Sunday, June 19, 2011

“That’ll make some dad happy.”

On Friday I dropped into Home Depot to do a little lookey-looing; I am doing a few minor renovations to my work environment and was there to source curtain rods and dowels.
I passed an adorable young man, with the cutest smile; he was manning the Makita Cordless Drill display table. 
I stopped (naturally) and asked what the charge life was like for the battery (I’m always skeptical about battery life) and he assured me that the new lithium batteries were exceptional.
Long story short...I took the two drill promotional set and a much needed 84 piece Impact Driver Accessory Kit.
Yup...move aside comes the drill!
I have an electric drill, but it’s an oldie and is quite heavy. These new drills are much lighter and easier on my hands. (post accident issues with my thumbs still exist)
While saying goodbye to Ben, who was undoubtedly charmed by my handling of his demo drills, he gave me a few promotional freebies - two pens, two carpenter pencils and a durable black Makita ball cap. (I wonder what the boys get)

I continued wandering around the store doing what I came to do - besides talking to adorable young men - so off I go to find the curtain rods and dowels; I am toying with making my own rod.
As I walked along, smiling and chatting, (Miss Social Butterfly that I am) a male staff member approaches me (I never have a hard time getting help at Home Depot - heels will do that you know) and as he sees the stash of manly goods in my cart, he says (in a husky, I’ve got hair on my chest, voice), “That’ll make some dad happy.”
To which I (in my best Southern Belle voice) reply, “Actually, this here is for me honey; after I remove my lovely heels I’m the happy daddy that gets to play with these tools.”
I winked and with an extra touch of feminine sashaying I pushed that cart like I meant business, of the manly kind! 

Ah...the joy of Father's Day - it's really all about the tools! 

Happy Father's Day to all you ladies out there doing double duty! This drill bit is for you!

Okay, all the dudes out there that really step up to the plate and actually get involved in their kids lives - you rock...really, you do and you are often not given the real praise and recognition you deserve. all of you "hands-on" dads this Father’s Day - CHEERS! This drill bit is for you too!
Do you have a good tool story you care to share?