Saturday, January 03, 2015

I'll ADMIT - a BEE is in my BONNET

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Here's my new coffee mug… I know you've been wondering if I bought another one back in December at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Hand painted - from Poland (okay, at least it's from Europe)
Little extra detailing on the inside - sweet!
On the right, last year's mug. I alternate between the two.

Now, I know it says Vancouver Christmas Market - but, reading their site you'd have thought it was based on the amazing Christmas Markets of German. (Rather than link this to one, might I suggest a google search of “german christmas markets”, then hit Images - you’ll be amazed)

I was gravely disappointed this year. 
Yes, gravely. 

Anyway, my disappointment stems from the fact I am Austrian. I hold fast to many of my ancestors traditions. (yodelling being key)

And this is especially for Al - I know how much he'll appreciate a traditional version!

Since I don't have the opportunity (with any ease) to jump a plane and enjoy REAL German style Christmas Markets I though, hey, this is cool. 

I have attend all five years of its existence. This was by far the worst. 

Yes, there were vendors from Germany and Austria, but something was sorely missing. It was more the atmosphere than the shops that let me down with its piped in music that wasn't even remotely in tune with the season - let alone having any Germanic undertone.

Not a hint of Oom Pah Pah anywhere. (Go ahead, google Oom Pah Pah - click Images - I’ll wait)

You really, I mean really, need to visit this site.
Click on the audio link.You'll know why I was soooooooo disappointed.
Yea, I own an accordion. (Stop laughing Al!)
Oh sure, there was a smattering of sauerkraut and bratwurst - but god forbid you buy anything there - huge prices.

And - here's a little bee in my bonnet I'd like to share. 

What's with charging admission to these things?


Rent is being charged to the merchants. The buck should stop there. I need to be able to arrive, enter free of charge (like going to a shopping mall) and then spend my hard earned (undervalued) after tax Canadian dollar as I see fit.

This goes for ALL types of Fairs and Shows - if merchants must pay to exhibit then the patrons should have free entry to see them. 

Someone really needs to open this can of worms.  Hmmm, in between my 15 minute free write and being Molly Domestic with my new Crock-Pot  I think I have time!

Source - Google search for 'can of worms'

What’s your take on paying an entrance fee these kinds of events?

Cheers, Jenny


  1. I'll give you my take coming from the perspective of an artist who makes his living at art shows...the fees here in the states to enter these shows can be really high. Several hundred dollars. When there is an entrance fee, it is kind of a way to weed out people who just come for the fun of it and let's serious buyers in. Remember this is an art show I'm talking about. I myself don't like paying fees if I can help it but if I have to, I like to get a raffle ticket or free coffee or something from the event. At least you feel like you've gotten something for your $$. I love your mugs. They are beautiful. And don't pay attention to Al. Ray plays the accordion and he's really good. I would love to find one for him as a gift. Do you play?

    1. Yes, I play, but poorly. I received my accordion when I was around 10 and though we had a piano in the house only my sister was encouraged to play it. I can't say I loved the accordion but, it was fun.
      I did go for lessons so I do have a handle on how to make music on it. hahahah It's been like forever since I took it out of its case.

      As to the entry fees… I won't go to an event that charges an entrance fee when the vendors are already being charged. My reasoning is my disposable income should not be added profit for the organizers of the event. It should go toward purchases I might make with the vendors.

      Yes, to go to an art gallery, or even an art exhibit, might fall into a different category. Often people do go in to just look. Thereby, your theory of eliminating the the lookie-loos could have merit.

      It's a tough call - if I knew for certain vendors received a great rate, thereby passing along some of the cost to the attendee well, that might be fine. Many a time I queried vendors and they often will state it is getting too prohibitive to be part of these shows.

      Thanks for weighing in - I think it's a great debate. There are many ways of looking at it that's for sure.

  2. Depends. Some places the entry fee is donated to a good cause. But other times, it's too much and I'm not interested in paying that much.

    Great mug.

    1. It does depend on the situation. Mostly, it annoys me when big events not only charge the venders through the nose, but the attendee too - double dipping makes me crazy. Ofttimes it is what prevents me from going.

    2. I agree with that, for sure. It's too much already with fees for vendors and attendees.

  3. 'tis a lovely little mug, love the blue colour of it. I myself have an obsession with seethrough ones :)

    1. Thank you, Dezzy - the blue is what drew me to it. I have five pieces in total - all with the same blue running through them.

      I'm trying to imagine what beauties these see-through mugs must look like - you might have to sneak one on the side bar of your blog - I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. hehehehehe

    2. just regular cups and mugs and tea cups made from see through glass :) I prefer everything either like that or in black or midnight blue so that you can enjoy the colours of the beverage or food. I actually have one in a photo over at my Facebook :)

  4. I enjoyed the 12 year old girl's yodeling! Nice ceramic mugs, too. I've never gone to the Vancouver market but used to go to the Burnaby Potter's sales in the spring and fall when we lived in Coquitlam.

    1. Hi DG - I enjoyed her too - actually it's amazing. My dad yodels but none of us kids took up the talent - guess we thought it was too nerdy when we were little - seems to in fashion now. hahaha

      Did you have to pay and entrance fee for the Potter's sale?

    2. I don't remember ever having to, and I was on their email list. I liked it because they would have some witty pieces as well as the usual pottery, and fair prices too. They held their shows in an old Scout Hall.

  5. Gorgeous mug. I am a big fan of beautiful coffee mugs.
    As for entrance fees, I dont mind paying a nominal amount but some of the entrance fees for local "expos" are horrendous. And the higher the fee, usually the less money I have to spend on the fun stuff

    1. Thanks Trish - I started my Polish mug collection at the start of the Christmas market so I have 5 pieces.

      I'm with you on your take of "fee" payment. Less is best!

  6. Yeah that sucks paying am admission fee.
    I will be traveling to an sports show near here, the outfitter Dad and I are using on our fly in fishing trip will be there, and I gotta believe there will be an entrance fee for that as well. I guess it depends on how bad you want to get in.
    Like the coffee mug too. The one I am drinking out of right now says," the more people I meet , the more I like my dogs."

    1. Seems they get (haha my typo was "gut" - thought that would work too) us either way - a huge fee to get in, the food is over priced, and the stuff inside can be a whole different ball park depending on the venue.

      I hope you have fun at the Sport Show - will Dad be going with you?

  7. I actually own 2 yodeling CD's from Germany-from Bavaria area of course since it stems from the mountains. I like your mugs and one day I would love to go to the German Christmas Markts. If this was out in the open they should have it free like in Germany and Austria. We have the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and they charge here. If a crafter is here for just 5 days, no corner or larger place, it costs them something like $1,700 before they pay for lighting, curtains etc.. It can get costly for the actual crafter but if the people who host these events don't stop charging, soon people will stop going because it becomes too expensive. Food should not be twice as high just so the vendor can pay for his booth

    1. I've often wonder about your origin because of your name - it reminds me of German/Austrian names I know. I love the sound of yodelling - dad was good at it.
      I too would like to visit the Christmas Markets of German/Austria. A friend of mine lives in Hamburg and send me the most amazing photos - makes me so jealous. So, then, when I go to ours I all but want to cry! So sad.

      A agree with your take on it becoming too expensive for both vendors and attendees - one day these shows will disappear. Yes, I know it costs to put on a show, but when every aspect is clearly a money grab there isn't much left over for spending.


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