Sunday, January 04, 2015

The END of my WIT is rather FRAYED

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I’m not a fan of having my page views counted as part of my page views. 
(Just wondering, do you think page views should be one word or two - I'm a fan of it being two.)

After many attempts of filing previous complaints, via the complaint button at the bottom right hand corner of the stats page, about this annoyance...

I wrote yet another complaint to Blogger Jan 3, 2015

Here, this is it:

Okay… drum roll… New Year - Old Problem.

Maybe, just maybe, in 2015, at some point, you'll address the issue of the DON'T TRACK YOUR PAGEVIEWS not working. 
When I open this up, in my STATS area it asks if I want to track, or not track my pageviews. 
IT DOES NOT WORK - does it help if I use CAPs - seems previous complaints of mine have been in lower case - maybe that's all wrong.

Anyway - PLEASE - PLEASE (to the tenth power) fix this problem.
It's messing with my headspace - and that's not a good thing even on my good days!  

Righty-o! Good Luck - maybe that's what I should grant you as a wish - LUCK IN FIXING THIS PROBLEM.

Well… let see if that works!

Okay - I’m thinking I said PLEASE, twice - and I sound really sincere and even a little, hmm…. I don’t know, at my wit's end, yay, that’s what I sound like… at my wit’s end.

Okay, just so we're on the same page
my teeth are a little straighter; my eyes are blue.
Must be the lighting! I'm sure with a good night's sleep I'll be me again.

Are there things about Blogger that fray your wits?  
Just curious…

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Anonymous6:55 pm

    I think I've had the pageview issue with a laptop, but it works on my Android. I am just happy I figured out how to blog...I'm inept, technically.

    1. I'm at my wit's end - really. I'm luck to have some tech sense but this is most frustrating. Wordpress seems to have a much better Stat System. It's not accurate if it's counting my page views. Not that I'm particularly viewing, but when I do previews and the like I'm sure all that adds up.

      Anyway… no extra hair to pull out so that's not an option. :)

  2. Maybe the extra "pleases" will help. I've given up on it.

    1. I had other "first option" words, but I wanted it to still have a PG 13 rating as you never know who Blogger employs. hahaha

  3. oh, yes, Blogger once closed down my blog saying that somebody tried to enter my dashboard from another computer and they closed the blog as a security measure. What the what? It took me a whole day to alert somebody at their help forum and for them to open the blog again. After that I was forced to adjust my settings so that the blog can be opened only through a code that they send to my mobile phone each day.... which means that Google knows where I am every day :) It's a conspiracy,I tell you.....

    1. Yikes… that sounds like a major violation to me, and of course conspiracy is up there too. Damn, that would really frost my already frozen socks.

      I've been lucky, touch wood, not to more than these sorts of trivial issues - I'm hanging my head in shame even thinking it rates now after reading your issues.

      I hope it's all working out though. :)

    2. I'm currently mostly hating that little star shaped tool which you have when you open your dashboard with the blog list and it says MANAGE YOUR BLOG LIST. It should suppose to open all of the blogs you follow and allow you to delete them instantly if you want to. I wanted to use it to unfollow some of the blogs that I don't read anymore because I can't unfollow them at the blog itself since some of then have the follower's widget removed from their pages so that you can't unfollow them. But the problem is that MANAGE YOUR BLOG LIST always says - sorry, we can't show the list of your blogs right now... it never works

    3. Hi Dez - I went and gave this a try. I'm still following a few blogs that no longer exist (hoping they might reappear) so I opted to "stop following" one of them.
      It seemed to work - here's how it worked on my blog (I know it may be different for yours).
      First, I did click on that star shaped tool - which said "Manage your Reading List". At first it did nothing, it seemed to take a while to open.
      Next, when it did open, and I found the blog I wished to "stop following" I clicked on the work "settings" next to it, on the right.
      I was asked to sign in again - this always annoys me to no end. But, I did it anyway and then it went back to showing me all the blogs I follow.
      I then had to press setting again where by it gave me the option to stop following.

      Now, the question is… why is your little star tool is telling you it can't show the list. That's the real mystery. And for that, sadly, dear Dezzy, I have no answer. Hugs though I do have. :)

    4. It works sometimes, as it did for you, but mostly doesn't. It worked for me yesterday too after almost a month :) I think it works better in the evenings for some strange reason. I managed to unfollow some of the blogs that their original owners stopped writing but left unlocked so they were hacked and took over by porn blogs and movie downloads and such things :)

    5. I'm glad it worked, Dez. There's nothing more frustrating than Blogger when it's having a bad hair day… lately it seems to been having a real problem with split ends! hahaha

      I actually did a little housecleaning because of your comment - so thanks!

  4. That photo is hilarious, Jenny. Sorry about your frustrations. I wish I could get rid of Blogger's new captcha thingie at the bottom of comment box.

    1. Thanks Karen. I googled "wit's end" and this was one of the photos - since it was on Pinterest I figured it was safe to use.

      So, your comment worries me - do you see a captcha box when leaving a comment here too? Just wondering? I'm going to look into this as I've noticed it around when I go commenting.

      Anyway, good to see you out and about - how's life? Hoping it's HAPPY! xo

    2. I don't know if you'll come back to see this, Karen, but the place to turn OFF word verification is in Settings, under Posts and Comments. This is all located on the left side of your Dashboard panel.
      Good Luck. I know how annoying WV is.

  5. I love this photo and I just am happy that I can write and place things in my blog since I am not computer literate

    1. I look at that photo and it cracks me up - laughter is the elixir of youth they say.

      I'm please that you are happy - that must mean no blogger problems for you. Lucky! Mostly though I don't have blogger issues. It's been pretty good to me.

  6. The thing I don't get is why there is an option to track my own views? Who needs this option? I'm confused.

    Maybe the extra please will help.

    1. Ditto - who in their right minds want to count their own page views - not me! A blogging buddy, who's on Wordpress, loves their Stat Page - so much more information, plus they give you a year end report listing top 5 commenters, top 5 posts, total visitors, where they were from etc.

      If it wasn't for the fact my feet are stuck in the Blogger cement I'd think about a change. But, in blogging change isn't always for the better.

      I hope the extra please worked, because next time I'm going to my dark side.

    2. I thought about WP too, but I hate that they ask for everyone's email, just to comment. That being said, I won't say never.

      Okay, running late today. Gotta get my butt to writing food. Hope you're warm and safe. Boogie boogie.

  7. Terrifying dog, haha, funny!


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