Friday, January 02, 2015


Some things take TIME.

So, while the mud is curing, of which I did none of the work (yes, I've got people) I was busy using my TIME wisely.

I made this myself - and yes, you can take it.
Be inspired!

I'm enjoying working toward my goal. Mostly because I'm organized. Photos at the ready, writing page prepped. Timer preset. Coffee in the system. 

What more needs doing…

oh… the typing.

But, surprisingly, that's going well

I'm letting myself go with the flow. 

Not thinking about what I see, I'm letting my mind create a story. All I'm doing is providing, via my fingers hovering over the keys, an outlet for the multitude of story ideas residing in the dark recess of my mind. 

I've heard it said, do something repetitively for at least 25-30 days and you start forming a habit. Well, though I’m still in the early glow of this New Year goal of mine, I’m thinking so far, so good.

Because of all the prep I am not spending precious TIME on things like searching for a photo, or even something like having a blank page, up on the screen, ready to use helps in saving time for the important stuff. (You know, dishes, laundry, working, cooking, shopping, breathing, you get the idea.)

In 15 minutes I seem to average around 500 words - that falls in the flash fiction category - short enough to read quickly (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). If you find yourself needing a quick read… (cheeky grin) 

Hey, that’s it, head over to Write Brain Challenge.


15 mins X 365 days = 5,475 mins, which translates to 91.25 hours or about 4 days. 

Also, 500 words X 365 days = 182,500 words - well, if that isn’t a novel waiting to be typed.

I found THIS SITE which has the word count for famous novel - go check it out. It’s quite surprising how short, and long, some novels are.

Today’s 15 minute free write piece seemed to come out of a corner of my brain which has, over the years, been working on a couple of characters that met in Germany, over coffee, at the Porsche Museum. 

I’ve done quite a bit of writing with these characters. When the photo opened it was a no brainer - I found the story begging for an outlet. 

And yes, that photo is of the Porsche Museum - me in the foreground look up in awe.

Here are a few photos I took while visiting the Porsche Museum, back in 2009.

Five levels of cars, cars, and more cars (and men, looking at cars).

Yes, they have a car hanging upside down… leave it to the Germans!

Are you a car person? If so, what’s your preferred ride?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. I'm a truck person does that count?
    I will head over for a read in a bit.
    It's amazing how it adds up. It suddenly seems obtainable.

    1. Haha - trucks rule! Does that help! :)
      Thanks for going over to Write Brain Challenge. I appreciate the effort, and the comment. Besides trucks ruling - you rule too!

      Yeah, those numbers got me thinking - hmmm… this is really doable!

  2. Great on the writing. Super exciting way
    to kick off the New Year. Wishing you
    much fun ahead. Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. The "being organized" is the part that's making this work… so far. And, given we are on Day Two and I haven't fallen off my writing chair (aka the wagon) I'm stoked… only 363 more days. hahaha

      How's that new toy of yours working out? Any more burnt waffles? :P

    2. Being a former prep cook, yes, organization is key. I've got bake boxes and freezer ones, all kinds of easy to get to ingredients and goodies. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to write as much food as I do.

      Yes, he got me a tart pan with removable bottom but my body is too tired today to do very much food testing. So I'm catching up on blogs.

      Keep on writing. I'm excited for you.

  3. Anonymous6:43 pm

    No, a Corolla. :-)

    I will bookmark your page for the writing ideas.

    1. My mom loved her Corolla - she said it was the best car ever! I have a VW - I'm really happy with it too. :)

      I hope the writing ideas are helpful - thanks for bookmarking them. Sweet!

  4. I love my Chevy Malibu...she's getting old and unreliable now and when we replace her, I'll have to get a tiny little (affordable) one. If I could have a dream car though? Hit me up with a Delorean or a Jeep Wrangler!

    1. The Delorean reminds me of my days watching the Back To The Future movies - I think it would be a sweet ride!

      I replaced my car two years ago - a VW Golf - very smooth, very fast, and very functional. I'm all about function for a "first" car - if I could afford a second it would be the Porsche GT 911 - with only 25 street editions available to the public it is one pricey puppy! Ah, dream big or go home - hahaha!

  5. Those cars look fast! If Porsches could write novels the world would be overflowing with flash fiction!

    1. Look and Are! hahah

      I was inspired to write a 'fast car' story after visiting the Museum… being so close to such power was really good for the imagination.

      Thanks for dropping by - Happy New Year! :)

  6. If the Germans ever mastermind upside-down tanks, then we should all be concerned.
    Especially the French.

    1. Touché mon chéri - that's it for the French in my vocab department - okay, I'm holding out on merci.

      I could throw in an au revoir for good measure. But hey, beyond that I'm on borrowed tongue.

  7. Very cool cars. I can imagine it was an interesting place to visit.

    1. I really found the museum to be spectacular - it got me writing a piece about fast men and their cars - and the woman that ruin them. hahahaha

  8. Good for you in writing! The porche museum looks interesting but I am not a big car person. I am glad mine runs. If I could I love the old 50's cars with the big fins and make it open topped

    1. Oohhh, I like the 50's cars too! Actually, the car I've often thought I'd like is a vintage corvette - one from its early years, so curvaceous and sexy. :) haha

      As for the writing - well, so far, so good - it's Day 5 and I'm still loving it!


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