Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Toilet PHONE and YouTube STINKERS

Okay, it finally happened to me.

I dropped my iPhone into the toilet. 


Except yesterday.

Okay. The first thing I did was laugh - true, I laughed. 

Why, because it is, in fact, very funny having my phone fall in my toilet.

See… Miss CP had this happen to her a couple of months ago - we laughed then, and I quietly said to myself… "Really, that would never happen to me!" 

Well, well, I'm eating humble pie.

Okay. Here's the thing about dropping an iPhone in the toilet, or any water.

You must take it out as quick as possible.
Dry it off immediately.
Immerse it in rice, in a bag or bowl, so long as it's covered.
It automatically shuts off, or you can do it manually.
Wait at least 24 hours before trying to turn it on.

Okay… Now here's my version.

Panic while standing there going "holy shit" and wonder if it really happened.
Gingerly retrieve the phone from the toilet, even though there was no bodily fluids in the water. 
Rush to the kitchen and forget where the rice lives.
Find it and pour it in a container that's way too small and cuss.
Make a mess of the drawer with the plastic containers searching for a bigger one - still panicking, still cussing.
Stop long enough to pour some wine, spilling a little in the rice - the good gods have no mercy. 
Use language reserved for really dangerous, violent, deviants.
Ask someone else's god for forgiveness - because you're a Buddhist.
Bury the dead phone in rice and cry.

Then, search the internet for sage advice.

Now, if you think what you just read is a little wacky you need to go to YouTube and check out some of the real winners that make little videos to tell you what to do. 

Honestly… this one takes the cake. 

This chick could have said everything she had to say, that was vital, in 10 seconds. She rambles on about nothing for 3 minutes and 20 seconds. But it's the way she does it, all important like, that made me watch. I was in need of a laugh. Plus it does help you feel way smarter when you see something like this.

What's with these goobers thinking they're experts and should dare to put out a video. This diddy has 633 likes, which means there are 633 other goobers that are out on a permanent vacation. This got 151 dislikes - go team!

I know, you all might think - okay, everyone isn't like you Ms. Pearson, and you're right, few are. However, I did drop my phone in the loo and this is the shit I had to wade through to find an answer. Heck it made me feel I should have pooped first, at least it would have been mine I was wading through.

Needless to say, dear Ashley, was useless. Tell me you agree!

Next up was this one. 

Now, it's only 1 minute and 53 seconds, again about 1 min and 40 seconds too long.

But, surprisingly it was the one that helped because my speakers didn't work and I blew into them, just like this gal suggested. Yes, yes, I blew my phone! Go ahead Mr. Penwasser… run with this because I cracked up when I watched and listened to this video.

She sniffles a lot, I'm chalking that up to the fact she was crying at some point before filming this… or, like, you know, maybe not! (pass the doob Ashley)  

She does get the prize though, because it worked. The prize, me going easy on her… trust me, I've really had to hold the reins tight on these two videos.

So, that begs the question, have you dropped your phone in "water" - be that yours or the sinks? And if so, what did you do?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Cheers, Jenny

PS - My phone had shut off automatically and about a couple of hours later it turned on. I manually shut it off and left it in the rice over night.

It was in the morning that I discovered “no sound”. I could listen to a call with the speaker phone, but not with the phone to my ear. 

That’s when I discovered the last video. I did blow on the speakers, initially nothing happened. I left the phone in the rice all day while I went to work. Came home, still no sound. So, this time (for Al’s benefit) I really did a serious bit of blowing… damn, there’s just no other way to write this without slinking around in the gutter.

Anyway, it’s all good, everything works. End of excitement!


  1. Hi Jenny - well I hope you now have your new phone recalibrated to you and your life - perhaps with a note to itself "don't fall in the loo" .. the thought of reading those youtube recovery kits makes me feel unwell ..

    Good luck with the phone though - and how funny .. humble pie - yes!! Cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, I don't have a new phone yet… though I am starting to look. These iPhones are so expensive.

      Mine is okay right now, though the battery isn't hold in the charge very long.

      It was funny, and humble pie tastes exactly like the humble berry I ingest frequently.

      Thanks for visiting, hugs, Jenny xxoo

  2. Hilarious! Sorry for you misfortune, but the post is hilarious
    .Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    I am Ensign B ~ One of Tremp's Troops with the
    A to Z Challenge

    1. I did laugh, and I laughed while writing this post so I'm glad the humour was far reaching.

      Are you excited for the A to Z… I am! See you out there, fellow minion! LOL

  3. Anonymous5:12 am

    I've been wanting to get rid of mine. Flush.

    1. Funny thing, Susie, is you really feel helpless without it. I thought I was pretty independent of my phone - WRONG! It was like losing an arm.

