Sunday, August 18, 2019

Patreon Update - August 2019 - "the book"

Well, two months into having a Patreon page I've already made MAJOR changes.

Here's the scoop:

The Flash Fiction Story Cards will, for the most part, be FREE reading. So, if you like free stuff to read, particularly if time is precious, or you're in need of a quick distraction from your left brain activity, then THESE ARE FOR YOU.

What I will now be using my PATREON PAGE for is to showcase "the book" to any wonderful Patron wishing to be part of this epic writing journey.

For 10 long years I've been sitting on "the book" - too afraid to put it out there. Yes, I know you're shaking your heads wondering why. Particularly when so many of you HAVE DONE IT - and are alive to tell the tale.


I'm not really a public person, yes I love people, have a day job where people are my business, so what's the problem.

Well, I would rather keep this story to myself - not share it... greedy little B that I am. Well, no, that's not really it either. Spit it out, Jenny - tell them, tell them why you're sitting on it, hiding it, not wanting to put it OUT THERE (or HERE depending on how you look at it).

NO - not here, not now - it will all come out in the wash - baby and all. Until then, you'll have to live off snippets, teeny tiny tidbits, and itty bitty insights as I make my way out of my tightly woven cocoon.

I'm in no rush... okay, not true.

Deadlines are now part of my reality. So, I better pitter patter and get at'er.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Patreon Launch - I'm sharing my Story Cards

Hello my fellow bloggers!

It has been a while since I posted - and this one is SPECIAL.

I've started a Patreon Page- J W PEARSON is creating flash fiction Story Cards  - WOW!

My story card, #20 - Keeper of the Marsh Trees - is on its way to Summer School. It will be used as part of the teaching tools for the Creative Writing portion of the Grade 12 English program.

I am STOKED!!!! Yes, I am! How exciting to see my flash fiction short stories used to encourage the love of writing, and reading. It's quite an honour.

I would love to have you drop by - no pressure to be a patron - and take a look around my Patreon Page.

I would enjoy knowing you've been by and had a look at the setup and maybe even read the free stories - which will be plentiful.

I started my Patron Page on June 21 - so, I'm ironing out the bugs, but so far, so good. What an amazing platform as well. I had some issues and asked for help - the support team was right on it - I mean right on it... the email was barely sent and they replied. Now, that's excellent support!

Okay... that's all for now.

I hope you're all enjoying life - keeping busy - and pursuing your passions. I know I am!

Hugs, Jenny