Friday, August 05, 2011

The name game...

This was the opening paragraph on my post titled: Yes, I do need to sit..

I’ve decided I need to call my writing room something other than “my writing room” - so, put your thinking caps on and fire off some ideas...I might write something nice about the person whose suggestion I choose! 
(emphasis on might...could go either many factors to take into cooling, the reconstruction of the deteriorating last few bricks of the Berlin Wall, the decline of the Tsetse fly population, I could go on...take a chance, see what happens!)
The brave few that risked life and limb (given that bricks were falling) are cool bloggers and you all need to give them a nod.
Here they are….and the name(s) they suggested.
Possum at Possum - The Font
Mynx at Dribble - The Grotto
darev2005 at Attitude and Pepper Spray - Happy Cheeks (squared) Publishing
Thisisme at Southhamsdarling - Creativity Room
ib at Habitual Hobbit - S-U-G-A-R-M-A-M-A (not sure if that was a suggestion, but hey it sounds good!)
Becca at Everyday Life - Emporium of dreams
Carole at Carole Reid Artist - The rabbit hole, Jenny’s den of words, Jen’s den, Hide out, THE room, Where magic happens and Time out chair
WOW! Go team! 
When I finish my draft...and it will happen, remember I’m a glass-runneth-over kind of gal (that’s better than glass half full, by the way) I will be counting on you to be part of my “draft reading team”! So, bear that in was either that, or falling bricks…
Today, I was wearing my “I’m an esthetician” hat until about four in the afternoon - then I donned my “I’m trying to be a writer who’s trying to name her writing room” hat - what I should have been doing was sorting through about three hundred bottles of nail polish...but that’s another story!
I digress...but couldn’t you go for a grilled cheese right about now? 
The names, above, and several that I was trying on for size, were whirling around in my head, bumping into each other and trying to co-habitat, some were even trying for the conjugal visit - but to no avail...
I tilted my chair, I stretched my legs, I even took a one hour nap on my new electric facial (just for you Drake) bed and upon rising and seeing the fog still hanging tight around my ears I decided to pack it in for the night.
Up to that point here is what I had been conjuring up...on paper, in my mind and while sawing some serious logs...on my new (say it with me Drake) facial bed!
The Window Box, Keypad Corner, Laptop Lounge, The Tap Room, Zen Zone, Writing Quarter, Happy Hideaway, Bower Box, Jinn Jungle, Lone Voice Lounge, The Vaulted Alcove, The S.T.I.L.L. Room, Lore Lounge, Treehouse, Vaulted Vagary, The Writers Block…

This room is on the second floor, has a vaulted ceiling, is ten feet across and eight feet deep, and has these beautiful windows facing west. I just took these photos after playing around with the names you can see what my inspiration for some of them was.

 Looking south-west 

Looking north-west 

After my snooze I ventured down the hall to visit the throne room (toilet to the rest of you - I like to make every occasion memorable - so every room needs a name...see my dilemma).
Upon my return, and with laptop in carrying case, I was ready to head out - got to the door and I can’t go home with this hanging on my head…
I put my goodies down on a reception chair and, with all the lights off, I headed into my “writing room” to sit in my very comfy new chair and reflect on what this space, my writing space, means to me.
I decided to “feel” the room and get a sense of why I was in this particular space and why this was where I wanted to soul found itself and the name came to me…

But, it’s late and I need to hit the, you’ll just have to check back here later and find out what I came up with.

Bad Jenny, Bad!    HaHaHaHaHaHa (do you hear the evil lurking in my laughter...still thinking of running...go, I’ll give you a head start...but I will find you!)

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here.


  1. Bad Jenny indeed! Keeping us in suspenders like that! That was such a funny post - really made me smile.

  2. Thisisme - I am a cheeky thing, aren't I...leaving you dangling like that!

    Ah...the excitement, the, I had better beauty sleep is going ahead without me!