      It's back up and running, thought the battery is not holding the charge for long. It is time to upgrade… which I'm dreading, not sure if my remaining kidney will do! LOL

  4. What an adventure you had with it! I didn't realize there were so many ways to fix one too if it ended up in water. I haven't dropped my yet in water but I rarely do anything with my phone. Son dropped his smart phone into a puddle of water one time. It was good we had insurance on it because nothing brought it back.


    1. Hi Betty - yup, always looking for adventure! Only this wasn't exactly what I had planned. Mind you, is dropping one's phone in the toilet ever planned? :)

      Mine is four years old, due for an upgrade… just wasn't thinking about it yet. Plus, these phones are a small fortune, which really bugs me. Apple has such a captive audience, they can charge what they want.

      Thanks for stopping by. xxoo

  5. I've seen this happen with my daughter! I laughed so hard watching her. She hated me at that moment! I don't have those "fancy phones'. Hubby and I just have a regular flip phone that makes and receives calls. I gather you didn't have insurance or warranty on the phone? Today will be a better day :)

    1. Hi Lisa, I see we have like daughters… I did laugh with her accident, now the pie is in my eye! LOL

      I did have two years of insurance, this phone is four years old, due for an upgrade soon.

      It still works, and that good. Also, I wasn't panicked too much because I backup all the time. I'm the backup queen! hahahaha

      Thanks for popping by - oh, I added the email follow button, just for you. :) :) xxoo

    2. Glad it still works. Just about right, insurance is out!

      Thanks for that email button! Now I shouldn't miss any of your posts! xoXoX

    3. You're welcome. :) Enjoy the email button… just for you! xo

  6. Far be it from me to say you shouldn't blow your phone. Just as long as it wasn't dropped in the toilet first.
    Because that would be weird.

    1. Yo bro! So, it was dropped in the toilet first, thankfully I have a clean toilet bowl, and I hadn't done #1 or #2 yet - yuck and yikes!

      I was quick on the uptake and got it out before it knew what was happening. I'm sure my phone was in shock! LOL

      I did laugh… what else can you do! Thanks for stopping by! :)


  7. When you blew on your phone, did it turn on and smile? Too funny:) I have not had this happen as I don't have an I phone. I am retro gal. My friend had to put her husband's phone in the rice...and it worked. He is on his 4th phone since he does drop it in water often:) I don't think I would ever borrow that phone

    1. You get the comment prize, Birgit - toooooo funny!
      I sure hope it smiled - I was puckering up and blowing to beat the band… really it was YouTube worthy, given all the exciting videos out there I think it would have been a hit.

      Anyway, it works, but I am looking at an upgrade, it's time. This one is four years. Which, by the way, annoys me, I have things in my life, electrical things, like my GE Iron, which I got for my wedding back in 1980 and it still works.

      My daughter says it's planned obsolescence, these companies only let there product live for a few years so they can keep the cash flow coming in. Pardon my French, but it pisses me off royally.

      Thanks for stopping by Birgit - always love your comments.
      Hugs and Smiles, Jenny xxoo

  8. This had me in stitches,jenny

    1. Isn't that what it's all about… laughing at life's follies.

      I can see you smiling too! :) :) xxoo

  9. OK... okay... that was the funniest shit I have read in a while. Not because of the unfortunate event of your phone falling into the toilet but because a few months back, the same thing happened to my daughter and your reaction was hysterical!

    Both of my daughters had Dr. appts and I had to take my 5 yr old into the bathroom to help her leave a 'tinkle' sample... well my teenage daughter went in with us and when it was her turn, her phone slipped out of her back pocket. I could see it slipping too... in slow motion. I tried to get to it but I wasn't in time.

    My mother instincts kicked in and I reached right into the contaminated toilet water and pulled it out, all while she was standing there in tears. I tried to calm her down, but that was an event all its own since teenage hormones run high in this one. The not-so-awesome part was that we were in the Drs. office so rice had to wait until we got home. Needless to say, she lost sound for good & her phone was replaced.

    Those videos are a riot! And I'm super glad your phone debacle ended up better than ours. It's nice when something works out at the end of a bad experience.

    1. I had to blog about this as it is so common. Here I thought my daughter's event was a fluke, in fact, it happens all the time. LOL

      I wished, for your teenage daughter's sake, things had worked out better - young hormonal girls take these things so to heart. I remember when Miss CP was in that age.

      For me, I had been looking at an upgrade for the last month anyway - this must have happened as a push. I've been reluctant as the prices of iPhones now are ridiculous.

      So, even though it works I am in touch with my service carrier to see what options they might have.

      And yes, those videos are a riot - I just had to share.

