Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ivy, over at The Happy Whisk, was wondering...

And, just in case you were wondering too, here’s the low down, the nitty gritty, the inside scoop, on my Bullet Journal adventure.


See, I even changed the look of my Blog, simple lines, clean, easy to navigate…

JUST LIKE MY LIFE. (excuse me while I gag… please, really, some people)

I don’t know who that was, up there in those brackets, some naysayer that just can’t be happy for little old me. The world is full of party poopers.

I’m a right brain person. That means I am artsy, fartsy, puddin’ and pie and I’ll kiss a frog before I die. 

Only a cool frog will do for me...

Why does the Bullet Journal work for me? Well, it’s like this, everything is in one place.

I have an index, which I add to as I enter things in my journal.
  • I just added a page to keep track of the books I’ve read 
  • I added a page to keep track of names I keep forgetting
  • I have a page for the things that need to be finished in this phase of my renovations.

The daily entries keep me on track as well. I have completed so many tasks that used to live on bits of paper and that were easily forgotten or avoided at will.

Now - there they are all conveniently housed in a light, easy to carry soft back moleskin. Heck, if the mood moves me I can even draw in it! You know, being artsy fartsy.

That’s it.

Hmm, I may even be using my Bullet Journal for a secret project I’ve been working on.

If you’re patient I’ll be doing the big reveal in April. Maybe even as an A to Z surprise. 

Stay tuned…

I had fun with this new look too - this is where the old saying “copying is the greatest compliment” comes into play. I’ve been checking you all out and decided to take a bit from here and a little from there… and this was the end result.

You like? 

Well, most importantly I like!

Cheers, Jenny

Visit Write Brain Challenge to check out my latest free write piece, and the photo that inspired it.  


  1. I like the look, fresh and lots of white space (not counting the background). I like the banner and the banter!

    Glad you enjoyed the East End post. Our younger daughter lives in that neighborhood near Main, and loves it.

    1. Thanks DG - I needed a change. What with Spring around the corner.

      Yes, I enjoyed the East End post - I drive by the big East Van sign every Friday on route to have lunch with Miss CP.

  2. Hi Jenny - it is simple and easy to read ... generally I can't be first .. so I'll endorse DG's thoughts .. and yes I have Bullet to try - so will do that this week. And I need to do my blog ... give it new life ...

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary, it was time for a change!

      Good luck trying the Bullet Journal, it seems to be working for me.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Barbara - appreciate your comment.

  4. I really like it. It's very clean. I'm amazed when people create a blog with pictures everywhere, widgets everywhere, all kinds of different colors... what a headache. Less is definitely more.

    A secret project, you say? Are you using your Bullet Journal to plot a murder? Because that would be damn impressive.

    1. Thanks Beer Boy (which ever you might be, hehehehe) I like tweaking my blog. This is the first time for a three column look. Judges are still waffling!

      The secret project has me bursting at the seams… but I have to wait until April to reveal it.

      Only a dweeb writes down their murder plans in a Bullet Journal - me, I've got my plans tattooed on my forearm - sure not to lose them now, eh! :P

  5. You're hilarious, Jenny. Love the new look.

    1. LOL - thanks Karen! Always puts a smile on my face when you stop by. Glad you like the new look! My new Spring frock as it were!

  6. Always good to find something that makes your life a bit easier and then to keep enjoying it!


    1. Thanks Betty - it was time for a change. I feel Spring is in the air and my blog was feeling a little dark. :)

  7. Glad the bullet journal is working well. This is great to read and love the frog:)

    1. It is working. Today, I really found it handy when I was in a meeting and found myself making notes in it… which I referred to later and managed to get a lot done because of it.

      I love that frog too - cool little guy! Kiss worthy.

  8. I love bullets! Oh, wait...nevermind.
    The new look is great. So clean and the purple fits well.
    I will be giving mine a makeover just prior to A to Z. Just don't know what yet.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. LOL - yes, I imagine you do!

      Thanks for the nod about the new look - I struggled with the colour scheme - not an easy thing.

      You'll come up with something… we always do, right!

  9. I'm really glad that the bullet journaling is working so well for you. Whatever works! I do love the new look too. Change is always good. Keeps us on our toes!

    1. Thanks Barb. It's working and that's the main thing.

      The new look was long over due. I've been wanting something simple, I hope this is it. Though, I still look at it and think, hmm, a bit more of the top! LOL

  10. This is great. I love your new look. So fun. And thanks for putting my little flower head on your blog. I just got home from grocery shopping and I am pooped. This little surprise was fun and lifted me right back up.

    1. Hello Ms. Ivy - a little shout out to you since you're such a sweetie and always inquiring after me. :)

      I'm tickled to read this little surprise set you right. Hugs.

  11. Surprise. I am actually leaving a comment. Loving the new look. Always fun to mix it up a bit and make things fresh.

    1. Well hello dear friend, it's so wonderful to have your pretty avatar perking up my comment area… and your kind words too.

      Thanks for stopping in. You set my face to smiling!
      Hugs xxoo

  12. I admire you Jenny for following through with the bullet journal. You are a more dedicated list maker than I. My vision of the Moleskin is blank pages. (well blank until I either collage or paint on them) Even the sight of all those squares makes my eyes twitch! Yikes, take those nasty lines away, I will not follow those lines today.

    Your house looks AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! Well done!

    You're right about changes to the look of blogs. I too have cleaned mine up and am using a totally template. Felt like a breath of fresh air.

    So my friend, spring is here, with birds chirping and bulbs blossoming. Even the bees are buzzing on the sunny days. xo Carole

    1. Hey, dear Carole, You've made my day!
      Thank you for stopping in…. what a treat. I did drop by your blog and love the layout too. Are you liking that format? I was looking at it as an option, but wasn't sure.

      I have to laugh, because, yesterday there were three columns here, so you are seeing this after yet another change. I found it too busy with a column on either side of my post so it's back to just the post and one column.

      Seems I'm not that adventurous after all! LOL

      Hey, I'm going to be in your area in May - maybe we can catch up for a tea. With smiles, hugs, and happy thoughts. xxoo

    2. Hi Jenny. Yes, I'd love to see you in May. Just let me know when. If you come on the weekend of Mother's Day (Fri or Sat) you'd have to visit me while I'm hosting "A Small Gesture" fundraiser downtown. Any other day I can rearrange things. See you soon.


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