Sunday, March 29, 2015


Okay, I have a THEME, for the April 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

The pressure was on, I bowed, it almost broke me. 

But… one must do what everyone else is doing. 
(small seizure ensued from typing that)



About this THEME of mine. It’s called “ANYTHING GOES”.  

It’ll be gruelling, highly demanding, more than should be expected of a mere mortal (well, if I were a mere mortal) and most likely so complex the average blogger will leave wondering what just hit them. 

To which I will apologize in advance for those leaving dazed and overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of the whole thing. (Humble pie is good, I ate a big slice with that phone fiasco.)

Here’s what ANYTHING GOES looks like over 26 days. 

Click to enlarge the calendar. 

Unless, of course, you're afraid of the overwhelming sense of envy that will come from seeing how much more work my THEME is than yours. 

Just sayin' you shouldn't overlook mediocrity - it works for some, quite well I'm told. 

Click to enlarge, in case you skimmed my instructions in 
your quest to get to the end of this post.
It happens you know, or, you know it happens.
Either way, click on it and be überrascht.

So, what do you think? 

Maybe a little too much, eh? X could be the deal breaker. Or maybe it’s V - there’s something there that could be, “Vell, how shoot I say… sumsing very goot, fa shure.” I’ll be checking in with the resident Austrian, that I keep for these exact Challenge situations, in the hovel below me. 

Okay, enough THEME talk.

What do you think of this latest blog wardrobe change?

Well, it’s minor, same colours, still two columns, but I went from using the Awesome Template to using the Simple Template. I’m ageing, though extremely well in the face department, not so well in the gray matter department. 

I would have preferred a little of both Templates, then my blog would be Simply Awesome! (I’m onto my second slice of humble pie, bit chewy this one.)

Okay… that’s it for updating you on the minutia of my highly sought after blog look. (Which I see no one has rushed to emulate, talk about adding my first frown line.)

Let’s move on to the MERMAID bit.

Call it saving the best for last!  (Some might argue my THEME really gripped them, and a tie might be in order.)

Saturday I was a Mertender, like a Bartender, but with mermaids instead of bars, tails instead of glasses, and, well, you get it.

Miss CP, the attractive fruit of my loins, yes, this apple fell directly from the tree and did not roll far, hosted her first Mermaid Meet-Up

It was pretty awesome. About 13 in all - swimming around the pool looking quite the group. 

As Miss CP has my SD Card, with the pics I took, you'll get these two I grabbed from her website, and a link to her facebook page that has more. 

This is the latest tail she made, from scratch. It takes months to hand paint and apply the sequins. For those that follow me on Twitter, I tweeted links to her painting process. (Don't look like that the Follow Button is right up there - can't miss it.)

See, I was tending mermaids - I even had a T-shirt that said so.

Yes, I was asked where my tail was… for me
it's all about other TALES.

There you have it - that’s what a busy weekend looks like in my world. 


Now there’s a TALE in all that I’m sure!

Cheers, Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny - good to have you amongst us battling A-Zers ... and your mermaid - do all children turn into mermaids later in life???!!?? Fun event and yes your ideas are all good - and your life is about to get busier .. I believe ... take care and let's enjoy this challenge ahead .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, yup, I've acquiesced and decided it was time to get serious and get a theme going. :)

      Miss CP had fun, which means I had fun!

      Enjoy the Challenge too - see you out there in April. xxoo

  2. I love your theme. I wish I had thought of that. That should have been a category. And the names for the day~AWESOME!
    Looks like a fun party.

    1. And I do love your new look. :)

    2. Clever, eh! Borrow it if you wish… would be a hoot to have another person coming at it from their perspective.

      Everyone's welcome to my ANYTHING GOES month of craziness!

      As to the new look, I think this is the final one… but I better not say that too loud. :P I'm bound to change my mind just because I can. hahahah

      I'm tickled you've signed up by the way, now I feel the teams all here! xo

  3. What a cute idea with the mermaids and mertenders! Good theme for A/Z! Look forward to your posts!


    1. Miss CP (aka @CourtneyMermaid) is very busy with mermaid events. This was the first meet-up of the local girls/guy. Out of the 13, 6 came for Seattle, which was really neat.

