Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A little extra "F" just for Fun... (an added bonus!)

I've decided to dig into the archives and resurrect this post from the distant past. I was doing my "blog run" and over at Dribble the every charming Mynx made reference to "thongs being footwear."

I couldn't resist the temptation of running with the...floss!

Footwear 101, The short and Thong of it...

Why are my Thongs now called Flip-Flops? Did I miss the memo? Was I out to lunch for more than an hour? Did the boat come in and I forgot to board? What? When did I miss this global event?

Did CNN even cover this travesty?

Is there a conspiracy in the Southern Hemisphere? Surely it started down there? After all where else do you see more dental floss being inappropriately used then on the beaches of…you know, there.

I am resisting the global attempt to convert me to the “new way” of addressing my footwear.

“THEY ARE THONGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD,” my "over forty" friend yelled to no one in particular, since she lived alone. Her goldfish looked blankly up at her knowing the end was near or at least dinner would be late.

Defiantly she called me and said let’s revolt and cause an uprising. We cannot let this be the fate of our footwear. I agreed, with glee.

Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to is subjected to the Thong/Flip-Flop debate and ironically the consensus is pleasing.

Anyone over 40 wants to wear their Thongs on their feet not between their cheeks, and that’s not their face cheeks! Here, they truly prefer real dental floss to do that task, and not their Thongs.

Those under 40 (save the cool ones I know) are all brain dead and only listen to what the media tells them to, such as “Thongs live in your bum and Flip-flops flap on your feet.”


Media hype or southern conspiracy? Whatever it is, I’m not buying. My thongs will stay on my feet, regular (but sexy) panties will cover my behind and life as I know it will go on.

And by the way, last time I looked weren’t these flimsy little triangles held together by thread called “g-strings?” Or was that just a tad too racy for the little ones donning the floss!



Footnote: (chuckle) The MW Tenth Collegiate Dictionary defines THONG: noun (before 12 century) 1: a strip esp. of leather or hide 2: a sandal held on the foot by a thong fitting between the toes and connected to a strap across the top or around the sides of the foot.
(original post Tuesday, August 21, 2007)


  1. Ironically both types of thongs cover a toe. LMAO.

  2. or you could call them "jandels" like they do in NZ!

  3. Oilfield
    I think the Empress, over at Ranter's Box, did a post on just this thing - it's amazing how words are manipulated to suit a trend or era!

    But...there are some words I'm not willing to sacrifice in the name of the "it's the latest thing" phase - I'm a stubborn old gal when it comes to my Thongs!

    Well at least that's closer to sandals, right? Way better than Flip-Flops!

    Whoever came up with "Thong" as a name for underpants deserves a good "Pinching" as far as I'm concerned. That would teach them to mess with a perfectly good word.

  4. Oh, Oilfield, I almost fell off the chair!!
    Personally, I'd hate to have a piece of string wedged in my hiney. Or a piece of footwear, rubber or no.
    But...that's just me.
    Thongs on feet...? This has given me an idea.

    @Carole: Why "jandels?"

  5. here in Serbia we call flip-flops "Japanke" (I guess they came from Japan) and we call g-strings "tange" ;)
    As Al above says, calling footwear a thong, could give people strange dressing ideas :))

  6. Love this post. Here in Aus it is totally thongs for feet and g-strings for your bum.

    And I actually think lace panties are much sexier on the average body.

  7. @Al....I have no idea! That's just what they call them in NZ.

  8. Al
    I'm curious now what kind of idea you've come up with regarding "thongs on feet" - you are such a mysterious guy, Al!

    It looks like every place has their own name for "thongs" and such a variation too!
    I'm glad you stopped by and shared yours with us!

    I'm so moving to Australia - they've got it right!

    Thanks for reply to Al!

  9. They've been flip flops for many years, but when I grew up they were thongs. The meanings of words do change for sure. I recall when being gay meant happy.

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