Saturday, July 30, 2011

The inspiration...

Regarding my post, The end of a chapter..., I give you the inspiration behind the words.
July 25th, 2011
The morning started a little different for a “day-off” Monday. Rather than filling my day with domestic chores and at-home responsibilities I jumped in my car to take care of a few loose ends at my studio.
As some of you have read, in past posts, I am doing some minor renovating at my studio - more cosmetic than structural - and there was one task that needed attending to.
I needed to dispose of my original facial chair. 
I had waffled with the idea of somehow saving it, just in case - what exactly the “just in case” should be I’m not sure. 
I had toyed with bringing it home and tucking it in a corner somewhere, but hesitated; I try not to bring work home and this would be a big chunk of work staring at me day and night; it was not an option.
I even tried giving it no avail.
You’s old...and no one wants old.
Twenty seven years ago I started my own business. The location was a bustling hair salon and the room I would be renting had a facial chair, a magnifying lamp and a steamer in it - left behind when the key to the salon had changed hands, months earlier.
I bought the three pieces on credit from the new owner...fifty dollars a month for five months. With nerves frayed but confidence high I forged forward toward the distant shores of success.
Over the years, the magnifying lamp was replace with special glasses; the steamer with heated towels, but the facial chair remained a constant - solid, firm and reliable.
Three years ago a car accident torpedoed that ship of mine and distant shores no longer dotted the horizon. I was adrift.
With compass in hand, charts spread out, and a quick roll of the dice, a new course was charted and my bearings adjusted.
Facials would be the new land of opportunity. However, to give this land the potential to bear fruit I needed to invest in, and upgrade, my studio and equipment.
In March, I purchased a beautiful and highly functional electric facial bed - yes, this one can safely be called a bed; it’s wider and longer than my previous one and much easier on my hands.
This new facial bed is lovely but we have no history - there are no stories woven into the padding; it smells - of new and shiny - of plastic and chrome  - of hope and promise - but we have no history.
My chair, my facial chair, that solid, old, reliable facial chair of mine was the harbour for many souls that, over the years, came to shore during their hours of rejuvenation and pampering; it was an extension of my hands - and now it is no chair.
I cried.
Yes, I cried over saying goodbye to my facial chair. It deserved no less - it was my friend. We had forged a bond, an understanding, and we worked seamlessly together for over a quarter of a century. 
The room, in which this facial chair of mine had lived, has now become a room for me to pursue my other passion...writing.
Late in 2004 I started working, sporadically, on an epic garnered a nod of encouragement, at a writers conference in 2006, from a New York Times bestseller author.
In pursuit of my dream I have said goodbye to a piece of yesterday so that I can write today, in my peaceful writing room, the words you will read tomorrow.
My writing room overlooks a beautiful, lush, treed parcel of land, bisected by a now defunct rail track; I can hear birds chirping and leaves rustling amongst the din of cars and people. 
I do not play music, as I did when this space was my facial room; now the rhythmic tapping of fingers on laptop keys is the music that makes me smile.
Goodbye goodbye my cherished friend
You’ve served me well these years
The time has come for you to go
And I must learn to fly
There you have it...the end of a chapter, and the start of something new!
This is the first piece written in my new writing room - my tribute to change, to wings and to being inspired by objects that surround me.
Has there been an inanimate object, in your life, that you had a hard time saying goodbye to?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here.


  1. Wonderful read, your words seem to flow. And I truly understand your feelings!

  2. A writing room! How lovely!

  3. Hey! I just noticed my blog over there →
    Gosh. Thanks! I'm blushing...

  4. You need to stop saying 'facial', it gets my hopes up.

  5. I wish I had a writing room since I do all of my writing at the dining room table.

  6. I am so excited for you, Jenny! I know you will be a success in whatever path you choose. I'm just glad I'll be along to share it. Hugs to you!

  7. I had just opened my day spa in August of 2002 and a few weeks later my granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer. A few weeks after that my husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C/Cancer and Cirhossis. My spa was beautiful and the people who did come were enthralled with the space and what I had done to it. It was my peace of mind. I would lay in my facial chair to rejuvinate myself with my new age music and candles whenever I could. Then our economy tanked and it hit hard so only having it one year I had to close up shop and get rid of everything. I can so relate to what you have just written which was fantastic by the way!!! We do have a lot in common.