      Thanks for stopping by - much appreciated. :)

  10. Geez, I wonder what Siri had to say about that?

    My wife has done the same thing. Same rice trick.
    Glad it worked out for you.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. Well, I wanted to give Siri an ear full - maybe it's her ear I blew into - hahahaha.

      I'm glad Angel's phone recovered - it's a bummer when we have to face buying a new phone when it wasn't on the radar.

  11. I like that you stopped and poured wine. Funny girl.

    1. I knew you'd catch that one! Hahahaha
      Actually, where I say "Bury the dead phone in rice and cry" it should say "… drink, and then cry" LOL

      Ah… the joys of phone technology and water… they will never mix.

    2. You're a funny writer. Which is great stuff. Hope you have a fun weekend and boogie boogie.

  12. Replies
    1. Well hello there, dbs - love it when you drop by. Epic treat!

      Glad you "loved this" - I lived it and laughed it but can't say I loved it… LOL

  13. This was fantastic, and though I've never dropped my phone in the toilet, I completely agree about the awful Youtube tutorials they have swirling around the web like a turd just waiting to be flushed.

    I've been working on my car because it has a few broken items. One of those things is the hood support strut. I needed a quick tutorial to see how to replace mine. Okay, found a tutorial for my exact model of car... the tutorial is 12 minutes long. The first 6 minutes is this guy rambling. Oh my god dude shut the f*** up and just tell me how to do it! Then, then, get this... when he actually goes to do it, he can't hold the camera and show us how he does it at the same time since it requires two hands, so he just has to describe it while the camera is recording the floor. Then he shows us the finished result AFTER he installs it.

    I DID NOT NEED A VIDEO FOR THAT YOU USELESS BAG OF DICKS! And you really don't have anyone else in your life that can hold a g**damn camera for you?


    1. OMG - you get the prize for the best comment. I laughed my ass off… yes, in this instance it needed all the letters… it was that funny. :P

      I think there should be a button, next to the Dislike and Like button called Delete. Once a certain number are reached the useless piece of dog puke gets turfed. Really.

      Like you, I waded through a whole bunch, these two just took the cake. The last, though ultimately helpful, needed 5 seconds and a ton less sniffling/snorting whatever the hell she was doing to make her point.

      And what's with the business of not getting something rigged to hold the camera - geez, they've got those silly selfie sticks you'd think someone would invent a helpie stick! LOL

  14. Youtube videos that ramble I just skip, they never get to a point it seems. They just go on and on about crap. Speaking of which, good there was none of that in the loo at least, small favors lol Blowing on the phone isn't so bad, but if you reached out and touched someone as you blew, that might be considered gutter lol

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for dropping by Pearson Report - sweet!

      So true, most the stuff on Youtube shouldn't be there. Everyone's an expert, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. (Well, most everyone! hahaha)

      I'm glad the phone was the only thing in the loo - yuck! It was intriguing though about the blowing on the speakers - that I might not have thought of on my own, so it was worth the investment of 1 min and 40 seconds to get that 10 second helpful tip.

      I guess there could be worse things than blowing the phone…. that'll get our buddy, Mr. Penwasser's, interest! LOL :)

  15. This was hilarious piece of writing! Though should not be laughing at the 'adventure' you had! Glad that your phone came back to life :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I used to dabble in standup comedy - I think it still lurks in the background. :)

      I was happy the phone came back too - only now it doesn't hold a charge for very long. Really is time for an upgrade.

  16. And my daughter gets crap from her friend for not taking her phone with her to the bathroom. I don't have a cellphone(yes, you read that correctly) so never dropped one in the toilet.
    I remember watching I don't know how many videos on youtube about using my old Directv box as a digital converter box. I learned how much stupid information is out there. How much time I will never get back...

    1. Tell your daughter a wise woman tucks her phone in her bra - that's where mine is if I don't have free hands - what it was doing attached to my backside I'll never know. Serves me right! I did laugh because I had it coming.

      Yup, way too much stupid info out on Youtube - these two are just the tip of the bullshit iceberg. Miss CP said the same thing about wasted time.

  17. You crack me up, Lady! Love your sense of humor. I dropped my old flip phone into a toilet at work once. I quickly pulled out the battery and it began to sizzle. I was a wreck but after a new battery was installed and I "blew" mine to hell and back with a hair dryer it was all good. Never put my phone in my back pocket ever again! Great post. That rice trick is supposed to be a blessing. Uncle Ben never knew he would be this famous!! haha.

    1. Well, after a week, it looks like a new phone is in the works. This one sporadically loses sound. That's not good. I've missed a few calls that were important, so I really need to buckle down and buy one to replace it.

      The rice did work… but only so far. LOL about Uncle Ben… the things we do with rice, from weddings to phone, who'd'ave thought.


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