugh HOP no less!

It’s been a while since I stepped out and participated in a HOP.

Alex wants to know…

as all enquiring minds do…

if I have any UNDERRATED TREASURES (in the way of a Book, TV Show, Music or Movie) to share with you... 

… and I do!

Crazy Ladies, by Michael Lee West, 1990

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This book was given to me by my daughter, for Mother’s Day, way back when she was about nine years old (she’s now twenty-seven). She was helping her after-school daycare with a Saturday garage sale and as Mother’s Day was the next day she took her little bit of saved up nickels and dimes and bought this book for me.
It was a great read! I highly recommend it. In fact, I’ve pulled it off my book shelf several times; each read shedding different light on the characters that make up the cast of Crazy Ladies.

Dreamscape, 1984

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Eddie Albert, David Patrick Kelly, Kate Capshaw.

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This is my all-time favourite movie. If you haven’t see this flick you really are missing out. The cast is great, particularly David Patrick Kelly (The Warriors - a second fav) and the storyline is strong.

The premise of mind linking and participating in someone’s dreams is fascinating… and, at one point, in the early days of raising my daughter I actually used the principles from this movie to help my little girl deal with a scary nightmare with amazing results.


I’ve shared two of the four, as I don’t really have a TV Show or Music preference that would fall into the “underrated” category.


Join the Linky List (at the bottom of Alex’s post) and share your Underrated Treasures… I am curious!

Cheers, Jenny