Saturday, October 08, 2016

Rainy day chore - housecleaning my blog.

The rain is making puddles deep enough for cars to disappear in. It is warm in my home, for this I am grateful. I can't imagine braving the streets today on any level.

Yesterday I posted, after a few months absence. I miss blogging if you really want to know.

Since my car accident, back on Feb 4th, I've shied away from time at my computer, well, unnecessary time that is, which sadly is what blogging is for me at present. I do have to sit and do some business related work on my computer, that's the extent of how uncooperative my neck and shoulders are.

A few weeks ago I started with a Chiropractor - amazing.

He did stress I was to stay away from anything that required me to lower my head (chin to chest stuff) and that is exactly what working on a computer encompasses.

I created a standing work station which has been great, but I fatigue very quickly and as such get discouraged and then resign myself to not even bothering. Hence my absence here.

Blogging seems to have changed - how do I know this?

Well, I took a trip over to the "Manage Blogs I'm Following" page and saw I was following 257 blogs.

I now follow 73.

Yes... that's right 73.

Sad state of affairs because virtually all I deleted were inactive. Meaning no new posts in the last 2-3 years. I figured if a blog did not have a new post in over two years it was time to say goodbye to it.

I was stunned by the number that were outright shut down. A sign of the direction blogging is taking I thought.

And yet...

There is something about letting fingers fly over the keyboard (thank goodness for backspace) and sharing a little of one's world with others.

Whatever that something is we do like sharing, don't we?

We also like knowing we are visited and read (from time to time), that makes the whole experience all the more special.

I am satisfied with my housecleaning. Yet I wonder where those inactive bloggers have gone to, what they are up to, and if life is treating them well. My simple wish is that it is. This little wish accompanied every tap of the button which would forever remove those blogs from my list.

Sort of sad, eh.

But, life drifts on, regardless.

Hmm, that was my sentiment yesterday and it still hangs in the air today.

I realize life really moves at its own sweet pace. For some that means staying the course (blogging with some regularity), for others it means veering left (or right) and finding a new path.

To all the bloggers remaining on my List, thanks for blogging, for visiting, for adding a little something extra as I make my way through life - you are a part of the path I am presently on.

Now tell me...

Have you done any blog housecleaning of your own?


Monday, February 01, 2016

To your health

Current Read

Beyond the Paleo Diet
for Total Health
and a Longer Life
Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

Finished Reading

The Big Fat Surprise (read 7 times)
Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet
Nina Teicholz

Grain Brain (read 6 times) and Brain Maker (read 2 times, 3 coming up)
Dr. David Perlmutter

You may be wondering why I read and re-read these books. Well, simply put they are worth it. The information in them isn't just a one-off pass for me. I read them several times so the information sinks in.

Let me start by saying this about me - I like using my brain. I like thinking for myself. I like digesting information - fact based, well researched information. I then take the time to implement what I have learned and test the theories for myself.

Even before reading these excellent books I shied away from the propaganda which has veiled much of North America in a massive and sad health crisis since the early 1950's when Dr. Ancel Keys, with the support of the AHA (American Heart Association), hypothesized that all fat caused coronary heart disease. To date, this hypothesis remains unsubstantiated as Dr. Keys was unable to show conclusive proof for it.

As my parents are from Austria eating animal fat, particularly butter, was part of my upbringing. My father forbid any form of margarine and refined oils in the house. Food was as unprocessed and unrefined as possible, with much of the protein that made it to our table coming from my father's hunting and fishing efforts. We had a large and abundant garden. My mother baked using only lard and butter - no Crisco or "fake" shortening ever made it into our kitchen.

Sadly, even with all this wonderful wisdom it was easy to get caught up in the hype of what was good for heart health. Even my dear mother succumbed to the ravages of diabetes because of bad advice from dieticians which were told to promote carbohydrates over protein and fat.

If you suffer from any of the Western Diseases (also known as Diseases of affluence) such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression than you really need to read the aforementioned books. NOW!

I would recommend starting with The Big Fat Surprise. You will be in for a rude awakening. Further, if you are an American you will be angry with your government for allowing this heart/diet hypothesis deception to continue.

