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I is for Indelible Ink

Note: I'm throwing my hat into the A-Z Blogging challenge sponsored by Tossing it out! What you will be reading via the letters A-Z is a little bio about me. This will give you a glimpse into my work world and what I do when I'm not here - blogging. 

I was about nineteen when I got my learner’s permit for motorcycling. I used to borrow my brother's bike, a two-stroke, 350cc Suzuki. 
I loved that bike - off the line it was a bullet. It was a rush when the “big bikes” would pull up along side at an intersection and give me the nod.
Yeah - let’s see what you’ve got - that was always my thinking. The light would change and I’d be off that line so fast you could only wonder if I had been there in the first place.
Speed demon - I always wanted to race cars - I grew up watching the Indy 500 - glued to the telly and imagining myself behind the wheel of the winner's car. (well dream big or go home that's my motto)
I was even a bit of a local legend at the go-cart track, where I hung out and taunted the boys into racing me - the mistake made by those young pups was to think of me as a girl.
Oh, to be sure, I’m a girl - love being a girl - but because my mother wanted her second child to be a boy (that would be me - kid #2) I think I’ve got more than my share of “the guy genes” in me - hammers, hogs, and heavy machinery make me happy!
Now, the reason for the preamble is to set the stage for my story…
Back at age nineteen - 
One fine sunny day I was out for a ride and needed to tank up - next to me was a gal filling up a very impressive customized 650cc Yamaha - teardrop tank, slightly extended forks, and enough polished chrome to blind you on a sunny day.
We gave each other the nod - but me, ever the talkative type started in on a “bike” conversation, acknowledging hers and talking about mine.
One thing lead to another and she pipes up that I should follow her to a house party she’s going to and, unbeknownst to me, was also the guest of honour.
Ever the curious type (right after talkative) I nodded in approval and off we went.
We didn’t have far to go which was too bad because I really wanted to see what she could do with her bike. I’ll never know because in short order we were in front of this old three storey house.
Hanging out of windows and draped around front porch pillars was this motley crew of very burly bad boys - okey, dokey - says me to myself - this should be interesting.
They are hooting and hollering to her and giving me that nod…
She jumps off her bike and flips off her helmet (it’s the law here in Canada) and seems very excited to see her friends.
There is some kind of verbal exchange that somehow has something to do with tattoos and the one that she had recently acquired.
Next thing I know, she’s unzipping her very tight jeans, flipping up her top and there across her womanly bits is this tattoo - GATEWAY TO HEAVEN.
I have, on occasion, wondered what ever became of Miss Gateway to Heaven, and her tattoo. Over the years, had the gateway been left in disrepair and seeped into its aging foundation, which in youth is so firm and fresh; yes, these thoughts do intrigue me as do tattoos.
Of the four of us siblings, I’m the only one without a tattoo - somehow indelible ink isn’t for me.  I do not want to go through life marked, in one stage of it, with something I am not sure will transcend the coming years. Something so permanent is off my radar.
That being said…
In my line of work I do cosmetic tattooing - specializing in eyebrows. Now, should my own lovely brows ever need the help of indelible ink I would succumb and embrace the permanence.
Do you have indelible ink hiding on your canvas?
Until J...


  1. No indelible ink for me. My wife would kill me (I think all she needs is an excuse). But, I did play a trick on her one day. I got a fake tattoo of a seahorse on my right upper arm at a carnival. The next day, as I was painting the side of the house, I had my shirt sleeves rolled up, which exposed my tat. Well, my wife saw it and started to freak out. I listened to her rant on and on. I finally said, "Well, okay, if you REALLY don't like it..." I then licked my palm and wiped the little sea horse right off.
    Somehow, she wasn't amused.

  2. Al - thanks for weighing in on this one. I think it's a fascinating topic and one I will go into as a future topic, with pictures of some of the work I do in my field.

    Both my brothers have chest and half sleeves, and truth be told I find the work exquisite - one bro's work was done by The Dutchman - and is truly a work of art.

