Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Would Work

No, I did not misspell “would”; it is not “wood work”.

This is all about what “would work” if you found yourself stuck in my head.

If that would work for you then read on, and read between the lines… let’s see if you see what I see.

Also, there are no pictures because this one is all on you and your imagination.

See you at the end.

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She repeated the story for the police.

It made no sense to them; how could she not have seen anything, wasn’t she walking in the direction of the “alleged” screams on her way to the restaurant? 

This was the second time they had asked this question.

A disturbing, high-pitched noise had been heard far over on the other side of the block, yet no one had seen anything… accept for her appearing on the sidewalk.

She had made her way over the rail tracks that bisected the long block and onto the sidewalk which lead to the local eatery when she had been spotted by a passerby. She had even smiled at him.

She told the officers that going for dinner was part of her Thursday evening routine - she even smiled when telling them it was the pasta Alfredo she loved, with extra parmesan. 

Finally, she mentioned she was cat sitting for a friend and really needed to be on her way; with no reason to further detain her one of the officers walked her to her vehicle.

Her car was behind the yellow tape - almost parallel to the three bodies; the officer thanked her and apologized for the inconvenience of keeping her so long. 

Should they have more questions would she mind them calling, he queried.

Again, with a soft and compassionate smile she nodded and said she would be happy to answer any more questions they should have, though she wasn’t sure what more she could add.

He let her drive away without a second thought. 

She drove straight home - there was no cat to sit - she berated herself for her sloppiness; it was time for a new set of knives.

Yes, that would work. 

And with that she smiled.

Well, are you wondering what that was all about?

Cheers, Jenny

If you are familiar with the Death Wish series you might take a page out of that to give you the gist of this story.

This woman “takes out” more than food; she removes the rubbish off the streets and does it with charm and a sweet smile. She has yet to be caught!  

Being an expert chef, knives are her weapon of choice and has no problem "packing" her set around. 

I could go on and on... but you get the gist now. 

She enjoys deboning a chicken... and does it regularly - sometimes three at a time!  


  1. She could team up with my child abuser "taker outer" what a pair they would make!
    Except in my story (The illegal protector posted in December of 2012)he was caught! I could have him break out and head to Vancouver! LOL

  2. I haven't read Death Wish series... need to check it out!

  3. This sounds absolutely incredible Jenny, without sounding horrible I love this kind of thing, bookmarking this.

  4. Hi Jenny .. well I might have nightmares now - and I regularly debone chickens .. that too might have to change!!

    Excellent - I did wonder ... now my imagination is wandering all over the place .. cheers Hilary

  5. THANK YOU...


    I really appreciate your comments - I'm playing catch up on my replies - please forgive the blanket reply but due to my "headache" I've been slow on the uptake.

    Cheers, Jenny


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