    Big Hugs, Jenny

  3. Every time you say 'facial' I picture you emphasizing the pronunciation. Like this:

  4. It sounds like you should call it the "waiting room" as in

    waiting for inspiration


    waiting before telling everyone about it…

    Bad Jenny bad! indeed

  5. You are too cruel! (This bodes well for your future in the writing biz.)

  6. I'll be back-no time to read right now. But, I just wanted you to know that you're one of my "Liebsters." Pay a visit to Penwasser Place to find out what's all the hubbub. Bub.

  7. I'm just now getting used to having my own space and exploring the possibilities. Run with it! It's fun.

  8. Drake - you are the male version of me! Consider that the highest complement a man could receive. It’s up there with being a god...of sorts!
    I cracked up with the video - I think I even saw that episode. You know who I’d be, on that show, don’t you…

    BlackLOG - It is definitely a “waiting room” at present and since I’m waiting why shouldn’t my posse wait too! As Linda G says...good for biz…

    Linda G - Ha! Love when the hook is in good and the fish wiggles and wiggles, until I club it.
    Ohhh, that reads daughter would be so appalled at the gory graphic details - really, I ought to learn to hold back a little.

    Al - hey the award...I wrote a post of a comment at your are a GOOD opposed to what, you’re asking yourself!
    Gotta keep the mystery…

    darev2005 - I like your cosy room - new floor and layout - it’s been motivating me along. about I crawl with it first, “run” seems a little daunting!
    Once I reveal the name, you understand why!


    Now head on over to PENWASSER PLACE and check out the award he just gave me!

    Man I’m good! (self validation...not vanity)

    Cheers, Jenny

  9. Argh Jenny! Not only are you bad you're a tease!

  10. Carole - Yah, I'm a good kind of bad though...I won't make you wait too long! I'm working on my post now...hopefully I get it out this evening...if not, well then I am BAD!

    Cheers, Jenny

  11. Jenny those are spectacular views and you are such a witty person, I have no doubt that the name you came up with will be fantastic!!!

  12. You really made me smile as well, so cool!

  13. you're such a tease so not nice of you. have to say got the giggles when you called the bathroom the "throne room" to funny

  14. Yes, I DO need to sit every morning. I'm getting too old to stand up at the bowl when I wake up.
    The Tsetse fly population is in decline???? Oh, the humanity!!! Well, not humanity, exactly. Ohhhh, the flymanity!!!! Hey, that's not right, either.
    Ohhhh, the bugs!!!!

  15. Great post - and terrific views.

  16. Average Girl - (every time I write this I want to write Above Average Girl!)
    Thanks for dropping by! I’m always happy when someone thinks I’m witty rather than twitty!

    Claudia - Good to know this post has smile potential - I hope the actual name will do the same.

    Becca - Hey sweets! Yah, ever since I was little I’ve been attaching names to this and it my own special touch!
    I’m trying to figure out if it’s a disorder of some sort because I get a bit crazy at times with the whole “name game”.

    Al - sit…and think...the few pleasures left in life, eh! Your wife must like that your a “sitter”.
    As to the bugs...where’s bigfoot when you need him is all I can say! Decline away Tsetse!

    Suzanne - Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I really like the view from my room - in the afternoon when the sun goes down it’s a beautiful little space to be in!


    I’ll be posting the name shortly!

    Cheers, Jenny

  17. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Penwasser absolutely LOVES that I'm a sitter. Have to be careful, though. Too much sitting and my colon falls out (now THERE'S an image for you).
    Had issues wayyyyyyyyy back in 1988. It actually is a pretty funny story. Another time...another time.....

  18. Al - Man...the visual on that is wicked - no - really - wicked! You cruel man - I'm telling Mrs. P on you...and then she'll force you to stand again!

    Re 1988 - you can't keep me in suspense like just causes me to conjure up my own visuals and you just don't want me to go there! Not alone anyway!

    Cheers, Jenny


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