Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Ongoing Oppression

Busy day at the office.
Lovely dinner with a good friend.
Quick stop at Safeway for a few items on the way home.
Unpack groceries and do a load of laundry.
Then wait to fold.

It was in this ‘wait to fold’ mode that I flipped on the telly.

I’m really not much of a TV watcher - oh, I do have my favourites but if they’re not on I’m busy finishing a portrait - or… driving around looking for wayward telescopes and the men that man them. 

Tonight, while surfing through the on screen program selections I was intrigued by a movie; it was billed as a documentary.

I’m a fan of documentaries… so I selected its channel.

Towels and sheets were left unattended in the dryer as I sat and took in the story before me.

The show was called: The Central Park Five.


If I had heard about this story I confess it was not jumping easily to the forefront of my thoughts - though it did ring a bell further back, in the shadows.

I’m not going to dissect it here - if it piques your curiosity I’ve linked to the story HERE.

By the end...

I was left feeling sad for us as a race - we really are cruel and unkind. I fall into this category too, so by no means do I cast a stone at someone that I am not dodging myself in return.

We all do it - even under the guise of sainthood and feigned goodness, we are, at times, unkind to each other. 

Out of this comes a story…

But… I’m tired, it’s late and I think my story will have to wait until the Letter R - just because.

So… was that a little cruel and unkind? - ah… such ongoing oppression must not be seen as a roadblock, but merely an opportunity for me to organize my thoughts of otherworldly orbs…

Did curiosity really kill the cat?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Replies
    1. Hi mike spain - Welcome to Pearson Report.

      And... thanks for dropping in!

  2. Oh wow Jenny, you're going to hate me but reading this has peaked my curiosity big time. I'm seriously interested in crime and the reasoning behind it so I'm going to go and read the article about the background here and I'll get back to you what I think, sounds like a very dark case indeed already.

    1. Matt, you will find this an interesting story - the documentary, should you ever come across it, is definitely worth watching.

      I look forward to hearing what you think about it. Cheer, Jenny

  3. People can be very cruel. I even remember hearing about that case when it happened.

    1. I thought I remembered it, but seeing the story as I did last night, I don't recall seeing this documentary, it really was well done - unbiased, giving only facts and letting me think for myself - rare nowadays.

      I felt very discouraged with the justice system - it was rotten then and it's rotten now. Not much has changed.

  4. I'm not going to read or watch this documentary as I'm feeling a little blue tonight. Usually a curious cat myself, as I know you are too Jenny, it's a good thing cats have 9 lives! xo Carole

    1. Hi Carole - thanks for stopping by. It was good chatting with you this evening - I hope the blues turn to lovely sunny yellows very soon. :) :)


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