Thursday, March 31, 2011

My big Mac attack is finally subsiding.

Well, the inevitable finally happened...I bought a Mac - a "big Mac", no, not the Mickie D burger but my very first Mac computer.

"So how's that working for you?" I hear you asking, with concern in your voice.

As a PC diehard, loyal to HP products I might add, I found I had come to a fork in my computer road and had to make a choice...

a - stay true to my loyalties and my PC inbreeding


b - get that long overdue divorce from my PC and start dating Mac!

My decision was helped along by the fact that my daughter, the ever talented Miss CP, has been a Mac loyalist for about four years and my writing buddy, Gill, has been Mac-ing around for some time as well.

I admire these gals and their opinions count - to the Mac store I go...this was back on Friday, March 18th the day after my trusty PC up and died. Really, the nerve of some computers - thank God I do regular backups that's all I can say.

(Note to all of you reading this, DO YOU HAVE A BACKUP PLAN? It's not just the impending earthquake or a freak tsunami you need to be preparing for, but a major and most inconvenient crash of the technological kind - so, after reading this post, get right to it and back your computer up!)

Okay, where was I...oh and Mac!

MARCH 18TH - FRIDAY (the end of an era...)

After spending an inordinate amount of my precious time (like I had anything else to do on a Friday night in one of the most exciting cities in the world) I finally left the Mac store with visions of sugarplums and MacBooks dancing around in my head! (it's still close enough to Christmas to have the sugarplum thingys dancing in my head - so there)

Home went I on it sleep I did - a little Yoda touch for my fellow StarWars fans (of course I only liked the original three - not those three barf-worthy cheap wanna-be StarWar movies that came out later - gag me! - I think it's a generational thing, anyone in my vintage will have nothing to do with the "bad three" as I call them)

MARCH 19TH - SATURDAY (the day of new beginnings...) 

Okay, now we are on day two of my saga - March 19th - the big Mac attack day! Thank God for all those "legal" nerve calming drugs available without having to lurk around some back alley with old running shoes hanging off of telephone pole wires!

I was calm (don't let CP tell you otherwise) and ready to lay my money down and buy myself some "love"! I can see now why people actually "love" these little guys - they are so user-friendly and the online tutorials are, well, like you know, totally like, rad dude! I think you sorta hafta do the cool lingual stuff - am I right or am I right!

Okay, okay - enough already with the trying to be a cool Mac-dudette! But I AM having a love affair - I just hope it doesn't end badly...for Mac. It never ends badly for me - I've got the HAMMER, remember.

No Hammer dents...yet!

A WEEK AND A HALF LATER (new computer, new job, new man, new life...)

"So how's that working for you?" I hear you ask. Well...just great thanks! (and with an exclamation mark to boot)

I now live at Mac's former "hangout" (aka store) and all his "hanger-ons" (aka staff) are groovin' with me and like, you know, chillin' and being all like, "hey" and "s'happenin" and you know, super friendly...they even think I should, like you know, work there! Too cool!

I'm taking advantage of the One to One program, Workshops and Personal Projects time - I figure by the time I'm finished I'll have turned into a MacBook Pro myself - sleek, good looking, creative and very intuitive!

MARCH 30TH - WEDNESDAY (a wee reality check...)

I had a class on the Numbers program in iWorks (the equivalent of Excel's Spreadsheet program) and I must say - impressive! (okay, I'll add overwhelming...if you insist on knowing everything)

Of course, (and here it comes), you have to have an open mind and be willing to think outside the PC box - which can be hard for diehard PC users - but I'm a sucker for "new and exciting" so I'm always willing to try and learn a new trick - see, you can teach an old dog a new trick - ask Lucky!

I'm just now working with iPhotos and have started to make a "Book" of photos for my mom - I know she will love it! More on that later...

Happy Mac-ing to those of you that are fellow Mac users.
And to those of you that are still PC-ing it...okay...Happy Times to you too!



  1. I read this 2 weeks after my home pc is beyond screwed and has died.

  2. We bought a MAC two years ago (my workplace has the things and I wanted to be familiar with them. The MACS, not my workplace. I hate them. Just kidding. No, really, I do. They all laugh at me). In fact, I'm typing on it AS WE SPEAK (well, we're not actually 'speaking', but you know what I mean). It's fantastic and, so far, virus-free (although it did come down with an STD from surfing for porn).
    I also have a PC laptop which I use when I want to type posts in the dark of my room with the shades drawn. So, you could say we're a bilingual family.
    Viva diversity!

  3. You have fallen to the dark side. Hewlett and Packard would bury their heads in shame and I have just a shed a tear. A tear I tell you!!!!!!!

  4. Oilfield - my sympathies re the death of your PC - I'm still mourning the death of mine! Okay, I lie - I'm over it already - but I do feel your pain.

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking - move over grilled cheese I'm in the mood for a Mac! Just sayin', like you know...

    Al - you make me laugh and I'm stoked that you are a Mac kinda guy - I just knew it! You had to be! So, how's that STD working for you - too funny!

    I have an ancient PC that's functioning at 1/4 lung capacity (too much inhaling) and I use it to play this one particular game from the dark ages - which shall remain nameless - but I can safely play it in the light of day! (unlike some people, who will remain nameless - eh, Al!)

    ib - yikes, I'm feeling really, really, really, really bad about betraying the force - but you'll get over it - I did!
    Come join us - we grow stronger everyday - before you know it we will be the official rulers of Bill Gates World!

  5. The force is to be used for good, not Steve Jobs. It starts harmlessly enough, but before you realize it, you will have purchased an iPad, iPod and iPhone. iHell, iTell you, iHell.

  6. ib - iHell, I think I've already been there - that's where they make all this techno-stuff, right?
    I not that crazy about the "i" family of goodies - although I have an iPod (a hand-me-down from my daughter) I have no desire for an iPad or an iPhone - it's just not the direction I'm interested in going.

  7. 3rd attempt
    google sucks
    i cannot do mac
    exel is all my stuff for everything business...

    oh and google blows or this comment would have been great...

  8. Bruce - something "evil" is going on with you and google! But, it rocks that you've hung in there for three attempts to "comment" me! WOW! I'm honoured.

    Now...about Excel - my entire world revolved around my spreadsheets and my word documents - but, dear, sweet, loveable Bruce (with the evil relationship with google) if I can manage so can you!

    Actually, I really struggled with making the switch - I even debated having Windows Office for Mac installed in this computer, but Ann, the gal I dealt with at Mac, suggested I try the iWorks set up and take a few of the workshops and One to One classes.

    I must confess I'm hooked - the things I can do with this puppy, compared to my PC, are unbelievable - but not without some trial and error - there is definitely a learning curve.

    However, I'm not out to convert anyone, I truly did enjoy my HP PC but I figured so many other things were taking a big turn in my life, why not my computer! (womanly logic)

    Thanks for dropping by I always look forward to seeing your "thumbs up" photo!

  9. Oh yes, yes, yes I love my Mac. He is gorgeous, performs well, and so perfectly quiet. I woudn't trade him for the old guy who I never really understood. Mac understands me!

  10. Oh, I want one!! Wonder how I can sabotage my PC... *evil grin*

  11. Carole - My Mac is just like yours plus when he's sleeping he doesn't snore.

    Pam - I did like my PC and he was rather comfortable - but...nothing like Mac! even sounds good! (how sappy is that?)

  12. Carole - it's funny you say that because my PC from 2004 actually made the weirdest noises too - made me think it was possessed!


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