Sunday, January 01, 2012

Taking a closer look can be quite revealing!

Good morning and welcome to 2012!
I don’t make resolutions - never have, never will!
What I do, though, is take a closer look at the path I’ve travelled; who I’ve met; and what I’ve learned.
Then...I throw caution to the wind and hope the gods favour me as I head into this new and uncharted phase of my life; commonly known as a New Year.
I’ve come a long way since my early, carefree days and while my shoulders are no broader, they carry just a wee bit more; my heart, while not bigger, holds a few extra loves; and my brain, while definitely shrinking is still willing to be open and accessible. 
What I’ve learned, on my on this little orb, is to sing when I know I will never be a rock star; laugh when I know I really want to cry; and run toward the edge when common sense says run the other way!
If the end of my journey is near I want to know that I kicked the can good and hard, long and far and with enough gusto that, just maybe, I might get another chance!
If you make resolutions, I wish you great success!
If you don’t; I wish you equal felicity in your travels through 2012.
Either way, be happy; think big; feel deeply; love passionately; and laugh...above all, laugh, it beats the other option.
I have had a wonderful run at 2011 and now look forward to a dynamic, vital and lively 2012. 
What else could it be...I’ve got you, babe!
Hugs to you all!



  1. Love your blog! Keep the awesomeness coming! :)

  2. What a wise approach to life Jenny! Happy new year :)

  3. I never make new year's resolutions either my friend. I can't see any point in it! You certainly do have a very good outlook on life and I wish you health, and lots of good things for 2012.

  4. I like that! Shrinking brain and all.

  5. Cheers to that. Happy New Year to you!!

  6. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog Jenny. I have to agree with you that resolutions are made to be broken and I can understand why you don't make them, I can definitely respect that. With that said here's hoping you, your friends and your family have an awesome 2012! Happy New Year.

  7. I resolve to make no resolutions list.
    By the way, that is one beautiful picture.
    I can say this and not be confused with a creepy old man stalker guy because you live way on the other side of the continent and in another country (I think it's against the law in Canada to let me in). So, we have zero chance of meeting one another.
    Have a great 2012!

  8. As long as you resolve to keep writing, then it will indeed be a wonderful new year. ((hugs))

  9. Hmmmm.... I thought felicity was just a name. I may have to look that up.
    Just kidding! Or am I?
    Hope your year is a great one!

  10. BragonDorn - Welcome to the rabbit hole. (aka PEARSON REPORT)
    I’ll do my best to keep the “awesomeness” coming - I’m always up for a challenge!


    Claudia - I like that you think my approach is “wise”!
    And...Happy New Year to you too.


    Thisisme - I have been lucky to have been born with a “glass half full” outlook on life; from as long as I can remember my general disposition is to see the brighter side of a negative situation.

    Thank you for the wish of health and good things in 2012 - I extend them back to you and yours!


    Alex J. Cavanaugh - Thanks! Yes...although you’d never know it, looking at the outside casing, but indeed my brain is shrinking. I fear the day it will fall out of an ear as I tilt my head in wonder! (see picture above!)


    L.G.Smith - Thanks for dropping by and taking a read!
    Happy New Year to you too!


    YeamieWaffles - You are welcome, my young friend! I enjoy seeing your smiling avatar here in the rabbit hole!

    I truly do support your desire to fulfill your three, very good, resolutions. They are not ones to be taken lightly; if you apply yourself you will succeed.
    And I will be part of your cheering section!

    A Happy New Year to you and your family, Matthew!


    Al, of the famous Penwasser Place - you are my kind of man!

    What woman doesn’t drool over the “I resolve to not resolve anything” guy! Lucky Mrs. P!

    And...I’m blushing! If only you could see what I’m “taking a closer look” at; back in 2009, I was at the famous Ludwigsburg Residential Palace (visiting the folks!), there were some very “interesting” statues perched precariously atop the roof that caught my eye! (that one good eye, remember!) Ha Ha!

    What makes you think we have zero chance of meeting...hmm, you never know who’ll pop out of that garbage can while you’re reading your local rag!
    Just sayin’! I’m the optimist, remember! (can you hear the laughter)


    darev2005 - Hi Rev! I resolve to keep writing. There, I’ve gone and done it...I’ve resolved to do this one thing...for you! (the lengths I’ll go to to get one of those ((hugs)) of yours)

    And far be it from be to deprive you of a wonderful new year! (grin, wink)


    Ruth - I just finished watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) for the millionth time hence the bit of old English that creeps into my writing.

    Felicity means “intense happiness”! Which I am wishing you and your family for this coming year!

