Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yes, I do need to sit...

I’ve decided I need to call my writing room something other than “my writing room” - so, put your thinking caps on and fire off some ideas...I might write something nice about the person whose suggestion I choose! 
(emphasis on might...could go either many factors to take into cooling, the reconstruction of the deteriorating last few bricks of the Berlin Wall, the decline of the Tsetse fly population, I could go on...take a chance, see what happens!)

Today’s topic...MY NEW CHAIR.


I need something to sit on in “my writing room”, right?, so to that end today I went and bought this baby…

It has more levers than a tractor trailer has gears, well, okay, slight exaggeration but you get the picture. 
Here...see, levers…

I opted for arms, and it has a tilt know, for those times when I’ll be in deep thought and will need to recline back, arms gently resting, rather than dangling, while I let the little wheels turn in my head, conjuring up images and ideas that will eventually find their way to my fingertips. (aka afternoon nap)
Yes, I needed tilt...and I decided not to scrimp. There are some things you just shouldn’t go bargain hunting for - chairs and face cream - these two things will make or break you.
Think about it for a quick minute - keep your face well hydrated and protected and you’ll maintain your youthful complexion your whole life.
It’s the same with a good chair - if your tush and back fit into it, as if made to measure, you will avoid neck, back, and leg fatigue all your sitting days.
On this you must trust me. 

For all my working years the two things that have been staples in keeping my vitality and stamina at a level most younger chickadees would envy are a high quality chair and top quality face cream. 

I speak from experience when I say that your well-being truly is determined by a happy tush and a smooth complexion. Really...would I steer you wrong...hmmm...would I, my sweet loveable little possums! (big fan of Dame Edna!)

Actually, if you look at your 'sweet cheeks' in the mirror you'll see how soft and smooth they are. Now you can see what lack of sun exposure would do to your face...yup, it's true! You would look as cute as a 'butt'on if you didn't bake your face off in the sun!


This chair is designated "my writing room” chair, as opposed to the chair I use in my esthetic room, and today, I sat down in my new chair, in my soon-to-be-renamed "writing room", and whipped up this post...just for you!

So, there you have it my writing room is almost complete...still a few more things to tidy away, toss out and acquire...but all in good time!
Well, tell me, what do you sit on when you are madly typing away?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here.



  1. Oooh you are so right about the face cream! And I realise how I've neglected both that and having good spot for my tush...shocking chair, shocking mattrass and too much sun even wearing my hat. I can imagine your new throne levers wagging like a tail as you put finger to keyboard in a room I might call..."The Font"

  2. My huge leather chair is fantastic; I have the ass of a twelve year old girl.

  3. Toilet paper too. You need to be prepared to buy decent stuff. Or your tush will be uncomfortable no matter what chair.

    Now the name for the room. It needs to be positive and welcoming. But not daunting. Something with romance, fantasy, where anything coud happen. Perhaps "The Grotto".

  4. A similar chair, or on my armchair at home. Nice one!

  5. Wow! Very cool chair.

    I call my writing space, my "Writing Nook." That's not very inspired though. (Though at least it doesn't sound stupid when I give people a tour of the house.) But a friend made me a sign that says "Connie's Literary Corner."

  6. More pedals than a baby grand piano!

  7. A good chair is of utmost importance. I have a great one too. Sometimes, if I'm super tired and there's a nice breeze, I can just tilt back in my chair and doze off. Not great when you're supposed to be working...but sometimes you just need a little nap! -- it's my home office in case anyone thinks I'm dozing off at an outside job! :-)

  8. So basically this is a cheeky post about posterior and exterior sublimity. Excellent, and I agree on all counts. Lumbar support and SPF are our friends. :)

  9. This post made me re-think where I write. I sit on the couch with a laptop desk under my computer.

  10. Happy Cheeks(squared) Publishing

  11. Sadly, I mainly sit on an old leather sofa and write on my laptop. This is probably contributing to my carpal tunnel syndrome. I really should get my own writing room in order.

