Saturday, August 06, 2011

I found what I lost...

Thank you to everyone who submitted a name suggestion for my writing room.
On Thursday, at the end of my day, I played with all the words, from the names I was given; I looked them up in my Thesaurus; I tossed them in the air and stirred them around in my head. Then I planted them in my subconscious and from that seed blossomed the tree from which I picked the name.
As I mentioned, in an earlier post, I don't play music when I write...usually. 
But as I sat on my chair, comfortably tilted back, my ipod plugged into my cranium audio ports playing tunes from my FAV Playlist, I closed my eyes and watched as words danced in my mind’s eye amongst the backdrop of music.
I know for certain my taste in music is not as diverse as some, nor as particular as others, but I do know what I like and for me a little rock goes a long way in clearing the clutter in my head.
It was late - I was exhausted and tired but when Midnight at the Lost and Found started to play  - I smiled.
I knew what the name of my room would be.
I realized that for the first time, in this particular lifetime, I had found myself; my lost soul was letting me know that right here was where I should be.
Right here - in the Lost and Found - a room where a long journey has come to an end and a new journey is about to begin. 
The name of my writing room was inspired by You and Meatloaf from my Hits out of Hell collection.

Note: I tried to embed a link to the song through YouTube - but it is copyright protected and although I tried several of them, none would work. (it only let me know that is was © protected after I posted it which was doubly annoying)

But...that won't stop me from giving you the actual link to YouTube, where you CAN listen to it if you are so inclined!

This is the cover photo of my CD

Also, here are the lyrics - I like knowing what I'm listening to and maybe you do too!

Midnight at the Lost and Found Lyrics
Hey Ricky, now mine is empty, how about one for you
We could sell it out together, seems tomorrow's overdue
Captain Video, done went home, one pilot laid to rest
And dragon ladies now talk that talk, about who loves who, who loves best
Silver bullets in the jukebox, spin another round
Everybody at the back of the line, it's midnight at the lost and found
Midnight at the lost and found, lost souls in the hunting ground
A remedy for all your ills, at the lost and found
Midnight at the lost and found, midnight
Have a double, it's gettin' late, you'll get home, just rely on fate
Place just finally came alive, good old boys just arrived
Stools keep changin' faces, and the night just slips away
And like a long distance love affair, soon you've got to pay
Silver bullets in the jukebox, spin another round
Everybody at the back of the line, it's midnight at the lost and found
Hangin' on barely, hitch a ride away
Belly up and bury, boy, all the hurt you feel today
Hangin' on barely, hitch a ride away
Belly up and bury, boy, all the hurt you feel today
Silver bullets in the jukebox, spin another round
Everybody get back in line, last call for the lost and found
(chorus repeats out...)
                     DANNY PEYRONEL, LEE ADAY

My writing room is officially named 
"The Lost and Found"
Now...go out and find what you lost!

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here.


  1. Love it.
    Much classier than "girl cave"
    Lose yourself, lose stress, find creativity, find happy

  2. Love the name, and love Meatloaf also!! We have good tastes in music my friend! Hee Hee! Wasn't it wonderful how the name came to you like that. It surely was just meant to be, and I hope that in your Lost and Found room, you will be totally inspired!

  3. Wonderful! Perfect!

  4. Great name! Perfect. :)

  5. What a fantastic name for a writing room! Love it.

  6. That's a great name! Love it!

  7. Wow! Great works perfectly!

  8. I love it. And now you have a theme song to go with it as well! Just need to kind a kitschy old sign to hang on the door now.

  9. Perfect writing room name. Love it.

  10. Perfect name. Meatloaf is fantastic. Good choice. Now happy writing in the Lost and Found room.

  11. love the name and love Meatloaf way to go girl see i'm a firm believer music is the answer to everything and can inspire the world. totally an awesome name

  12. he he love the name :) and I do love Meatloaf as well!

  13. Mynx - “girl cave” still rocks, it’s yours so it was out of bounds for me - but it would have been right up there, and as a matter of fact...The Grotto was an excellent suggestion too!
    I really did sit in the Lost and Found and played with all the names I was given...I used the built-in Mac dictionary and the Thesaurus - that, by the way, is a cool thing to’d be surprised what one can come up with.

    Thisisme - I knew there was a connection with you! Glad to read that you’re a Meatloaf fan too. I’m really looking forward to having some great writing times in the Lost and Found.

    Mountain Mama - Thanks! I agree!

    Linda G - Thanks! Glad you like!

    Talli Roland - Thanks - I’m loving it too!

    Jamie - Thanks for stopping by - glad you like!

    Laura - Yes, it does work perfectly! Thanks!

    darev2005 - I’m working on the sign...I’ve got images in my head of what it should look like!
    Glad you like the name and thanks for playing along with the name game!

    L.G.Smith - Thanks! I’m love it too!

    Barb - Thanks! I’m hoping I will have many happy moments in the Lost and Found...who knows what I’ll find in there!

    Becca - You’re so does inspire. With the help of you and the others that offered up great name selections and with a bit of rock I was able to come up with a name that really hits the spot!
    I’m glad you like the end result!

    DEZMOND - he he back! I love your little avatar! I am smiling as I write this...that’s what that little character does for me!
    I’m glad you love the name and Meatloaf - why doesn’t that surprise me! You do have good taste...just like me! ;-)

    Claudia - Thanks! Glad you like!


    Thanks for the wonderful comments and for supporting my adventure in finding the perfect name for my writing room!

    Hugs all around,

  14. Great choice. Now go to the lost and found girl!

  15. perfect name for a place to lose yourself and find new ideas

  16. Carole - Thanks! In fact all of your wonderful suggestions help steer me in this direction. I'm so glad our paths crossed - you have been very inspiring and supportive - I truly thank you!

    j. littlejohn - Welcome to Pearson Report. I think you hit it on the mark with your comment.

    Cheers, Jenny

  17. I lost my dignity a long time ago but since I know if I find it again I will only go and lose it once more I’ve decided to do without it…

  18. Lost and Found is cool. We just have rooms named Hawaii and Canada, but that is a whole nother thing altogether and sometimes I ask Kiddo if she went to Narnia because she disappears in her room for hours and we never hear a peep.
    Meatloaf is great! His daughter is married to Scottie Ian of Anthrax, who is one of Honeyman's favorite bands.


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