Sunday, January 11, 2015

Me, AFRAID… no, you must be MISTAKEN!

Visit Write Brain Challenge to check out my latest free write piece, and the photo that inspired it. Thanks, Jenny.


True CONFESSIONS of a CRAZED writer.

I’m AFRAID - okay, I SAID IT.
I’m not going to say it again. This is a one-off confession.

No, I’m not afraid of spiders. 
Though if I lived in Venezuela this puppy might give me nightmares.

(Size - 28 cm - or 11 inches)

So… if not spiders than what??


I’m afraid of running out of imagination.

Is that even possible? I wonder… 

I googled "running out of imagination"
It's staggering what shows up!
I added the caption though - clever, and imaginative too! (hahahaha)

The other day, as I was getting ready to do my 15 minute free write I panicked.  

Yup. Me - that’s right - I panicked.

Well then I paused, breathed, scolded myself, and ate some chocolate - the cure all! 

Have you ever not know chocolate to fix just about anything, and almost everything?

Well… it does… and it did!  I’m cured… until the next time.

I'm enjoying my free writes but I'm thinking my imagination might run out.

Then what… aarrrgggghhhhh…. NO… 

Let me run out of things I can do without… 

like… my good looks
like… my endless charm
like… my cute toes
like… my ability to swing a hammer and hit the target
like… my great sense of humour - NO this one I can't do without - SORRY!

What would you be willing to do without if your imagination was on the line? 

Cheers, Jenny

PS - All things considering… my best free write piece to date was the one I panicked over - go figure!


  1. I can do without my endless amounts of anxiety.

    1. Awww… I'm with you, Ruth - it sucks. I get anxious now and then, particularly with my renos - but then I eat chocolate and I feel better… wine works too!
      Hugs are coming your way. :) :)

  2. I can do without beer. No wait, that only fuels my imagination. Or... at least I claim it does.

    I still fear spiders, though. Especially after a spider that's the same caliber as a brown recluse did this to my wife. Yes, that picture was taken from the hospital, and no, she's not fat... that's all swelling. So in our household, we fear spiders.

    1. You'd be special - worthy of being used in a research project - if you really could do without beer! :)

      That was one NASTY spider bite your wife got - yikes.

      I was stung by 3 enraged wasps and was hospitalized with a serious reaction. Seems it was because they were upset that their venom was doubly lethal, as generally I'm not one to have problems with bites or stings.

      Now… all bets are off - I have to be sooooo careful. I imagine it's the same for your wife - once bitten twice damn well nervous!!

  3. OK I took out my ruler and I would be in utter panic with that spider walking around. Hmmm I can't give up my books or movies or chocolate but I could give up ...I am still thinking......My imagination should be able to conjure up husband? Well, maybe...:)

    1. It's big, isn't it - I don't know what I'd do if I saw an 11 inch spider coming my way. It's not like you can step on it and squish it! You'd need a seriously big fly swatter - or baseball bat. Hahaha freaky is all I can say!

      It's hard, isn't it, to think of what one should give up… but I cracked up when I read your husband might make the cut. Way too funny!!! :) :)

  4. I can certainly do without being broke all the time! Definitely can do without that!

    With the genius stuff that you've been spewing off the top of your head for 15 mins a day, I am NOT worried about you!! X

    1. Hey, I should have added that to my list - this reno, this ENDLESS reno, is sucking more than the life out of me - both pockets have been picked clean. I'm into someone else's pocket - hope they don't catch me. (hahahaha)

      You're way tooooo kind with the "genius stuff" reference - but hey, I'm all about taking all the pats on the head (why should Lucky be the only one getting them) and I'll try my best to live up to your very high expectations… yikes… look out below!

      Cheers, xxoo

  5. Hi Jenny .. I don't think I'll be running out of ideas ... so I won't go that route ... I'd really like to be free to do everything when I feel like and imagine the rest of the time ... good luck with continuing on free-writing every day .. cheers Hilary

    1. I'm envious! I know the ideas are in my head… I'm just worried ithey'll get stuck finding their way out. It's a wicked, messy maze in this noggin of mine… so my thoughts tell me! :)

      Thanks for stopping by - always a treat for me. Hugs. xxoo

  6. I can do without 10 below zero degrees which is coming tomorrow!

    Seriously though, I think the more you worry about it the worse it will get. Don't even think about it until the exact moment you sit down to write.

    As for the spider? Wanna put him up against my coconut crab?
    Winner takes all. LOL

    1. Yeah, I can do without the freezing rains and the ankle deep mud I've been mucking around in as I move Hardie Planks from one place to another. Will it ever end? Tell me… will it? :(

      Your coconut crab at least has some useful skills - but I'd be wary of it nonetheless - your pet wins hands down! So, as winner, you get the spider - hahaha!

  7. I've never run out of imagination before. There's just too much of a supply. Knock on a skeleton's skull, for that one.

    1. I like that, knock on a skeleton's skull - up imagination to spare!
      I don't really think I'll run out either, I just freeze up and panic about it - maybe therein likes a great story! haha

  8. Anonymous6:01 am

    I do not like spiders, but I'll watch movies about giant killer spiders. Go figure. I'd rather do without all of the cold weather we have been having, but I know that it will eventually pass. Chocolate does seem to help when it comes to solving problems, lol. So I like to think anyways.

    1. That's funny - I'm sort of the same. I don't mind seeing the scary stuff nicely, and safely, housed in that shiny box of distraction. :)

      Yeah, the cold weather snaps we've been having are hindering the progress (or non-progress) with my yard renovations. Most annoying.

      I ran out of chocolate the other night - near had a heart attack! Go figure!


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