  12. I sit on different chairs, as I carry my laptop from room to room when I write my posts! Your chair looks awesome my friend. Just don't go nodding off instead of concentrating on your writing! I see that no-one above has come up with a different idea to a Writing Room! How about Creativity Room?!

  13. S-U-G-A-R-M-A-M-A

    That's all I'm sayin'.

  14. Posssum - I love your handle - being a huge Dame Edna fan I just loved it when she called everyone her little possums - cracks me up even now!
    Thanks for your comment - yes mattresses are also on my must-have-a-good-one list! Lack of sleep is almost as bad as excess sun exposure for ageing a person.
    And I like the suggestion of the name - it will go in my little name box, until I decide - thank you!

    Drake - you and your twelve year old girls butt crack me up! Leather is good, very good...makes a good whip you know!

    Mynx - Yes, TP is vital to the equation! Good call!
    Great name choice - adding it to my list!

    Claudia - Wie gehts? I knew you would have equally good taste and have a similar chair! Hugs!

    Connie - Hi! Thanks for dropping by - I like what you call your space...conjures up a room with a lovely window seat overlooking the lands of Pemberley!
    I’m hoping to get lucky too with a lovely name!
    If you think of them off to me, please!

    Core - found your way here! Highlight of my day - thanks!
    Yah, at the time I was at a loss for describing those five million levers, which require a doctorate to figure out! But you done good - baby grand, me likes it!

    Laura - you cracked me up...I’ve been playing with the tilt option and at one point got myself so comfy that I started nodding off...great start to the writing room - now I might have to call it my “nodding off room”!

    L.G.Smith - you got it - cheeks at both end of the spectrum where covered here! And, yes - SPF is our friend - it’s the first thing I put on in the morning!

    Karen - At home I sit in my office, formerly my daughter’s bedroom and do my thing...but I can be found with laptop and lap desk hunkering down in the living room with a nice glass of wine and some lovely background music.

    Funny thing is when I'm focusing on the book I'm working on I don’t like any distractions and I find music, which I normally love, to be such a thing - somehow my brain doesn’t like having to think and listen at the same time.

    Rev - Good call! You are a think-outside-the-box kinda guy! I'm putting your suggestion right on my list! Thanks!

    Linda G - Like I said to Karen - the sofa works just fine and old leather is even better...soft and inviting...see for me I would never get anything done. I’d be dozing off before I knew it!

    Thisisme - This is the thing with laptops, isn’t it, we aren’t restricted to one place or chair. My reason for wanting a designated space is that I really need to put in the hard time and buckle down to get my book finished.
    I’m adding Creativity Room to my list - thanks for throwing it in the mix!

    ib - A-W-E-S-O-M-E-D-U-D-E! And that’s all I’m saying too!

    Lucky me for being blessed to have you all dropping by and giving me some Blog lovin’ - I’m doing a little happy dance!

    Cheers and Hugs all around,

  15. love the new and the room looks amazing as for a name for it how about "emporium of dreams"

  16. Hee hee! Great post Moo! Totally loving the chair! Your writing room is really coming together eh? Looking good!

    At work I sit on a fairly comfortable chair. My first chair however was not so friendly. It was an angry chair... an angry, VERY uncomfortable chair with a need to torture me all day. Yup. Glad that chair is gone. :)

  17. Never ask an ideas girl for's my list:
    1. the rabbit hole
    2. Jenny's den of words
    3. Jen's den
    4. hide out
    5. THE room
    6. where magic happens
    7. time out chair
    I'll be back with more......

  18. Becca - Thanks for the kind words about my room and your name suggestion is very inspiring - I'll add it to my list.

    CP - Thanks for stopping by - yes, the room is coming if only I can get the name thing going I'll be set!
    Glad your chair is comfy - it sure makes working much easier!

    Carole - too cool! I love a woman that rises to the occasion - and rise you have! (like a Betty Crocker cake) I now have lots of great name ideas to play with. Thank you so much.


    Cheers, Jenny

  19. Jenny, I am your follower #82. Thanks for the visit and for leaving a foot print. Love your chair!


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