Thursday, April 07, 2011

G is for Going Godzilla

Note: I'm throwing my hat into the A-Z Blogging challenge sponsored by Tossing it out! What you will be reading via the letters A-Z is a little bio about me. This will give you a glimpse into my work world and what I do when I'm not here - blogging. 

My original choice was "G is for Good Guys and Great Gals" and as you can imagine it would have been a great post...but I am in the process of Going Godzilla on my Gmail account during the time I had set aside for writing my A-Z Challenge post. (where is the letter "F" when you need it)
I will do a supplemental post at a later date - I know you will love it, because it’s all about you - Good Guys and Great Gals!
Tomorrow, at the crack of dawn I will be hauling my cute little tush to my friendly neighbourhood Mac store to have a little One to One regarding my Mac Mail.
Can you believe that my Proofreader is suggesting I change “at the crack of dawn” to “very early” - someone in the Apple Corporation is in serious need of some time out in public - come on, doesn’t even sound right...oh well...focus...time is running out and I want to get this done - my beauty sleep beckons.
I’ve had my Mac now for two weeks and five days, and I’m please to say I've taken to it quickly, I’m very comfortable on it and I’m feeling the “lovin’ it” vibes - I can’t believe I didn’t jump the PC ship years ago...until...about two hours ago. 
Obviously my learning curve will be going on for at least another week given this little set back. 
Oh, it’s not that I can’t get mail through Gmail, no, no, the problem I’m having is I can’t delete my Mail that has already been sent to the Trash, it just keeps coming back. 

This may sound like a "nothing" problem, but I'm a "why" girl - I need to know why something is happening and what to do about it - particularly with respect to technology.

You see, when I delete the Gmail Inbox Folder of mail and then delete the Trash Folder it redirects all the deleted mail back, only it doubles it and suddenly I've got a Gagillion (clever use of "G" - did you notice that) emails filling up my world!

Now, I like mail, don't get me wrong, but a repeat of what I've already read isn't my idea of a good system.

I'm sure this is not a "real" problem compared to what's going on in the world, but it has got my nickers in a knot (floss will do that, you know) and I'm not a happy little camper about it either!! (two exclamation marks - that really tells you something, doesn't it)

For me, all I can say is there better be a logical explanation and a mighty fast solution or, sadly it will be time to haul out my tool box----and you know what that means. 

Remember my birthday, well maybe it’s time you got to know me better! Just click on this and you can take a read - no hurry, this post will still be here when you get back.
I’m going to say Good Night; I'm off to bed now and tomorrow I will deal with my "trash" situation, failing any decent outcome I will be Going Godzilla and seriously taking out the trash!
Until H...


  1. he he going Godzilla, that will be my new catch phrase :)))

  2. I wish you good luck with it all!! It all sounds a bit of a nightmare, I must admit.

  3. Is the honeymoon over? Are you sure it's MAC and not gmail?

  4. It's been awhile since I worked on MAC but I believe it's a gmail setting. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Good luck!

    I love the way you used the "g" words. :)

  6. So sorry about your mac mail woes. I'm sure the genius bar peeps will be able to strighten you right out.

    BTW, it's F day on my blog...come see!! *grin*

  7. Double the trash you had already thrown out --- that's a nightmare. Could make a good sci-fi story if the trash is alive and multiplying inside your Mac.
    It's an idea.
    Seriously, computer problems are the worst!!! You're lucky if you get the same answer from two technicians. That doesn't necessarily mean their advice will work. Sorry, but true.

    MM the Queen of English

  8. Welcome to the Mac world. I love mine (not physically), although I wouldn't know G mail from a G string. Well, that's COMPLETELY untrue-it just sounded good.
    Good luck!

  9. Oh, I'm like you... I want to know WHY! Plus, when you empty the trash, you don't want it coming back double! I hope you get it taken care of quickly and won't have to resort to the tool box. ;)

  10. Thank you everyone for commenting - you are so amazing for dropping by and giving my "G" post a read.

    My apologies for not replying individually but I underestimated the pressure of being in this A-Z Challenge and my time is taken up with trying to write something as well as getting around and visiting all your wonderful sites.

    Thanks for your understanding! I know after this challenge I will be able to breath again and take my time with my replies.

    Happy Thoughts to all,


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