Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PAY IT FORWARD - Friday to Sunday

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I read over at Barb’s great blog that from Friday, January 16th until Sunday, January 18th there is a Pay It Forward Movement.

Seems this is a Facebook thing. So, sadly, I won't to be out there “liking” everyone for partaking in this great event because I don't Facebook! (last holdout)



I don’t like to talk about the paying of it forward because I think one should be humble and pay it forward quietly.

That said, let me share one of my recent feel good moments...

Tuesday morning I stopped to pick up a few things at my neighbourhood Safeway - well, two items turned into four and before I knew it I had a cool dozen.

Out of the corner of my eye I was watching folks picking lines.

Do you ever do that… pick one line, then change your mind… hahahah - I love watching this happen… anyway… on with my story…

A slender, slightly anxious woman, and her gangly son (maybe 16), stood behind me in line. 

They had two items - yes, two. (good number)

The mother advised her son he’d need a utensil to eat the sushi he was buying; she seems to have only selected a beverage. 

Now, I’m listening to them, not being obvious mind you, and I realize they’re in a hurry to get to an appointment at the nearby Children’s Hospital. 

It is then that I tell them to go ahead of me. The woman is so happy and so appreciative. Her son thanks me too.

The woman tells me they don’t like hospital food. I gather this is not their first visit to Children’s. 

Just as the clerk is going to ring them up I tell her to make the two items part of my bill. No biggie. 

Here’s the part I like - I feel great because it’s so random, so unexpected and the look on the mother’s face is priceless.

She is speechless. She reaches out and hugs me. She’s so happy, not only for being able to head out the store so quickly but that kindness is alive and well. 

Her son, whom I’ve now had a chance to look at closer, is not well. But, he has the biggest smile on his face as he thanks me.

Now… yes, winning a lottery to help pay for my renovations would be something special but this moment was priceless. Truly priceless.

The patron behind me start gushing, as did the clerk. I quietly stated, "I'm just paying it forward."

Okay, wasn’t that a feel good moment?

I confess, I feel a little awkward sharing it because as a rule I do this quietly for me, not for praise or kudos. It makes me happy, that’s why I do it. 

I’ve been on the receiving end of kindness and compassion all my life so the getting begets the giving. 

I give because I get.

I get because I give. 

I never break the chain.


Cheers, Jenny


  1. I like your chain favors!

    1. Thanks Leovi - it's all the smiles that come back to me that make me keep on giving. :)

  2. I don't support being quiet about such things, because when you share them with others they can get inspired and do it themselves

    1. Well thank you Dezzy for seeing it that way - you've warmed my heart.
      Hugs are coming your way. :)
      And, thanks for the support, and lovely comments, you've given me over the years - xxoo

  3. You are too sweet to mention me yet again on your fabulous blog and I soooo appreciate that. This story is amazing. If you look at the stats on my link, the idea is catching the attention of thousands. We should do this as part of life but if it takes a movement on one weekend a year to inspire be it. They may never have thought of it otherwisw.

    As for your story, you are truly an awesome lady (already knew that) and your kindness to those people will last a lifetime. I have to agree with Dezmond in part. I understand you do it quietly and why you do, but by sharing these things, say in a blog post, you may give others some inspiration. Hugs XX

    1. So true, Barb, this should be part of what we all do daily. I'm proud to say it is part of my day - everyday. It's just a feel good thing for me and I love doing it.

      Thanks for your encouragement about sharing this - good to know it was the right thing. Hugs to you, dear friend, xxoo

  4. I like the Pay it forward concept. I usually do it with words or encouragement.

    Tossing It Out

    1. And this you've done for me over the many years I've had the pleasure of your blogging friendship - your words, particularly when I was starting with the A-Z Challenge, were so supportive and were what endeared me to blogging.

      I've made wonderful connections because of it.
      Hugs to you Lee - and, I'm looking forward to this year's A-Z. :)

  5. I am secret about things too and this was a nice gesture. I have had clients who have children in Sick Kids Hospital and due to taking time off work and the parking costs and driving, they are so tight financially. You really helped them in more ways than one.

    1. It's such a little gesture but seems to mean so much to those getting it. I love being part of paying if forward.
      Hopefully the awareness this weekend's event generates will encourage others to make paying it forward part of their life.

      Thanks for your kind words here at Pearson Report - you've been a real inspiration and motivator for me. Hugs, Jenny xxoo

  6. No FB for me either. To answer your question, Folgers Coconut coffee.

    1. Yup - me no do FB - me no big fan of Zuck-man… him scary!

      Hmmmm, I'm going to look for that coffee - thanks for the 411. :)

      And… dear Miss Ivy - you've been just the best at paying it forward to me with your lovely, upbeat, cheerful energy that just pops of the screen (along with all those delectables you bake).
      So… double fudge hugs coming your way. xxoo

  7. That is a very kind thing.
    I should probably focus on more things like that.

    1. Oh, I think you do an awesome job of paying it forward. You're here supporting both my blogs which is a massively generous thing - and it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

      Also, you do lots for your neighbours, your kids, your lovely Angel, and don't forget all you do for your hunting buddies… you, my dear friend, truly are a pay it forward pro.

      So there… now take these hugs and feel the love! :) :) :P

  8. Anonymous6:39 am

    I have a FB acct, but not on it very often. I like the Pay It Forward and Random Act Of Kindness concepts. I do it whenever I can. When I get out to shop, I usually wind up letting one or two people go ahead of me because they have less items than I do. I don't usually tell anyone because then I feel like I'm bragging.

    1. I feel that way too, Susanne, hence my reluctance to tell of my deeds. Reasoning that it would inspire I opted to share this one 'feel good' moment.

      I'm please you're one of those that already does practice paying it forward.

      Thanks for stopping by. Smiles are coming your way. :) :)

  9. As usual, you've given me something to think about.
    My "pay it forward" normally goes to financing some of what my adult children do.
    To me, that is "pay it forward" to an extent.
    Meaning...I hope they remember what I did and will find a nice rest home for me when the time comes (you know, the kind that offers fish sticks and lime jello every Friday night).

    1. Well, Al, you and I are on the same "pay it forward" page. My daughter has been my first priority when it comes this concept.

      We talked about this post today and she shared a few of her "pay it forward" moments. I'm proud to say she's a chip of the old (but still young looking) block.

      Fish sticks and lime jello - yup, you and I are singing the same tune - let's hope the kids don't hear us! hahahahha


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