Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big or Small...when does size really matter?

Over here, on my side of this little orb, I’m having a coffee, compliments of my coffee station; you all remember my coffee station, right? Yummy stuff!
It’s a small coffee station, but then my kitchen is small...or is it?
My kitchen is 14’ x 12’; is that big, or small? (for my European friends that's 4.27m x 3.66m)’s all relative, isn’t it.
For anyone living on this little orb, in a place where having four walls of any kind, let alone kitchen walls, would be a dream come true, the idea of one room being 14’ x 12’ is incomprehensible - is it not?
Yet, to others, 14' x 12’ might be the size of their garden shed out back.
Is that big for a garden shed, or small?’s all relative, isn’t it.
To some, having a little garden would be a dream come true...the shed, I speak of, would be like having an opulent dwelling plopped down in the middle of this garden - that is how size is perceived by those having no way of comparing it to anything when they have nothing.
How big is nothing, or how small is it; when you have nothing does size really matter?

Now look around what you have big or small compared to having nothing at all?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to school I go…

Ahh...the call of higher education, makes you just wonder, doesn’t it...what more could Jenny possible need to learn!
A course in modesty, perhaps! 
Well, modesty aside, I do think learning throughout one’s life is just part of the journey.
Whether at an institution or the school of hard knocks - one should never stop learning.
To stop, is to drop! (Dead! - might as well be, if you choose to stop learning.)
So...what am I going to school for...since we’ve ruled out that crash course in modesty? 

I am taking a course in Home Renovation Planning!
This is what the course says I will learn:

It will take three evening, each three hours long, and then look out, I’ll be swinging my hammer like nobody’s business! 
My property is undergoing rezoning and with the value of property being insane I am going to maximize some revenue potential!
Any added advantage I’ll have after taking this course can only be seen as a good thing. I’ll be better prepared when the time comes for me to gather my crew and start the tear down and rebuild process.
Having grown up in a family that loved taking things apart and putting them back together, as well as building something new, from the ground up, I’m no stranger to a skill saw and I’m really enjoying my new drill set!
So off I go - back to school to learn something new! 
Think I can do it? 
Well, it’s not really a question is it, modesty aside, I know I’ll do just fine (I’d use the word ‘great’ if I was willing to pull out all the stops and not hold back). But hey, someone once said, “show a little restraint there don’t want to scare off all the boys, now do you?”
Are you planning on adding a course or two to broaden your outlook on life? Or is this the year for taking a breather?

Monday, January 02, 2012

See a penny, pick it up...

She reached out to take the few coins offered back in change; they fell to the floor; she had not been fast enough.
The young man behind her smiled and waited for just a moment before bending and claiming the coins.
Surrendering them to her - their hands touched. He was taken by the warmth and smoothness of her skin.

He smiled.
She thanked him and asked him to keep the sole penny, in the grouping, as a wee token of good luck; she had a knack for finding lucky pennies and at every opportunity thrilled in sharing one.
To the left of the store was a favourite coffee shop of many of the locals; she had often enjoyed people watching from the corner nook and the thought of a little pause, before walking the three blocks to her home, was appealing; as was the thought of a good coffee.
Home had its burdens, not that anyone every heard her complain, but having a few moments to herself was as good as getting on a plane and having a few days in the sun...well, almost!
His voice startled long had she been standing, blocking the doorway...he asked if she would join him for a coffee - holding the door she walked in ahead of him.
At no loss for words or good cheer they struck up a healthy conversation and before she knew it she was saying good-bye. 
He reached for her hands, squeezed them gently and said, “same time next Tuesday?”
She winked and said, “I’ve never regretted the investment of a penny - next week would be lovely.”


Have you ever been given a good luck penny? And...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Taking a closer look can be quite revealing!

Good morning and welcome to 2012!
I don’t make resolutions - never have, never will!
What I do, though, is take a closer look at the path I’ve travelled; who I’ve met; and what I’ve learned.
Then...I throw caution to the wind and hope the gods favour me as I head into this new and uncharted phase of my life; commonly known as a New Year.
I’ve come a long way since my early, carefree days and while my shoulders are no broader, they carry just a wee bit more; my heart, while not bigger, holds a few extra loves; and my brain, while definitely shrinking is still willing to be open and accessible. 
What I’ve learned, on my on this little orb, is to sing when I know I will never be a rock star; laugh when I know I really want to cry; and run toward the edge when common sense says run the other way!
If the end of my journey is near I want to know that I kicked the can good and hard, long and far and with enough gusto that, just maybe, I might get another chance!
If you make resolutions, I wish you great success!
If you don’t; I wish you equal felicity in your travels through 2012.
Either way, be happy; think big; feel deeply; love passionately; and laugh...above all, laugh, it beats the other option.
I have had a wonderful run at 2011 and now look forward to a dynamic, vital and lively 2012. 
What else could it be...I’ve got you, babe!
Hugs to you all!