Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time for a new Hammer - my old one's buried somewhere!


Time for me to throw my two cents worth on the table about days like yesterday…

Valentine’s Day

There are 365 days in a year, right? Okay, we’ve got Valentine’s Day, then there’s one's birthday, add to that a holiday like Christmas, maybe an anniversary and what you have is three maybe four days out of 365 to hopefully be remembered on.

Years ago I told my ex that he could forget commercial holidays. I highlighted Valentine’s Day as one he most certainly did not need to remember because, quite frankly, wasn’t I his valentine all year long – gag me!

I told him the day he needed to remember was my birthday.

That’s right “the birthday”.

Lucky for him I’m not a material girl – that’s why there’s Madonna.

I’m the kind of gal that, odd as it may seem, is very happy getting things most gals would divorce a man over.
For example – I don’t like to share my hammer, or any of my tools for that matter. So, I like getting tools, for my tool box.

And then there’s the motorcycle – I don’t do “passenger” at all. So that means I need my own bike – you can keep the diamond and trade it in for a nice little Harley – teardrop tank, custom pipes…you get it.

And let’s not forget the fishing stuff…okay, so I’m a little different.

But…don’t forget my birthday.

If I told him once, I told him twice – in that first year of dating leading up to my “big day” – my birthday was non-negotiable. Period – Full Stop

I said,

“Sweetie, I don’t need gifts or fancy stuff, all I want is a card given to me on the morning of my birthday, before I start my day, with a hug and a kiss. Gifts are optional, so are flowers although a new hammer would be a nice gesture!” (hint, hint)

Now, you might ask yourself, why in the morning…well, let’s go through this, shall we…

I have only 24 hours in which to “celebrate” my birth – since time stands still for no one (I am trying to work on this one) I need to start early. And unlike most of my gal pals – I welcome my birthdays with open arms. It helps looking younger than my years, I’ll admit, but quite frankly I like seeing the numbers pile up – means I’m alive and ticking!

The real reason for this request of mine is it let’s me know that a day prior to my “big day” the guy in my life is thinking of me. (He’s standing in front of a bunch of sappy cards and debating with himself whether it’s too early in the relationship to get the “gag” card)

For me, it wasn’t about the card, but (if you need to know) I like a funny card way more then those sentimental mushy ones.

What this was about was me being given my birthday card at the “start” of my day, not midway through, or God forbid, at the end. Giving me a card at the end of my birthday is a death wish and I told him so. (I loved Charles Bronson in all the Death Wish movies if that tells you anything)

I don’t know which cemetery he now calls home, but suffice it to say I do keep my word!

It was a simple request – a card at the start of my day – bingo…happy me!
No card…well, you do the math.

An “unhappy me” isn’t an option – really, don’t test me – it isn’t pretty and I’ve got tools!
Ask my ex where my old hammer is…got the picture.

Is there a moral to this story? -  No…not really.

I figure it’s my birthday, it comes once a year and if I want a card first thing in the morning – then that’s what I should get! And when I’m disappointed I don’t stick around to see if it’ll get any better next year. (If there was any advice – that was it)


It’s definitely time for a Hog upgrade, a little gift that’s long overdue. That sunset still looks good and I’ll ride into it solo if I have to…and I’ll buy my own damn card and maybe a new hammer to boot.

By the way, the only date on my calendar circled in red is Feb 27th – just in case you need to drop a note…the morning of! Otherwise, don’t bother!

To all of you that appreciate getting your birthday nod, up front first thing in the morning, consider yourself hugged and acknowledged by me…


(CP – your date is circled too ’cause Moo loves you!)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Bloedel Conservatory walkabout

The following photos are taken at Queen Elizabeth Park where the Bloedel Conservatory resides and houses a variety of exotic flowers and plants, various tropical birds and ponds filled with Koi.

I was on one of my many walkabouts - this time with Katharina. She's visiting from Germany and this was her first time in the park.  We were both busy taking in the beauty around us with the help of our cameras.

Enjoy - and may these pictures inspire you to go on a walkabout in your own city and play tourist for a day!

First off, here's a photo of the Conservatory from the outside...  

Here it is from the "back side"...

Let's head inside...
It's warm and the air is thick, very tropical; on a cold Winter's day it's great to be inside!
A colourful inhabitant catches our eye!

Orchids are one of my favourite plants. I have recently figured them out!
Don't let them sit in water - submerge them in a tepid water bath, hold them there for a moment and as they come out of the "bath" let the water run out from the bottom of their container.

Seeing them like this is amazing.

From the picture above, I zoomed in on these gorgeous flowers growing out of the tree's trunk.

Here are some more flower shots...

I really liked the water-wheel in this shot.
This sweet little gal could speak and whistle - very clever!
She hammed it up for the camera too - so she deserves her 15 minutes!

Say goodbye! Yes, she really does wave!
The visit wouldn't be complete without a little dry climate Cacti!

Outside we go...into the large Quarry Gardens.
It's a misty, damp day but the beauty still shines through.

A sentinal of trees watches over us...eerie but very cool!

Through the small Quarry Gardens our journey continues...

Looking up, from the small Quarry, we see our final destination.
Seasons in the Park Restaurant - where Katharina and I sat enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and cheesecake! It's my most favourite restaurant in Vancouver!

Note - the first two photos of the Conservatory are archival photos I took one sunny day last year!
Here's a little 411 for those of you that made it this far. If you look closely at the second photo, behind the Conservatory to the right, are the mountains known here as The Lions. They are the mountains you see in my Blog Header.

Here is a photo of the view from just in front of the Conservatory taken in Nov. 2010.
If you want to really see this photo as it should be seen, right click and open it in a new window.
This is my desktop photo and on rainy days I just have to look at this photo and I'm good to go!
If you are a Vancouverite and haven't been up to QE Park lately, lace up your shoes and do a walkabout; then, stop off at Seasons and enjoy their newly renovated "lounge" where the fireplace invites and the view mesmorizes!

If you're not from Vancouver and are thinking of taking a trip here, be it personal or business, this park is really a 'start' and 'finish' point of any trip. I take my out-of-town guests here and it leaves a lasting impression - even on an overcast and misty day! a local, I never tire of it!

Happy walkabouts,