Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for MAKE SOMETHING - grunt work required.


Welcome to Pearson Report.
I am participating in the 2015 A to Z Challenge.

Yes, I will be adhering to my THEME Calendar.


Well, my lovelies… now that you know I LOUNGE AROUND in the back seat of my car I must confess, I once camped out in the back seat or my very first car, in a garbage dump. But that’s a whole other A to Z post.


Today I am going to talk about Butchers - no, Bakers - no, Candlestick Makers - no. 

Instead, I am going to show you the cake I constructed! (Kinda like the house Jack built.)

See, I DO NOT BAKE CAKES - I buy them. That’s why there are Bakers.

And as to candlestick making...well, I leave that to the Candlestick people - you know who you are!

Okay… back to my cake.

Here it is… I constructed this cake for my dear friend Gerry - for his birthday! (About four years ago… well, what, I told you I don’t bake. This should be proof.)

Construction in progress.
Construction completed.
Deconstruction - first slice was epic.

My new best friend is Betty Crocker! But, I did do some grunt work here - so credit where credit is due.

I used real whipping cream, which I had to beat - hard work. Lucky and I licked the beater sticks - yum.

Then I bought fresh blueberries and did my thing! 

I did buy Betty Crocker chocolate frosting - yup, I did! But...I had to spread it - I did pretty good for a beginner - right! (not really seeking approval here - Gerry already gave the thumbs up and I agreed with him.)

So, tell me, do you bake, or construct, when you MAKE SOMETHING in your kitchen?

Cheers, Jenny

A special shout out to Arlee Bird, from Tossing It Out. He’s the Founder and Creator of the  April Blogging from A to Z Challenge, As well as being a blogging friend, he is a great motivator and an inspiring leader. Thanks Lee - you rock!


  1. Anonymous1:20 am

    Oh my!! That cake looks absolutely amazing! Take full credit for that even if you constructed it - I'm sure it was delicious!!

  2. Hi Jenny - sometimes ... but now-a-days rarely .. and I'm not good at that sort of thing .. making the items fine .. making it look pretty not so much .. but I'd have grafted!

    Cheers and please send a cake over ... Hilary

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks FABULOUS! I made chocolate chip cookies last night, which actually were not bad. Go me! But seriously, I want some of that cake.

  4. Lovely cake! Bet it was delicious, too.

    Personally, I do as little as possible in the kitchen. Small appliances tend to catch fire in my presence. (Seriously. We're on our fourth toaster oven.)

  5. You know what I make for dinner? Reservations.

  6. I bake which is surprising since I don't care to be in a kitchen for long. I make my own icing which involves whipping cream:) It is also fast and yummy

  7. Mmmmmm...cake! I am usually happier using a box for yellow/white, but always homemade chocolate frosting!

  8. I Bake but not deserts just regular food. Momma does the baking.
    Nice looking cake!

  9. Oh my gosh; that looked delicious (and rich and decadent and super calories, but we won't think about that :) I bet your friend really liked it!! Hubby is the cook in our family so I don't make, I just participate, but it all comes out delicious and that is what really counts, right?


  10. That cake looks good, even if you didn't bake it. You decorated it nicely.

    On occassion, I bake something. My husband is usually the cook at our house. I cook dinner once in a while because we have to eat. It's usually nothing fancy. He enjoys cooking a lot more than I do.


  11. Great looking cake!! I bake, but never from scratch. Betty Crocker seems to get it right, so why should I worry about mine not turning out!? :) I do like to cook, though, usually for other people because I find friends much more appreciative and adventurous than my family!

  12. My birthday is Nov.13th. Feel free. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing in my favorite with a cup of coffee. I can't remember the last time I had chocolate cake. I used to bake a lot when I was younger but now I don't because I'd eat it and I cannot afford to have that temptation!!


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