Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quite frankly, THEY don’t give a DAMN

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Today’s THEY are the new renters that occupy the little teardown behind my newly renovated teardown.

I know they are new to the neighbourhood because I ran into one of THEM the other day walking his pocket-pet. Okay, it’s a cute pocket-pet, but the mice in the neighbourhood are bigger.

Googled teacup yorkie.
I told you… mice are bigger.


Last Monday, on garbage day, these newbies put out their garbage.

Let me interject and explain garbage day and how it works in this fair city of mine. We are all issued two regulation sized bins, which come in four sizes, S M L and Jumbo.  One is for landfill garbage and one for perishable stuff. We also have a blue box for recyclable stuff. (that’s the short and sweet of it)

Did you know 3 adults, 4 if they're all slim, can fit in the jumbo bin… just saying!

Back to my gripe…

I roll out my bins the morning of - because that’s what sane people do. (Bin divers prowl the night before.)

We are NOT allowed to put bags of garbage out that are not IN the city authorized, bylaw approved, regulation sized bins. PERIOD - never. 

Geez, does one need to be a rocket scientist for this? Survey says: YES, it appears so.

Okay, the renters (trust me I’m calling them all sorts of other things) are daft. 

I think their excuse might be, according to the pocket-pet dude, that they have never lived in a house. Hmmm… okay!

It appears they’ve only ever lived in apartments… downtown. 

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Now, all things being fair, the species living in apartments, downtown, in this fair city, do have different requirements for their garbage.  

So, on garbage day, this past Monday, pocket-pet walker and his fellow roomies, put their garbage out… IN BAGS.

Whereby, the one million crows that have their flight path right over my house espied the feast and proceed to dive-bomb and dismember the bags.

Now, this isn’t even the gripe… because the crows saw the opportunity and took it. I like crows - they remind me of me!

My gripe is with what “the smart girl” said, today, when I called her attention, from my newly renovated back porch, to the disaster zone outside her back gate.

“Oh, um, well… I’ll have to check to see if we did this. I don’t think it’s ours.”

Okay… let’s just say I HADN’T seen you put the bags out on garbage day.

And, lets just say someone else left bags of garbage at your back gate.

Wouldn’t you have a little pride of rentership as you step gingerly around the mess in your fancy heels and get your non-existent broom out and clean it up.


How do you think I would handle a situation like this?  


1 - get my shovel out, and my rake. Would I rake the crap in a pile and shovel it over their back gate, letting it land nicely on their walkway?

2 - get my good buddy, the garbage truck driver, to report them for littering in the back lane? They can do that you know. Big fine too!

3 - knock on their door and read them the “good neighbour act”. This includes the intimidating “if you ever do it again” clause.

4 - anonymously send them the photo I took of them in the act. Yes, I’m sick… I know, but hey… good evidence is so important these days.


5 - All of the above AND blog about it. 


Cheers, Jenny


  1. Yikes, sorry about this mess. Garbage laws, sounds like they need to learn them, for sure. Hope it gets better, soon.

    1. Oh, it's all good - I was having a little fun with it. Mostly, I don't stress about such things - somehow it all gets set right. (usually by with my broom) :)

    2. Glad you're not letting it get to you.

  2. I'd take an incriminating photo of them bastards doing it again and would send the photo to the authorities :) I hate them lot that don't give a damn when it comes to caring about others in the community. Or I can lend you my cat to poop on their doorsteps?

    1. Oh Dezzy - your comment made me burst out laughing. You and I are carved of the same "justice" cloth.

      I think it would be fun having your cat visit me, and poop on their doorstep. Since it's a long distance I'll be expecting the two of you as house guests… then we'll show THEM a thing or two… hahahahaha

    2. hell, if I drop for a visit, I'd drop something on their doorstep myself :)

    3. Just let me know when your flight arrives… :) :)

  3. There's ALWAYS one in every neighborhood isn't there? IDJITS!

    1. Too true!
      Dezzy's sending his cat to poop on their doorstep… we'll show them! lol :)

  4. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Laughing...I think I have written this blog post!!

    I'd probably just get an ulcer over it.

    1. LOL - I think many of us can relate!
      Not worth getting an ulcer over… maybe a bad hangover… which might lead to the ulcer. hahahaha

  5. Set it on fire!
    Now that would fix it. Might stink for a bit but you would chuckle every time you wrinkle your nose.

    1. Best idea yet… nothing like the stink of days old trash to set things right!
      Good call!

  6. LOL! It seems that no matter where we live there is always someone like this. :)

    1. Yup, the world is full of these charmers… good thing I have a sense of humour or they'd be feeling the heat!
      As it is, though, most of the neighbourhood is of the "I care" mentality so I shan't complain too loudly. :)

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  7. I know the feeling. We have people like that here, too. I'll second the 'take a picture of them doing it and show it to them' thing. But talk to them and make them deny it first, so that when you hand them the picture it makes them look even dumber. Yeah, I'm a sadistic prick like that.

    1. In light of all the renos I'm doing I'm always on my deck snapping photos so capturing them, in all their glory, is not difficult. I'll be keeping my hawk eyes peeled. (Though I like crows I have hawk eyes)

      I so enjoy your thinking… you nasty little SP… I may just give that a try! Watch them squirm… hahaha

  8. LOL! I can laugh, because I don't live next them. I do feel your pain, but you're the one who had to go and blog about it so amusingly. *grin*

    1. I'm laughing with you even though I DO live next to them.
      The mess is still out there - though the birds are doing a good job of shredding everything.
      I have half a mind to put rubber gloves on and see if I can find some incriminating evidence.

  9. Renters don't care because it's not their place. This is how they view it sad to say. Think about how they will leave the place once they vacate. As for what I would do...I would not have a chance because my hubby would be shovelling the crap and throwing over on their side, going right into their face and telling them what's what, contacting the city to have a fine placed on after he took a picture and sent the proof to the city and spoke to the garbage man. He would do all this before I even blink. he is my Rottweiler. I applaud him! I can be too nice when I tell them to stop what they are doing and warn them what I will do. When they tell me off, I would tell them what's what and then things would escalate. With my hubby, he tells them to literally F%$#! off and they say sorry and ask for more. Did I mention my hubby was a bouncer in a biker bar once? He was and he is 5' 9" and 180. :)

    1. Ah… your hubby is a keeper. Tell him I said so!

      My daughter says "tell them to go to Hell in such a way they will look forward to the trip" - she's carved of the same cloth and has no time for people like them.


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