  8. Great post Jenny, both of them. I am sory I didnt tell you that on the first part, but I did read it, it has just been one of those weeks.
    The first thing to come to mind, was the moment the wedding album from my first short lived marriage hit the bin as we cleared out to move house. Didnt want the memories it evoked but tossing it was still difficult.
    I am so excited for you to have your own writing room.

  9. Out with old and in with the new-- the cycle of life goes on. I still have a lot things I just can't get myself to get rid of but I know I should start somewhere.

    Tossing It Out

  10. and your bed can make some history.

  11. "This is the first piece written in my new writing room - my tribute to change, to wings and to being inspired by objects that surround me." I like this sentence, and the thought that the old chair will undoubtedly inspire you with many stories as well. Tough times, but you've filled them with promise. Sue

  12. Sometimes getting rid of old things is hard. At times it can be life affirming, whatever that really means. Whenever the wife gets that "throwing out the old stuff" look in her eye, I always hunker down in a corner somewhere and try not to get noticed.

  13. That was such a well written post, and I can imagine just how you felt getting rid of your chair after 25 years! How lovely though that you now have a writing room with such a peaceful outlook. Hope you've had a good weekend.

  14. Hi Jenny, it was so nice to read your comment today. I'm excited for you as you go forward on your writing journey. It was a secret wish of mine to someday write books. My professors said that I was more of a good "reader" than a writer. Maybe someday I'll prove those arrogant elitists wrong! I'm flattered that you enjoyed reading my post today and I look forward to reading much more of your blog. Here's to people who take bold leaps into the unknown!

  15. what a beautifully written post your words just seem to flow and breathe. i love the thought of a writing room.

  16. Awww. That's beautiful. And how fitting that a cherished old friend gives way to make room for your new dream. :)

  17. At first I read facial hair--ha! I'm still not sure what a facial chair is either, but I think it's a good thing to get rid of. Hurray for your next chapter!

  18. you deserve a whole writing villa not just one writing room ;)

  19. A lovely post and a fitting tribute to your facial chair.


  20. Beautiful post.

    It's so hard to let things go, but sometimes we have to in order to truly move forward in our journeys.

    And congratulations on the new writing room!

  21. Beautiful post Jenny! your own writing lucky! thank you for your kind words :)
    happy writing!!

  22. CLaudia - Thank you - I’m glad you could relate.

    Laura - is lovely! I like having a Featured Blog spot - and it was fun having you there!

    Drake - facial, facial, facial, facial...your hopes must be going crazy now!

    Oilfield Trash - It was me and my kitchen table for years!

    Pam - Thanks for your kind words and ongoing support of my passion. Smiles and Hugs!

    Barb - I’m going to drop you a personal note shortly - sounds like we do have a lot in common.
    Thanks for your steady and unfailing support of my blog - big hugs!

    Mynx - ditto to what I wrote rock!

    Arlee Bird - Hey! How are you...when is the next writing challenge?
    I understand all about holding on!

    Carole - my bed and I did indeed make some history - the stories I could write!

    Sue - Yah, I liked that sentence to...I wonder sometimes where this stuff lurks in my head! It just randomly pops out now and then!

    Rev - That’s funny - you worried she’s gonna pitch you out with the “old stuff” -too cute - but a good visual!

    Thisisme - Gosh, you always know what to write to make me feel like nothing can hold me back - big hugs from me to you!

    kneesandpaws - Thanks for dropping by - always happy to have another Jenny on board.
    I say, the heck with those professors - just follow your dreams...only you can determine your fate.

    Becca - Hey sweet gal! Thanks for the kind words. Hugs to you!

    Linda G - Thanks! Yes, like a cherished friend - good way of putting it - I miss my facial chair - and will I imagine for a long while to come. Hugs!

    Elle Strauss - you made me laugh - so, a facial chair, is still a bed, but just a little smaller in length and width than some of the modern beds today. Clients could comfortably lie back and snuggle under the sheet and blankets that cocooned them - is was a wonderful little chair - and, sigh, I miss it!
    But…as you say...on to the next chapter.

    DEZZ - hey cutie! Got that villa waiting for me...because here I come! :-)

    Suzanne Jones - Thank you for stopping and leaving such kind words.

    Jennifer Hillier - My favourite Jen! Thanks for the nod!
    You have been the base of inspiration for this space; when I saw your writing space I thought - I’d love to have a wall where I can put my stick-its and visually see where my writing is going.

    Joanna - I just love that little puppy of yours! I so glad you could stop by.



    Big hugs to all of you,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.