Sunday, April 24, 2011

S is for Sunday Shopping

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Today is Sunday.
To some in the world, it is also Easter Sunday. (Enjoy and Be Happy)
And to others, on this revolving little orb, it is just another day - without the Sun.
Some will share this day with loved ones, others will enjoy it in time spent alone. This day will be enjoyed in whatever fashion befits the occasion - holiday or rest, or for some as a day to catch up on a little shopping.
I came across an interesting document outlining “Sunday Closing and Weekly Rest Periods: Historical Evolution and Current Situation” as it effects Canadians.
A very interesting read - and if you are a Canadian take a peek then astonish your friends at your next dinner party with the inside scoop on how Sunday shopping came into being.
I grew up with Sunday being devoted to family and doing something together as a family. Not necessarily going to church - although as a wee tyke I remember my siblings and I would wander down to the end (the north end to be exact) of our block and go to Sunday School. (there was a church at the south end as well - I think the folks flipped a coin and the north won)
This going to church was to preoccupy ‘the kids’ while ma and pa had their weekly conjugal visit. (yes...even little kids know why they are being sent to church without their parents)
As the years went by and church was no longer a suitable babysitter (I’m calling it what it was) we could then all be found with our skis strapped on bee-bopping down the hill of a local mountain.
Or, when the snow was packed away for the warm months, we could be found in the garden - clipping, trimming, weeding and complaining.
All good quality family time, according to Dad!
When the gardening was no longer enough to occupy the energies of four active teenagers we finished the basement and made a rec room. (who didn’t have a rec room in the 60’s and 70’s for their wayward kids on the verge of Woodstock)
Ah, the glorious Sunday - a day of togetherness, for families and friends. 
I do vaguely remember when Sunday shopping started, and as we were then more or less adults, my father shook his head as we waved on our way out the front door.

As he acquiesced in our decision he blamed the changing of the times for the ruination of his family - and how this would never have happen ‘back home’ in the motherland. (a bit dramatic I think, considering it was the "divorce" that was the ruination of our family, let's not blame everything on Sunday shopping)
Off we went, motley crew that we were, and became part of a generation that lost something special on their road to adulthood - that one day when you knew Dad would be enjoying your company. (weeding, skiing, hiking or just hanging out in the garage putting an engine back together)
Since the enactment of our Charter of Rights in 1982 and the need to address ‘multicultural issues’ Sunday is now just another day - one of seven, in a week that knows no beginning and no end.

Do you remember what life was like before Sunday Shopping?

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  1. Good post.

    If I was doing the challenge "S" for me would have been Sunday Sleeping.

  2. have a happy easter

  3. LOVED this post, Jenny! Sunday has evolved into many things for me. Started with the church thing, then for various reasons has ended up as just another day, like you. Really identified with this. Thank you! :)

  4. Sunday is another day here. I grew up going to church with my sisters and Mom but Dad stayed home.
    We never do family stuff cause my husband works weekend nights so he is sleeping all day.

  5. Sunday is just another day now, and I think it is young children that can miss out really. On Sundays as a child, I always went on a day out with my mum and dad, and really enjoyed it. But I guess when mums started going out to work, things started to change. But then again, if the shops didn't open on a Sunday, a lot more mums would at least have that day at home with their families.

  6. I sure do. It was just a day of lounging around at home, watching TV, listening to my mother nag at my father and then the shouting they did. then it would stop and dinner was served. But seriously, they were good relaxing days.

  7. Hey there!
    Coming down the line from Bruce! he recomended you and that was an awesome award you gave to the three amigos. I always wondered why we had to go to sunday school. Thanks for the insight. Neat blog and I like the whole alphabet thing. I'm follwing!!!!
    -Bushman from The High Cost of this Low Living!

  8. Oilfield
    Funny you should mention Sunday Sleeping - it was on my list.
    I love sleeping in on a Sunday - but in light of the holiday and the relevance around shopping on a Sunday I opted for it.

    It would have been very exciting to have you in this Challenge - next time I want to see you post for it - you have such a way with topics.

    Happy Easter to you too!

    I’m glad you liked this post. Funny how we change our outlook on things as we travel forward in life.
    Things that held meaning in our youth, no longer do or we have a different view of it.

    I’m always so glad when you can drop by and visit.
    I know you are so busy with your paintings so I appreciate the effort Pam.

    Church seemed to be a part of many of our lives when we were still at home. Maybe it had to do with the structure of the family unit.

    With work being a regular part of the weekend it is hard to distinguish one week day from another, isn’t it?

    Thank you for dropping by, I’m glad you found your way over here.

    Funny how the theme is similar from comment to comment. But what really is a day of the week anyway?

    It seems now that with work and shopping being the norm on a Sunday we no longer separate the days.

    It’s interesting, your observation about working moms, I think it plays a big part in how families use a Sunday now.

    Sound a little like my house in the months leading up to the “divorce” - nagging, shouting and then finally silence!

    But...they were good times, that’s for sure. I do have fond memories of many of my Sundays as a kid.

    Welcome to my blog!

    How sweet of Bruce to steer you this way - he’s just the best!
    I’m glad you liked The 3 Amigos Award - I love Granville Island beer and I hadn’t seen an award like it before so I figured it was time to get things brewing!

    I hope you enjoy looking around - take your time, drop by often and thanks for following.

    You are all amazingly excellent commenters!
    Hugs to you all,


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