Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enjoying the simple moments...

While visiting a friend’s home I took some photos of her koi pond along with the fairies and garden gnomes placed around her yard.

Here are my three favourite pictures:

No... I'm not doing any of this right now

and only a little of this...

but I am doing lots and lots of this.

Do you have little characters in and around your garden?

Cheers, Jenny

Friday, May 10, 2013

A-Z Reflection Post - head trauma alert, evil twin on the loose - this will get messy!

Let me start by saying this is going to be brutal…

Ever since I was attacked by mother’s walker I’m sensing some evil twin has been awoken by my head trauma and it’s been very hard to reign “it” in. (haven’t yet decided if “it” is a masculine or feminine evil twin)


Here are my thoughts on this year’s A-Z Challenge.

I enjoyed it… a lot. 

Per my exit song, by Frank Sinatra, (the one that’ll be playing at the funeral of my evil twin… soon), “I did it my way”! I like to wing it and that’s exactly what I did.

A few facts:

I wrote each post the day before it was due.

J and U were reposts with a little extra at the beginning of each to make it “now” worthy. (mother issues took precedence) 

Y and Z were reposts due to my head injury. I couldn’t bear the thought of pulling the plug on posting so late in the game. I hope it was understandable. 

I visited a few blogs around my number on the list but after day four I stopped. 
(you know… that time thing…)

I visited everyone who commented on my posts; where possible I commented in return. 

A highlight was the bantering with Al, Bushman and Ruth (my posse) they made this challenge fun. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

I met some great new blogging friends - thanks to all of you too!

That’s it in a nutshell.

Right here… 
at this spot…
you can head to the bottom of this post if you don’t want the “brutal” stuff… 
or if you’re a skimmer.

What follows is me… being frank. (that evil twin just might be male; jury’s still out) 

I liked this year’s A-Z Challenge because I did not care about “the rules” - meaning I did not visit the suggested number of blogs, nor did I have everything prepared months in advance. 

In fact, all I did was write and post.

Yes, I read my comments, replied to my comments, visit all those that commented and when possible (as often as time permitted) commented on their blogs too. I doubly enjoyed the bantering back and forth within the comment area; that really made this “fun” for me. 

I struggle with this being called a “challenge” when everyone is heavily encouraged (which ends up being discouraging) to have posts ready in advance.

I do expect people to be thinking up ideas, even jotting a theme down and so on… yes, I can see how that is an important part of getting “ready” for this A-Z Challenge. 

Last year, as a co-host, I felt the pressure to be “ready” and have all my posts “done” so that I could fulfill my co-host obligations - which I thoroughly get - after all co-hosting is a whole different kettle of fish. (to which a solid high five goes out to those that co-hosted this year and to their assistants)

So I ask, “Why does it all have to be done in advance?”

When I have company for dinner, there are definitely things I do in advance, but the actual cooking, serving and entertaining is done in the “now” - that’s what makes it so random… even though I know what I’m serving I don’t really know what the evening will bring until guests arrive and dinner is started.

I would love to see this as the base for using the word “challenge” in “Blogging from A-Z Challenge”.

The “challenge” should be to see if one can produce twenty-six posts in April with the minimum of preparation; rising to this “challenge” by thinking on one's toes - writing from the untapped reservoir of ideas that sits in the recesses of our minds and to do so daily. 

Yes, use a theme. Yes, have ideas. Yes, do some prep. But if you don’t do any of that - do not sweat it… just have fun with it. It’s supposed to be a “challenge” after all! (talk about letting the ‘evil’ loose)

And… from what I read as I went “visiting”, toward the midway point, was that there was a doom and gloom air permeating the posts. This “I’m burned out” or “I’m losing interest” bit - where is that coming from? 

Is it because there’s too much pressure on bloggers to be prepared that when they’re not they start freaking out? (sort of like my gender-neutral evil sidekick is doing right about now)

It’s not easy to wing it - but in winging it there is a freedom and I really saw that in the posts of Bushman and Ruth - both last minute signups, like me. I loved the feeling of freedom and spontaneity in their posts. I hope they (and you) found the same in mine. 

Well, there you have it… this is what the word “challenge” means to me. (according to the evil twin of undisclosed gender)

Yup - that’s just how it is.

Oh… we’re not yet at the “brutal” bit… keep reading.


Do you want me to tell you how I really “feel” about the whole “follow me and I’ll follow you” schtick.

I saw you nod your head in anticipation… (or was that in fear of my alter-ego, evil Jennsie)

I do not follow blogs that do not turn my crank. Full stop! 

If I follow you it’s because I like the energy I get from visiting and reading (or visually enjoying) your blog. It’s that simple - no strings attached.

I follow lots of blogs that do not follow me; I don’t stress about it, nor should you.

If you follow me - thank you; I hope it’s because you actually like what you see and read here at Pearson Report. (and not because you know I’ll hunt you down if you even think of leaving me)

I do not obsess over followers - I am, however, a huge fan of commenters, now those are the true “rockers” of this blogging gig! They make it all worthwhile.

As a blogger I don’t always have time to leave a comment these days so I fully understand the “no comment” deal - sometimes all I have time for is a quick read and then I move on; I expect this to happen at my blog too. No biggie.

