Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for White Wonder

Note: I'm throwing my hat into the A-Z Blogging challenge sponsored by Tossing it out! What you will be reading via the letters A-Z will give you a glimpse into my world and what I do when I'm not here - blogging.

She waited.
And wondered.
What would be written?
The words, would they be worth the wait?
Or was it a waste…
Today’s inspiration came as she sat pondering what wonders lie in the letter “W” and as she finished this morning moment of hers, the inspiration was within arms reach, just waiting to be used.
Toilet paper, the white wonder of the western world was worth writing about...yes it warranted the words.
As funny as this may seem I think most of us would easily agree this product is truly a wonder - in my world it’s white, but I do know that it comes in other colours and even with designs imbedded in the tissue.

Is your white wonder plain or fancy?

Until X…
FYI - Being knee deep in flippers and fins and all things mermaid my creative juices have been spent sitting and basting and sewing and stitching...a tail together. 
Hopefully my Mini Master will find the time to post some pics for you to see that I am not waning in this wonderful word challenge - just wanting in the time department.


  1. My white wonder is pretty cheap and plain.

  2. wow! we wipe with fancy.

  3. Love it! We wallow in whiteness. Whatever is on sale or cheap.

  4. White Cloud is a good brand and WoW, it's Wonderfully inexpensive! :D

  5. I need my fancy.

  6. My wonder of the western world used to be peach, but since we now have a white bathroom, I go with white wonder! Another good post. Your challenge is nearly complete - it will be interesting to see what you will write about when it is over.

  7. haha good one personally my family likes Angel soft

  8. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Comment from Eira: I love our white Facelle Royale TP. However, it usually gets put away at night, as I like to rip it when I get bored (like when my owner is sleeping). I do try to be tidy, however, and aim for the wastepaper basket.

  9. i just use whatever i can steal from the local pub...

    not really...

    i will never be to poor for real butter or good TP

  10. Oilfield
    Cheap and plain works just fine, doesn’t it!
    Beats some of the other options, right?

    Fancy is good too!
    Can never have enough “fancy” can we!

    White is right! Glad you loved the post.

    Mountain Mama
    Love the name - White Cloud - sound really soft!
    Wonderfully inexpensive works wonders!

    A girl after Carole’s heart (me too)
    Fancy that, eh!

    Wonder in peach!
    Then wonder in white.
    Just so you know I thing that’s alright!
    (a little poetry thrown in for good measure)

    As to what’s next...drop by and see! ;-)

    Oooh, Angel soft...right up there with White Cloud!
    I like the pure sounding.

    Linda and loveable Eira
    Thanks for dropping in and joining the fun.
    Tell my sweet adorable furry little goddaughter that she needs to leave one roll for when I come to visit!

    Funny man - do you think the local pub has you figured out?

    Butter and TP are always top on my list too, no really, I’m not just say that because you did!


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