    My sister has a piece on one leg from ankle to knee and I'm not a fan! But, I'm a huge supporter of individuality so if she's happy I'm happy for her!

    When my daughter was younger, to stave off any serious tattooing situations I loaded her up with a ton of fake tats. She'd wear one on occasion to school and her mates would ohh and ahh about the whole thing - one mother even called me and dumped all over me.

    Like you I let her go on and on and finally said to her that next week I was letting my daughter get her nose pierced - this is all in about Grade Four - so kids were about 9 years old.

    I bought my daughter a clip on nose ring and off she went - much to the horror of parents and teachers alike - I cracked up.

    As for studs and tats on my daughter - only two extra earring holes!

    I guess having the fakes was enough for her, and my house rule was no extra holes or tats on the body until she was eighteen.
    I figured by then if she really wanted them she was old enough to decide for herself.

    Yup - lots of good blogging potential in this kind of post.

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Great post.

    I think if I had some invisible ink it would say "Piss Off" so people would leave me alone.

  4. Oilfield - glad you liked!

    Now there's a concept - invisible ink - I could go for that. Maybe it could be the kind of ink that shows up under certain circumstances - say like a change in body temperature - if you get into a heated argument the tat appears - that would be funny!

    Cheers, Jenny

  5. I do have 3 tattoos on my body but in areas that are only shown with a skirt or a halter top. The big one is not seen by strangers.

    I also have had eye liner and eyebrows done. The brows have faded so I have to pencil them in again and the liner is very faint. I had it done when it was just becoming popular and my girlfriend needed a guinea pig to work on under a plastic surgeons training. I loved it but now they've faded and I can't afford to have them redone. It's an awesome thing.

  6. i would love a tatoo but seeing as i do not heal properly it is sad to know i can't have one but there is always air brush ones right.

  7. My four girls (21 to 31 yrs old) all have a few (upper back, shoulders, sleeves, upper back of the neck, across a rib. I'm too chicken, too pale, and too cheap to ever get one done!

  8. i think some look good on other people but not for me. Hair colour is fun and can be changed if you get bored

  9. Barb
    I’ve seen some pretty impressive tats in my day - given the work I’m in I see a fair bit of “body” in what I do.

    The fascination is in the stories - it’s quite intriguing to hear the what lies behind getting tats.

    As to the brow & liner touch-ups - see if there are any “beauty” conventions happening in you area, particularly featuring “micro-pigmentation” demonstrations.

    Volunteers are needed at these shows and the work is often done by very experienced individuals promoting their product lines.

    Here is the link to ESI (a convention I attend), check them out and see if there is something in your area. Then contact the exhibitors that are doing cosmetic tattooing (micro-pigmentation) work and see if you can be a model.

    Good luck - keep me in the loop if you go forward with this and also if I can be of any assistance.

    You make an interesting point - the healing process is such a critical part of face tattooing - if there is anything on the client questionnaire indicating a problem with healing I will not proceed.

    I do a rigorous pre-screening of potential clients - I’m not interested in a quick sale of any kind, and definitely not with permanent work such as tattoos.

    Air brushed tats are such fun and the variety available is endless. They are a great way to have fun and live outside the box, getting a temporary tat for a special occasion can be a real treat.

    Wow - four girls, you quit before getting that elusive son. (more in my next post)

    Young people, particularly girls, are really reaching for something to add some individuality and tats seem to be the avenue of choice.

    Personally, I’ve seen some real disasters in this area - particularly if the girls are in their late teens - at that age it's often an impulse response and not a really well thought out tat or location.

    Conversely, I’ve also seen some pretty impressive pieces on gals that were involved in the design and location of their tat(s) and sought out a reputable artist for the task.

    Ah, a girl after my own heart! The more I read your posts and comments here I think we are the same person split in two living at opposite ends of the planet - too cool!

    I like playing with hair colour too!

    Thanks to all of you for coming by and leaving your comments behind - you are all such special gals and I’m grateful to have you as followers!

    Cheers, Jenny


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