Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas! If that doesn't work, then Happy Holidays!

From my newly renovated home (well, not quite finished) to yours I wish you the very best of this holiday season.

My daughter and I have had a photo with Santa every year since she was a wee tyke and this year was no exception - yes, she’s a sport as it’s me that’s in need of my yearly Santa fix.

So… here we are!

In this photo I want you to see, and feel, the happiness and joy we are sending all of you. 

Be at peace, smile, and know that all you really have is the minute you are living in right now. So, stop fretting and enjoy it - it will be gone in a blink.

Make happy memories - be kind to each other - and above all be kind to yourself.

Merry Christmas!