  11. Reminds me of an old joke (can't remember where I heard it):
    "You know what to do if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia."
    "Yeah. Run screaming to the airport."

  12. Hi Jenny .. looking up there will blind you .. but make you look pretty - gently tanned .. but can you write blinded by the light ..

    Happy New Year to you and yours .. have a fun filled 2012 .. cheers Hilary

  13. Resolutions or not, I like your approach to the New Year. What it says to me is that what you get out of life is more about attitude than luck. I hope 2012 is everything you could wish it to be.

  14. Al - Do you mean it would be that exciting! I do like to run!


    Hilary Melton-Butcher - Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, on that particular day I do recall being blinded, however, I would have to say it was by love not light that my sight was hindered.

    And, given my profession, you can be assured I had my SPF 30 on as I wandered outdoors thus avoiding the aging kiss of the sun upon my cheek!

    Happy New Year to you too, Hilary!


    Botanist - Thank you for your visits and wonderful comments, here at Pearson Report.

    You read correctly...attitude is the real luck in this post. I feel my optimism is what sets me up for my sense of being lucky! They do go hand in hand.

    Here’s to a wonderful 2012 - my all your wishes be fulfilled!

  15. This was my favorite part:
    "What I’ve learned, on my on this little orb, is to sing when I know I will never be a rock star; laugh when I know I really want to cry; and run toward the edge when common sense says run the other way!"
    Thank you, we put up a lot of barriers when there should be none.

  16. Wishing you all the best for 2012 Jenny.

    I'm one of those sad people who makes lists for everything. So naturally the new year is a bright shiny opportunity for yet another list. I'll have mine up on my blog on 2nd January. I'm hoping that going public with my resolutions will make me accountable.

  17. Happy New Year, Jenny! So glad I found you...that post rocked! Looking forward to 2012 and running to the edge....

  18. This was such an amazing post. Loved your words and know how much you really mean them too my friend. I don't make resolutions. Just try to do some good things..haha. But laugh...that I do and do it alot. I'm a nut. Thank God for my sense of humor. It's gotten me through some pretty rough times. Nothing but the best for us this year. Happy 2012.

  19. amen sister very well said.

  20. Wonderfully stated my lovely friend and I agree with everything you have said (except the shrinking brain, there is no way yours is shrinking)
    That is a beautiful photo and perfect for the post.

    Wishing you many adventures in this new year


  21. Lost without a Map - Thanks for dropping by.

    You are right - we put up barriers where there should be none; the trick is to try and avoid building the barriers in the first place.


    Romy - Welcome to Pearson Report. Thank you for following my blog!

    List are good...I’m a list maker myself. Problem is I find myself having too many lists and then not always knowing which one to follow! (big grin)
    I’ll look forward to reading your resolution list!


    Tracy Jo - Happy New Year to you too! And...right back at you - finders, keepers!

    The edge is where I plan on hanging out this year - trick is to jump and enjoy the free fall! (note to self, must repack parachute!)


    Bouncin’ Barb - You add the sunshine here, Barb! Thank you too for your kind words!
    Humour is my drug of choice! If I can laugh I know I can get through anything - believe me, I’ve done it these last several years, after two car accidents.

    Happy 2012 to you as well!


    becca - Smiles at you “sister”! I’m in the market for a sister...I wonder if there are any takers, hmmm!


    Mynx - are too kind, but the noggin is indeed not running at full capacity. I’d like to think my RAM is just not big enough for my Hard Drive - hence the slowing up of my thinking processes!

    Funny how others see a photo! Thank you!

    Adventures ahoy - 2012 will be full of them, for both of us!

  22. Wonderful post! Very positive and encouraging. I hope you have a wonderful year.

  23. I love the end of your post. Laughter, loving, allowing your heart to feel, your mind to think beneath the surface -- get signposts for life. Have an even better 2012 than you hope for, Roland

  24. No resolutions here. I'm looking forward to what 2012 brings and to reading your blog this year! Happiness to you my friend.

  25. Shannon Lawrence - Thanks for stopping by! I like to see the world through my rose coloured glasses (or should I say my dark sunglasses), either way, the view gets distorted just enough that I think I’m in paradise.
    The very best of this new year to you, Shannon.
    Roland D. Yeomans - Welcome to Pearson Report! Thank you for your kind words - I do try to see the brighter side of life! Glad you enjoyed this post. All the best in 2012, Roland.
    Carole - Wise woman! No resolutions means things are just a little less stressful and complicated!
    I hope 2012 is a great year for you, Carole - full of happiness and good cheer!


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