Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coffee at my place...

As the year winds down, I am busy reflecting on what has come and gone…
what will stay and what will be tossed to the side…
what I will wish for and what I will file away as received…
and whether I will continue on my beaten path.
As I do this, I enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, with a touch of cream. And you, how do you take your coffee?

My coffee station!

Come...sit awhile and tell me what you have planned for 2012?
Will you be a resolution maker?
Are you a resolution breaker?
Does the start of a New Year give you hope? Or despair?

Two favourites - which do you prefer?

Come...sit awhile and tell my your plans...before the coffee goes cold! (see, I've put out a cup just for you!)



  1. I look at the new year as getting closer to spring and summer again. Never was one to make resolutions. This past year was a doozy so maybe the next one will be much better. We can only hope. Thank you so much for the comment you left me the other day. I was really touched by it. I don't always feel like the person you described but I'll take it!! Happy New Year my friend and I take mine black no sugar. In that beautiful mug please :-)

  2. You know I love coffee and your corner is simply amazing! And we do share the same passion - Nespresso! We might be sisters :)

  3. I don't do coffee - water with lemon please?
    My goal for next year as far as writing - finish another book by the summer. And have all of my A to Z posts pre-scheduled again!

  4. Barb - I do the same thing; after the winter solstice I can feel the days getting longer! I’m a fan of all seasons but I do like it when it stays lighter a bit longer.

    You have had a very trying year Barb but you are a trooper and no matter what you will survive. I have a feeling 2012 will be “The Year of Barb”! I’m looking forward to reading all about it too!

    I do black no sugar myself if no “real” cream is available!

    As to the mug and cup, I add one to my collection each year when I visit the German Christmas Market , here in Vancouver.


    Claudia - Thanks for visiting! I remember you telling me about your Nespresso machine! Great minds think alike...sister!


    Alex - I feel I should go and amend my post title to read: Coffee (or your favourite drink) at my place… just for you!
    As my coffee station photo indicates, I have a great electric kettle for those non coffee moments - and that could easily include a Hot Water and Lemon drink for you!

    I’m hopeful I also have my A to Z post ready before hand - you will be my inspiration to do just that!

    And...I love your “finish another book by summer” goal; nothing like having a plan and going for it!

  5. Hi Jenny. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. I don't really drink much coffee, but I do have green tea with mint, and I'll have mine in that pretty little cup and saucer if I may! I'm not a huge fan of new year, I must admit. I don't make new years resolutions, as they don't usually last very long. I just hope that I can become a better person who always tries to put others before herself. I wish you a very happy, healthy and fulfilling new year my friend.

  6. I like a dash of coffee with lots of sugar and cream. For a resolution, I plan to work on toning up my arms. I have grown weary of seeing my arms jiggle good-bye to a person long after my hands have stopped waving. Beyond that, I hope the New Year grants me a BIG lottery winning.

  7. thank you for the invite i take mine with a dash of flavor cream and i do not do resolution anymore

  8. Black with two sweeteners please :-)

    No resolutions here, I never keep them. I'm feeling a little blue right now, don't know why, but I expect it will pass as we move into 2012 :-)

  9. I'm not a resolutioner, but each year bring new hopes and new challenges. Let's see what comes.

    As for your coffee station - awesome! And the rings in the middle look suspiciously like a wine you're talking :)

  10. I love your coffee station and the cup is gorgeous! I wish I could reach into the computer and take it. Plans? I'm open.

  11. Give me everyone's coffee who didn't want it. I love coffee.

    Me, I have the same resolutions as always--get by and do a bit better than the year before.

    Happy New Year!

    Wrote By Rote

  12. Thisisme - I did have a lovely Christmas, thank you.
    I also enjoy green tea and drink it often. Do you add a sprig of mint to your green tea?

    Seems many of us don’t do the “resolution” thing - smart lot that we are!
    I agree...try to be a better person and help others...I live by that motto myself!
    I also wish you the very best for the New Year.


    Lost without a Map - What a cute kitten face! Puts a smile right on my face!
    So, I’ll have to stock up on sugar and cream, will I?

    I wish you well with your jiggly arm resolution...but personally, I think you are beautiful just the way you are...say it with me three times...and then believe it!

    As to winning BIG...did you read my LIFE LOTTERY WINNER post, hmm. You are already a winner!


    Becca - oohhh...I like flavours too! The coffees I am enjoying, for this holiday season, are Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla - my beans have natural flavours blended right in…so yummy! You’ll love them!

    Ditto to the no resolutions!


    Sarah Pearson - What kind of sweetners? I understand it DOES matter!

    And...I’m sending you some tight hugs to help you through your blue patch...I hope it passes soon!

    Botanist - Like you I just wait and see what comes!

    Glad you like my coffee station...and you are clever, it does look suspiciously like a wine rack...doesn’t it?!

    Where, oh where could my wine be hiding…


    Unknown Mami - Thank you for stopping by for a cup of coffee with me! Even though it’s hard to reach in and take my cup please sit back and relish in the thought of how steamy and sweet a coffee can be in it!

    Plans? What plans? It is good to be open!


    Arlee Bird - I’m’d love my coffee! I’m quite the barista, if I do say so myself.
    I love playing with my milk frother, whipping cream and chocolate shavings…(one could get the wrong idea about me and coffee I think)!

    Good resolution...forward movement, that’s what that is...always a little better than last year! It works for me!

  13. Happy new Year my lovely friend.

    Coffee please. Milk no sugar (i have been told I am sweet enough lol)

    You have probably figured out by now I am not a resolution kind of girl.
    I have good intentions but usually end up on a different path.

