Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for VELL, VAT DO YOU VANT? Go ahead, ask Mutti!


Welcome to Pearson Report.
I am participating in the 2015 A to Z Challenge.

Yes, I will be adhering to my THEME Calendar.


Alrighty - seems many of you are brave little rain warriors - dashing through the watery shards with your short cropped hair, laughing in the face of Mother Nature.

While I, and my trusty UMBRELLA, leisurely stroll about enjoying that same rainy day! Thanks for dropping in and sharing your umbrella stories - I think some of you need to do an umbrella post, I’d love to see those brollies in action.


Today, I wish to share my heritage with you.

I’m the offspring of two Austrians. Mutti and Vati (V said like F)

Mutti dearest still has an accent while Vati does not. 

I do the most incredible Mutti imitation known to mankind. (Which actually freaks me out, I’m worried it might get stuck, then what?)

In fact, when I used to do standup comedy I did a whole bit on being raised by Mutti.

Now… I can’t do any of it justice here, because you can’t hear me.


This might paint the picture perfectly. (This is about a 3 minute read - if you need to be on your way, no problem, come back when you've got a coffee in hand and have a laugh on me, and Mutti she doesn't mind.)

In the dark ages it was the wish of every father-to-be that at least one of his children be a male to carry on the family name along with the family business.

Not much has changed - a man still wants a son. (even if he won’t admit it publicly because the missus would tear a strip off him) Some things never change.

I’m the second of four kids - girl, girl, boy, boy.

Okay, the first child can be a girl - after all every dad secretly wants a little princess too.

But...all bets are off when it comes to kid number two - if number one was a girl, number two better be a boy or else.

Here’s the or else.

So, I’m the second girl… my poor mom was under tremendous pressure to produce the heir apparent - but apparently failed at such a simple task - what was she thinking. (even though it’s the sperm that determines gender)

Now, as mom tells it she really had her heart set on a boy, she’d done her duty the first time without success and really, really wanted a boy. 

Mostly she was not a big fan of the ‘state of pregnancy’ - can we blame her!

Yes, there are some women that love being 'with child' - I say, “Good on you, whatever floats your boat.” Apparently in mother’s case it sunk her ship - four times.

When I was brought to my mother (after being tidied up and made presentable) the nurse congratulated her on her sweet, adorable, lovely, cute-as-a-button little girl.

“No, No, I vant a boy, take it back!”

I kid you not - those were her words - and we wonder why I’m in therapy! 

Well, after some arguing about the fact that I couldn’t be swapped and given to someone else who might have wanted a “girl” baby, I was taken back to the nursery to prepare for my fate.

In the meantime, my mom received a visitor - the woman who would subsequently become my godmother - TW. 

TW was so excited mom had another beautiful little girl, she had been by the nursery and was cooing all over the place about how lucky my mom was. 

“Ya, dann take her, she’s yours. I vant a boy - no more girls.” (said like she’d just had her nineteenth girl)

After some explaining, by TW, my mom finally acquiesced - even though she knew it meant going through yet another birth to get that elusive but highly sought after boy - I was adorable and she had already fallen for my "cute-as-a-button" charm.

But that didn’t stop her from still being ticked at me for being a girl. 

She told TW she had already picked a boy's name (for her son) and therefore I would be called Peter; it would teach me a lesson for being a girl.

TW went on to explain that Peter was not a suitable girl’s name whereby my mother leaned back in her bed and said, “Fine, dann ve call her Petra!” 

I can only say there is a god - and it was manifesting itself through TW - because she said, “Absolutely no, dats not a goot name.”

“Ya, dann you pick da name vat ve give my boy,” retorts my mom. (note how she still called me her boy - and we wonder why I’m good with a hammer)


Without hesitation TW says, “I alvays liked Chainy und ve name her Chainy.” (this was how they said Jenny - I kid you not, there is no way I could make this up)

Fast forward to Kindergarten…

Mrs. S, an elderly teacher, (they all look old when you’re that little) called in my parents for a little chat. It appears I was not responding well to my name Jenny and she was concerned about some learning difficulties because of it.

“Ya, dats her name Chainy, vats da problem,” says mommy dearest! 

With that the meeting was over. Mrs. S had her answer - it was not adorable little “me” that had the learning problem…

I’ve always liked my name, never wanted a different one and can safely say I am eternally grateful to my godmother for it.

It’s a good name. It’s not Jennifer or Jen - it’s just Jenny! (try to remember that, will you)

VELL, VAT DO YOU VANT? A qvestion… vell, okay...

What about your name... is there a story behind it too?

Cheers, Jenny

A special shout out to Arlee Bird, from Tossing It Out. He’s the Founder and Creator of the  April Blogging from A to Z Challenge, As well as being a blogging friend, he is a great motivator and an inspiring leader. Thanks Lee - you rock!  
PS - Just Jenny was first posted in 2011 for the A to Z Challenge - as there are new folks dropping by I thought I’d dust it off and share it. 

For those reading it AGAIN, there will be a test… let’s just see how much you remember… hmmm… who’s really reading and who’s skimming. 
What does Mutti call me?


  1. I am not sure if there is a story behind my name, but even if there is, I doubt it is as good as this one!

    1. LOL, I tell this story now and then using Mutti's accent, it even cracks me up.
      I really need to do a podcast and let you all hear it… too funny.