      Glad you like the theme… should be lots of fun.
      That's me… all about the fun. xo

  4. the theme works well I think. And your blog page has become a very professional looking site.

    Now tend to the mermaids!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks, Lee. I was getting tired of the backgrounds, the endless changing of them. My goal was something I could look at and not want to endlessly tweak.
      I think this is it! (until the mood moves me, yet again) :)

      I'm glad you like my theme. I thought I'd have a little fun with the "theme" business since I'm so big on winging it. I'm excited for April 1st.

      No more tending mermaids for a month or two. It will begin in earnest when the warmer weather gets here.

  5. You inspired us to change up our own blog style and make it simpler, so... yes, we do like it! And we're doing approximately zero work on A-Z, so yes, you're doing 1000x more than we ever could. I'm dizzy just thinking about it.

    Also, something I thought I'd never see: Professional Mermaid. That's pretty damn cool. If you can make a living doing something fun and creative, I'm all for it.

    1. Ah, to be an inspirational muse… I can check that off my Bucket List. :)
      Your new look is really great - clean, easy to read and navigate. Very cool!

      My theme is based on wanting to do about as much work as you two do for the challenge… zero! LOL It hit me while imbibing, reds have a way of bringing out the nut in me… nutty undertones!

      Yes, she really is a Professional Mermaid. Gets paid to don those tails. She has completed 3 like the one in the photo, that being her third. They are as beautiful as she is.

      Mermaiding is quite the big thing, everywhere. In fact, Miss CP, has started a mermaid school (website in progress) and will be giving classes in our local area. Don't laugh, there's good money in this gig. :)

  6. You are one busy mermaid:) That costume is excellent! I like your A to Z and you made me think the Gabor sisters for the V or Marlene Dietrich:)

    1. I'm one busy mertender! My tail days have come and gone. I'm into TALES of a differing kind.

      I see you could hear the accent… LOL - mother is quite the inspiration during the A to Z… this theme will definitely be fun. xxoo

  7. Hahahaha… if only! I've handed it down - there's only one, she's got it now.

  8. Well, well! You certainly do have a case of the fabulous going on there with your theme, wardrobe and mermaids! My a-z list is all filled I just have to make it official and sign up...maybe...

    1. What!!!! You're not signed up?

      Well, pitter patter get at'er - like now! :)

      Seriously, what a great fun party this will be - the gangs all here… so, I'll be expecting a reply to this saying…. I DID IT! (just like that!) xxoo

  9. Is that what they call a DREAM THEME?
    Man, that thing is busy!
    Looks like fun though. I love a good challenge!
    CP has got the mermaid thing by the tail huh? Or should I say eh?

    1. Hey, that's a great name DREAM THEME - I must be dreaming thinking I wanted a "real" theme so this will do. Basically a wide open palate with room to play - my specialty.

      Yes… Miss CP has it by the tail… hahahaha!

  10. A mermaid party? How wild. She did a great job with the tail.
    Your April looks chaotic. But that's the point, right? Good luck!

    1. This was small pond compared to the one we attended in Vegas a couple of years back. Huge! Epic! And totally wild.

      This was a few of the locals, about 6 from across the line, in Seattle. It was really fun and low key. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting to meet in person.
      More of these little meet-ups will happen as the warmer weather gets closer.

      My April will be chaotic but with a lot of fun in the mix.

      Thanks for stopping by, Alex - I know you're busy so this visit is special, and much appreciated. :) :)

  11. Love that theme! Don't chang XXX day. I'm looking forward to that one. ;)

    1. I'm having quite the charge with this Theme - and XXX will be a wait and see, for both of us. I'm secretly winging this… but decided to do it under the guise of a Theme… naughty me! hehehehe

    2. PS - I just got my copy of Pre-Fix… I'm diving into it now…

  12. Enjoy your anything goes.

    1. Thanks Ivy… I hope my Anything Goes… goes! hahahaha

    2. It will because you're excited about it.


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