If you peruse and just look that’s cool. No pressures - the planet will still turn and I will still smile. (it takes an awful lot to wipe the smile off my face)

Also, when I comment on your blogs - I invest a little of me in every comment I put out there. No fluffy “great post” quickies from me - I actually read your posts and when I comment I hope you can “feel” a bit of me being left behind. Why? - because you matter to me and I want you to read that in my comment.

Now… what you’ve been waiting for… (evil drum roll)

To end this I have a parting shot I’d like to take right about now.  (or my evil twin would, I have decide “it” is definitely a female as she’s in bitch mode right now)  (hehehe done with that evil cackle that only a Disney character the likes of Maleficent could pull off) 

And here comes the brutal part… (in case you were wondering if I'd forgotten it)

I have this to say to those out there that like to diss this Challenge but have never taken part in it. Don’t. It shows one’s ignorance in understanding what it actually takes to participate.

If you’ve done the A-Z you have the right to “have a say” otherwise you don’t. It’s like voting - if you don’t get out and cast a vote then you forego the right to bitch and complain. 

Really, it’s just that simple. 

Yup, today, I’m a little done with the BS out here whereby those that don’t participate go off on a bender and poop their panties about not “getting it” and “thinking it’s a waste”. 

The real waste in spending a whole post ranting about something you’ve never done. Now that’s so grown up! (not)

I know the hard work, time commitment and energy that participants put into their posts for this Challenge and to say it's anything less then stellar is a cheap shot and hurtful to those who do it. (just saying it like it is)

If you’ve made it this far I hope you see the many faces of Jenny also includes being frank, and today I wear that face without apology. (I could blame it on the head trauma instead let’s just say I am the sum of all my parts… good and evil) 

I like blogging, I like being challenged, I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s A-Z Challenge and regardless of my views I will be doing it again… as always in my own personal style - winging it!

Now, as I often do at the end of my posts I have a question for you.

Here it is…


I do. Since turning eighteen I have never missed the chance to cast a vote and be heard. (on Tuesday we have our Provincial Election here in BC)

If your answer is NO it might be better to say nothing and still let me think you’re cool!

And on that note… I am, as always, smiling! (evil or not, you tell me)

Cheers, Jenny

Monday, May 06, 2013

Beauties on the Beach

Sunday, May 5th, was a glorious day - one that should really fall under the heading of Summer’s bliss.

I was down at English Bay Beach on a particular mission (not today's tale) and while there I took in the sights around me. 

I espied a beautiful woman sunning herself up on the rocks.

There was something quite exotic about the tilt of her head, the air of her manner and the way she had wrapped her hair with her scarf that begged a closer look.

Do you ever do that… see something that needs closer inspection and appreciation… and do just that - inspect and appreciate up close; well, I do.

So I did… here is what I saw. Can you see the beauty too… captivating, alluring, enticing and yet tranquil, soothing, uplifting - very Zen like.

I partook in delightful conversation with Jaziz (dare I say, exotic in both appearance and name) and learned she was an Interior Designer, with her own business - to which I believe fate played its hand in this unlikely meeting as I am in need of some expert advice on my colour palate for the upcoming rebuild of my house.

☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀   ☀

From atop the rocks I had the advantage of catching a rare appearance of some other beauties; two mermaids had swum ashore to sun themselves before heading back out to sea.

As I made my way from English Bay Beach toward Sunset Beach, a stones throw away, I drank in the beauty that Mother Nature laid out before me. 

Here... take a look at the beautiful vistas I enjoyed on route to my car. 

View toward the Planetarium and Vanier Park
Taken from Beach Avenue above Sunset Beach
Wedding Ring Sculpture above Sunset Beach 
Burrard Street Bridge with Sunset Beach in foreground

Thank you for joining me for my Sunday outing even if it is a few days after the fact. It’s always fun when the sun can be enjoyed long after it has set.

I hope the sun is shining on you and yours… including those of you busy in your gardens. 

A while back I mentioned a blogging friend of mine, Bushman - a gardener extraordinaire - I've been dropping in on his blog and am wowed with what he's been up to - if you are at all serious about gardening this man is your go-to guy. 

How is your Spring shaping up… is it the garden or the beach that's calling your name? 

Cheers, Jenny

Footnote: My blog header and background are also of Sunset Beach; taken as I walked passed the Burrard Street Bridge on route to Sunset Beach. (circa 2012)

The photos above were taken as I walked toward Sunset Beach from the opposite direction, heading toward the Burrard Street Bridge.

- - - - - 

And... a little update on my boo-boo -  head's much better; in fact, I think it knocked some sense into me and I'm seeing things a little differently; and that, my dear friends, is a really good thing. 

I see many changes upon the horizon... will keep you in the loop.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The raising of a May Tree

A while back I was over in Germany and happened to be there for the May 1st celebration of raising a May Tree.

Here are a few photos:

A lot of thinking goes into this event...
as does a lot of drinking...
and more drinking...
more thinking and a little more drinking...
yes, transportation is close by...
because I think this was where the tree ended up!

For those of you in parts of the world that celebrate this May 1st activity I send you my heartiest wishes for a day full of fun and enjoyment. 

I enjoyed myself when I last had the chance to partake... wished I was there again!

What May 1st celebrations do you enjoy?

Have you danced around a Maypole?

Cheers, Jenny