      And, yes, I still answer to Chainy! hahahaha

  2. haha geez a complex from the get go
    I guess that sperm knew what it was doing though
    You could have been a Johny Cash song
    If Peter you were named all along
    That might have confused though
    Thankfully your godmother was there
    No reason behind my name at my lair

    1. LOL - I'm laughing at the Johnny Cash bit… I wonder how Sue's getting along! hahahaha
      The funny thing about this story is how my mom had no problem telling it to me and being quite put out that it was my fault she had to have another (2) kids. Both ended up boys but I guess they needed a 'spare' - LOL.

      What's the origin of your last name? Wondering if it's European...

  3. I have the same name as my maternal grandmother and I share my middle name with my dad's favorite sister. I am named for my aunt but not my grandmother. My mother wanted to name me after Ellen, my dad's favorite sister but didn't want Ellen as a first name so it would have to be my middle name. She thought of Mary Ellen, but too many Marys in the family already. So, she thought of the name Ruth. My grandma always thought I was named after her. I still think, that in a way, I am. I am not sure my mom would have thought of Ruth if it hadn't been her mother's name.
    Did you follow all that?

    1. LOL, yes, I followed. I like all those names. So, is Ellen your middle name?

    2. Yes, it is. I actually prefer that to Ruth. I have thought before of changing and going by that instead, but everyone already knew me as Ruth and I really didn't want to have to go through all that. So, I stick to the old lady name.

  4. This was quite funny:) My mom is German and my dad is Canadian but he had a unique accent. My mom is pretty good in the English language. My brother and I both had to have names beginning with "B" due to my dad. They had no clue what to name me and it was a few days. My mom was looking through a German magazine when she came across an actress with the first name Birgit and there ya go

    1. Oh that's funny too! I think parents do struggle with naming their kids. I was quite particular about naming my daughter. Her name is Courtney… one day I'll write a post as to how it came to be. She's happy with it - that's what counts.

  5. I was laughing hysterically throughout your entire story! How could your Mutti have ever wanted to trade you in? Thank goodness your godmother saved you. I loved the part where they thought you had a learning disability in kindergarten, because of the pronunciation of your name! You should definitely share a video of your stand-up routine. I'm so glad you posted this again, Jenny!


    1. I'm tickled I could make you laugh hysterically - I still do when I read this story!
      The kindergarten bit is true - Mutti dearest loves retelling the whole "Chainy" bit. She still calls me that! LOL

      I'll have to find my tapes of my routines… they'd be a riot! :) :)

  6. Anonymous4:50 pm

    I was named Susie after Susie Wong. I had Asian looking eyes at birth.

    1. I had to google Suzie Wong - a book and movie to your credit! LOL Asian eyes can be quite striking. I see your mom spelled it with an 's' instead of 'z'. My mother did that with my sister's name, she's Elisabeth, with and 's' not a 'z'.

  7. I was named after my father, but I never liked the name. So, my son was NEVER going to be a "III." We named him after my mother's maiden name (which, interestingly, can be a boy's first name). My daughter? We named HER after a little girl who was being chased around a video store by her parents. I kinda liked the name. Although, her middle name isn't "dammit!":
    NOTE: This HAS to be a record for the most uses of the word 'name.'
    See? I just did it again.

    1. Well, aren't you sad your real name wasn't Alpen Wasser! Really - that would have been quite cool! Rather refreshing! You'd have been a tall drink of water!

  8. I'm glad you see the funny side of all this! TW sounds like a fairy godmother - making you into a beautiful little girl when all Mum wanted was a boy.

    1. Oh, it's all I could do Nick - after all, I think women, in my mom's time were really pressured to produce boys! So, I can see how having another girl might have been a little discouraging. Though, now, she can't thank her lucky stars enough that she has me! See, it all worked out!

      Also, my TW was a fairy godmother of the most special kind. A true angel. I miss her dearly.

  9. And more proof that we are soul sisters...after having 4 boys, my mother decided that a 5th boy would make a great basketball team. I was born close to 10 pounds with black hair and the nurses pulled my hair up with a little red bow and brought me in to see my mother. Her reply "aww, but I wanted another boy". The nurse had to convince my mother to look at how adorable those fat cheeks and squinty eyes were and then she decided that I was worthy!! Haha. Can't make this stuff up can we?

    1. I remember us having this chat years ago - I had posted the "Just Jenny" back in 2011, and you laughed then too - plus you shared the 4 boy story. I think you might have even done a post about it. If you did you should haul it out, if you can find it, and do a repost. Mothers can be something else! Given that I'm one I guess I should say that carefully. LOL xxoo

  10. Yes, Jenny not Jen or Jennifer or Refinej!
    My mom used to tell me to stop making faces because it might get stuck. Thankfully I wasn't named after my mom who was named after my grandfather's favourite Clydesdale mare, Queenie! xo

    1. Hey Queenie… I'm glad you're a Carole - it suits you. I once had a Queenie in a grade school class - she was a funny little thing, so that's how I see Queenies… don't tell your mom that! LOL

  11. I tink I vill call you J, zen once in a vile, JP.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador


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