But... here's the clincher... sadly, we have only ourselves to blame.

What ever happened to DUE DILIGENCE?

At what point are we responsible for our wellbeing and health related choices?

At what point did we stop questioning and become puppets, manipulated by the likes of Dr. Ancel Keys, the AHA, and even the government of the day into thinking they know what's best for us?

Take back your brain, and start using it.

Of course, you might want to first start by feeding your brain what it's been craving these past sixty years - FAT - saturated fat to be more specific.

Look for a follow up post on FAT... and its wonderful healing powers. Don't take my word for it though, eat some and see how your brain responds.

Written with your good health in mind.

Cheers, Jenny

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Turning a page into 2016

Day 3 - What are you reading?

Books I'm listening to on Overdrive, on my iPhone:

- Something Blue, Emily Giffin
- The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz (I've listened 5 times so far, so much great info)
-The Brain Maker, David Perlmutter, MD (2nd time)

Books I've listened to since August 2015:

- Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin
- Mean Streak, Sandra Brown
- Baby Proof, Emily Giffin
- Heart of the Matter, Emily Giffin
- Only Time Will Tell, Jeffrey Archer (Waiting for 2nd book, will read the series)
- Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand
- The One & Only, Emily Giffin
- A Cold and Lonely Place, Sara J. Henry
- Can You Keep a Secret?, Sophie Kinsella
- The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs
- "A" is for Alibi, Sue Grafton (I won't read the rest, way too long winded.)
- All the Agatha Raisin books, M. C. Beaton  (They are fun, quick, witty)
- Where'd You Go, Bernadette, Maria Semple (I really enjoyed this book - well written.)
- All the Hamish MacBeth books, M. C. Beaton (Hamish is a great character, simple plots, easy read.)
- The Pearl, John Steinbeck (My mom's favourite, so I had to read it. Loved it.)
- By Stone, by Blade, by Fire, Kate Wilhelm 
- The Best Defense, Kate Wilhelm
- The Undomestic Goddess, Sophie Kinsella
- Death Qualified, Kate Wilhelm
- The Prince of Silence, Kate Wilhelm
- The Shadows, Jacqueline West
- The Shopaholic Series, Sophie Kinsella (I never thought I'd like Chicklit, but Kinsella rocks it.)
- Remember Me?, Sophie Kinsella
- Twenties Girl, Sophie Kinsella
- Open and Shut, David Rosenfelt
- Play Dead, David Rosenfelt
- New Tricks, David Rosenfelt
- The Silent Sister, Diane Chamberlain 
- The Good Father, Diane Chamberlain
- The Escape Artist, Diane Chamberlain
- Dog Tags, David Rosenfelt
- First Degree, David Rosenfelt
- Don't Tell a Soul, David Rosenfelt
- Down to the Wire, David Rosenfelt
- The Deepest Water, Kate Wilhelm (I have really enjoyed Kate Wilhelm's books - suspense heavy.)

I like having a book on the go. I do "read" books as well, though lately I am reading technical manuals and have little time to pick up a book for leisure purposes.

Audiobooks are perfect for when I'm in my car, doing dishes, standing in line, winding down the evening, or when eye fatigue (from reading technical papers) takes over. I would never have ploughed my way through the above list of books in 4 1/2 months if I was turning a page - I'm a slow reader.

I recommend all the books I've listened to. I've taken some out of the library for my mom to read, she really enjoyed Kate Wilhelm's writing, along with Kate Jacob's book, The Friday Night Knitting Club.


Visit Order Of Books, this site is amazing. It gives the order books were written in so you don't ever miss a book penned by your favourite author. It was helpful for reading M. C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth series in order, as well as many others.


I'm giving a quick shout out to Maxine, from England. We met while I was in a Microsoft store getting acquainted with my new Surface 3 computer. She has recommended a few titles which I am going to pass on. As she is a fan of M. C. Beaton (a good sign) I am looking forward to adding her suggestions to my "Must Read List".

- The New Rector, Rebecca Shaw
- Murdoch Mysteries, Maureen Jennings


2016 is looking good in the reading department. I'm always open to a good recommendation, so, if you have a title/author you'd like to share, please leave it in the comment area.



Cheers,  Jenny