Saturday, April 02, 2011

B is for the Basics

Note: I'm throwing my hat into the A-Z Blogging challenge sponsored by Tossing it out!
What you will be reading via the letters A-Z is a little bio about me. This will give you a glimpse into my work world and what I do when I'm not here - blogging.

A is for Apple (this one was almost too easy)

Having just bought a Mac I can safely say I am having an apple a day! Little less messy and no core, but an apple all the same!

For an actual post on the letter A I will (since I am a day behind and need to focus on B) defer you to my post on my recent acquisition - my Apple computer! My big Mac attack is finally subsiding... Had I been actually writing this piece for the A-Z challenge then I would have named it A is for Apple.


B is for the Basics

Basic services in the esthetic (fancy word for beauty) world are manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and makeup lessons/application.

Let me give you twenty-seven years of behind the "chair" insight into the Basics, through the eyes of a Basics Specialist!

You won't find the basics in a fancy spa - they want you to invest a small fortune in the "gravy" services; body scrubs and wraps, deep peels, fancy shower treatments, specialty "flowery" foot treatments and the list goes on, and on.

Having special training on foot care from Germany, I can safely say, without prejudice, that North American feet are seriously neglected. (more on this when the letter F comes around)

Hands, don't get me started on fake nails - that being said I have found there to be some very skilled and highly proficient nail technicians in my pool of professional colleagues that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Artificial nails just aren't my cup of tea! Hence I do not offer them. Also, they would not be considered a basic manicure service - they are a specialized nail service and as such should be done by a well trained "nail technician" - this may be a further topic for the letter N - but that is still a ways off!

Waxing - I can only say - this will be a must read post when W comes around!

Okay, the last two items up for grabs under basic services are facials (and this is a whole category unto itself - because there are very specialized facials that build themselves upon the "basic facial" platform) but for all intense purposes facials really are a basic service - you just don't know it yet! (if you're a client of mine you do - but for these writings the presumption will be that we don't know each other)

Then, there's the basic makeup lesson/application service. This too can get very specialized and again the field of professional makeup artists are vast as is the talent! But the basics should be standard knowledge and the skill set of teaching and applying makeup should be part of the basic service list for any reputable esthetician.

Okay, have I piqued your curiosity?  What if you're a guy reading this - does any of this pertain to you? Absolutely, it does and I will be writing special posts just for you.

Quality basic services are often overlooked as individuals go looking for a place to get beauty services done. They seem more impressed by the fancy spa itself than the service they are about to receive - and even in who is providing that service for them. Do you know who's doing your next spa treatment? (more on questions to ask when Q comes along)

Or, are you one of the lucky ones that has their own esthetician, who is seasoned, and knows how to provide top quality basic services which are the cornerstone of your regular maintenance and grooming routine.  Consider yourself lucky if you fall in this category!

Until C...


  1. Good post. I never thought about B for "basics" like this before.

  2. I'm a guy. So, this may not pertain to me. Or it may............

  3. Oilfield and Al - thanks guys for dropping by and giving the "basics" a read!

    It will be of interest to the male readers just how many of you actually get basic esthetic services. So please come back as I make my way through the alphabet!


  4. i will never wax.



    mebbe for a several million in american dollars...

  5. Hey Bruce - you'd be surprised what men get waxed...but you'll have to wait until W comes around to get the inside scoop! (and what a scoop it'll be)

  6. Basics is a good word and one I never thought of. Look forward to the next letter.


  7. Yvonne - thank you for dropping by.

    Yes, Basic is a solid word and one that is the cornerstone of my life. "Basic" is a word that pretty much sums me up - from my needs to my wants - happy with the basics, that's me!

  8. Facial on Monday and my regular waxing today. Yes I am high maintenance. Sorry I am a little late in my catchup. Loving what I am reading though


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