    If I were to resolve anything, it would be to continue to follow my heart with my art. To continue to learn. To be the best wife and parent I can be and to remember to be kind to myself often.

    It has been such a wonderful year, 2011. Some bumps that have been smoothed with the help of amazing people like yourself

    Thankyou for your friendship

  14. Resolutions--I should lose weight and lots of it to the tune of about40 pounds. Will I? Not set in my mind yet. I won't make rezzies if there is no chance of keeping them. Plans--as always about a million give or take 5. #1 new landsacape for the house. I can't wait! Coffee is the best. For a treat I like a cup of black with a shot of Baileys irish creme.

  15. Hey Jenny, excellent ideas for 2011, let's hope it's a good one. I like my coffee black with sugar sometimes while milky during others, I change my opinion quite a bit. I just love coffee in general haha! Great stuff as always.

  16. As long as there is plenty of hot black coffee and smart pretty girls like you around, my year is going to go great!

    I'll bring my own plastic mug, tho. I'm not good around breakables. (grin)

  17. Mynx - Happy New Year to you too! are sweet enough! (that’s my standard line too!)

    Good call on the resolutions...following ones heart is good!
    Thank you too, for your friendship - it’s been a real treat getting to know you! Hugs!


    Bushman - How is it that you need to lose weight - you are chasing white elm and running around that massive property of yours...heck, you could open a boot camp over there! I’d sign up, by the way, I like playing with chain saws!

    I’ll be looking forward to pics of the new landscaping...where do you even start with so much land?

    Yummy to the Baileys in coffee! Mostly, I take a shot of coffee in my Baileys, though! Thanks for dropping by for a coffee with me!


    YeamieWaffles - Well hello Matthew...I think I can rustle you up a “strong” post-partying cup of joe! You know, the kind that’s good at drowning out those nasty leftovers from a night out with the boys! (hey, I do keep up with your I know a few things)

    As to variety in coffee drinking...I’m with you, sometimes I like to mix it up...but never with actual sugar (I’m allergic to sugar!! or let’s just say I’m a sugar junky and I avoid it).

    It’s all in the whipping cream and 90% cocoa shavings!


    darev2005 - Plastic! Good god man, plastic! Jeez - you’re coming to have coffee with me and you want plastic! (it’s gotta be a work thing, glass/china at work, right?)

    Okay Rev, now that I’m over the shock of coffee in a plastic mug, I’m breathing again. I think, just for you, I’ll serve your coffee in one of my stainless steel mugs, how’s that! (I have stainless steel mugs and wine glasses for those camping/canoeing outings - no breakables allowed there...but still, no plastic!)

    I’ll brew a double for you; super strong and black!

    Now...about those smart pretty girls...

  18. I'm still thinking over resolutions and goals for 2012 . . . though I know there are only two days left in the year.

    2012 does give me hope--there will always be new possibilities.

  19. I'd love to try some of your frothy chocolate coffee drinks! My favorites are the ones that taste like milkshakes. Jenny, Wishing you and your family a very sweet New Year! Julie

  20. Stainless steel is acceptable. That won't break if I have to move suddenly. I feel bad when I accidentally break other people's things. I'm a clummox.

    And that was a compliment. Just accept it and smile.

  21. Golden Eagle - Goals are good, they help steer us along, but don’t struggle too hard over resolutions - it’s just so disappointing when we break them (so I’m told).

    You sound very optimistic regarding 2012 - I like that! The year will come whether we resolve to do something or best to just smile and welcome it!

    PS - thanks for the awesome award!


    Empty Nest Insider - I’m glad you stopped by Julie! I’ll be happy to whip you up one of my specials!
    You’ll love the Nespresso coffees, particularly the seasonal blends. I uber stocked up on the chocolate!

    And...a wonderful New year to you and your family too!


    Rev - I’m the clummox! (per the email)
    Compliment accepted and I am smiling (after the wee moment with my cup). Cheers!

  22. Nice to meet you, Jenny! Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm looking forward to this year's challenge, and as Alex said, I'm going to try to have most of my posts scheduled in advance.
    As to the coffee, I'm a coffee snob, though right now a dry one. (as in alcholics) I have some stomach issues that currently prevent me from enjoying the brew of the gods. I'm channeling all that lack into tea and wine. My favorite of the moment is Bahkti chai from Ziggy's, a local place. Hard to pick one of the cups...I love cradling a nice, solid mug, but I also love a pretty cup and saucer...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  23. I like my coffee French pressed, with a touch of milk and a lot of sugar, or maybe some chocolate syrup instead. And I don't make resolutions, but I have goals. I work hard everyday to achieve them. And though things are tough right now, I always look at life full of expectations. I'll never give up.

  24. Jenny, I love your photos, may I have the cup please, it looks the perfect shape to cradle in my hands, and given that it's evening here, perhaps with some green tea.

    My son gave me a cappuccino machine last year. I love using it each morning. I find the sound of steam jetting into the frothing milk is very satisfying.

    I don't make resolutions, but have vague ideas that tend to form into plans as the year progresses.

    Have a wonderful New Year. cheers. Sue

  25. you've no idea how much I'd love to sit for a chitchat with you and our blogging friends over a cup of something (me doesn't drinks coffee :) but me does accepts black tea with freshly squeezed lemon :) me precious) ... So many dear people around the blogosphere and all so far away :(

  26. I'd love some coffee! How I take it depends on the day. Some cream and a bit of hazelnut sounds delightful this evening.

    Great coffee station!


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