Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whipped again...this time with zest!

I couldn’t just stop after chocolate and carrot without doing lemon some justice. starts like this…
(yes, Bets and it again!)

then continues with a layer of whipped cream (double yum) and fresh raspberries...

put the two halves together and this is what it looks like.
Now… this frosting is sinful; why you ask; because I made it from scratch and used real lemon zest! (that ridiculously fancy name for grated peel)

Here is my gin glass (I refuse to use martini glasses - I drink gin neat, one rock, three olives  usually) but for this occasion I just poured my Bombay gin right over this lemon half, after squeezing the life out of it, and added a pinch of sugar - clever and very zesty. is the cake with its innards exposed - I must say (since you can’t really tell by licking your screen) it was really very juicy; tangy and sweet too!

In between all this domesticity I managed to find time to put together this desk for the writing space I have created at my studio - damn I’m good!

See, if you wanted it done yesterday, give it to a woman today!

All in daughter and mother, whom I had over for dinner (yes, I cooked a wonderful meal too boot) loved this cake. 
But the real verdict was in when Gerry came by and had a slice - yup chocolate still floats his boat - but he allowed that this cake would definitely buoy his spirits if his chocolate boat should ever sink. 
He did mention that should this cake baking sickness come upon me, say next year around his birthday, I was to go the route of chocolate and double up on the frosting! 

What is it with men and frosting anyway?
There you have baking days are done! 
Cheers, Jenny


  1. Damn, that cake is MOIST!

  2. Drake - Juicy baby, juicy! Okay, and MOIST!
    But...I'm done, for now, anyway! The novelty has worn off - I'm just a three cake kinda gal!

    Ahhh...what's next? Maybe sushi...sound good and fishy to me!

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Holy moly, I would kill for a slice of that cake. That seriously looks good.

    And what a lovely desk! You've got all kinds of creativity!

  4. yummmmmm. love fresh raspberries. I might have to do some baking this weekend I reckon. Or else hand over my crown lol

  5. Your baking days are done? Say it ain't so! You've inspired me to make something myself. I think I'll make a trip to the bakery.
    Oh, wait a minute, I just read that. Sushi? You're going to make a sushi cake? Well, I guess you gotta take care of the cats.

  6. Damn that looks good.

    And good job with the desk.

  7. Oh,Jenny that cakes looks absolutely delicious - you are an amazing woman. Love the writing space, too.

  8. LOL! Just saw you over on my blog. I always appreciate finding someone who loves to laugh as much as I do.

    BTW, I have that exact same mixing bowl. Have had it (and its sister bowls -- they came as a set) for *mumbles* years. Of course, mine doesn't get a lot of use. ;)

  9. And a new Martha Stewart rises to the top to grab the reins...

    I was just about to lick my screen when I saw the next line. Drat! Foiled again!

  10. Nice job on the cake. Looked very presentable. But it's what was inside that made the taste. My birthday is coming in November so chocolate with chocolate icing for me!!!! hehe.

  11. Gosh, I'm very impressed by all this domesticity my friend! This cake looks delish! You are naughty tempting us like this! I love that desk in your work space - looks very tidy at the moment! I SO agree with that saying, if you want something done yesterday, give it to a woman today!!!

  12. Recipe please or did i miss them.

  13. Jennifer Hillier - Actually it was you who inspired my need for a writing area and a wall where I can work out the process - so...thank you!

    Mynx - No, no...keep the crown! If you look closely you will see that Bets gets all the credit - I’m just her assistant and only operate the “tools of the trade” on her behalf!
    But...I’m done with baking for a while and it’s off to my writing room, where I’m going to hibernate for a bit.

    Al - Yes...I roll my own sushi - mostly California Rolls and I will do a demo, because it’s so darned easy!

    Oilfield Trash - Good eye - does look good, doesn’t it! But, it’s all in the taste - you’ll just have to take my word - YUM!

    Karen Walker - Amazing - such a great word and I love hearing it - so thanks! Just a little more tweaking of my writing space and I’ll be up and writing (like up and running I imagine).

    Linda G - Hi! Thanks for Following! I laughed when I read your comment about the mixing bowl - I’ve had that puppy since I was barely know, before colour TV.
    Before internet and “i” technology we had to do something to keep busy, so we learned how to be proficient in the kitchen (or in my case, look proficient in the kitchen).

    darev2005 - Whoa - thanks! MS is my domestic hero! Damn, she can order people around with such efficiency so as to make herself look amazingly good at what she does. Now that’s talent!

    Barb - The whipped cream and overly ripe raspberries inside did make it uber juicy.
    And, as to appears it’s still the favourite - mine too!

    Thisisme - Sorry about the temptation factor! For some reason the domestic demons took over my body for a week and this is what happened.
    I’m much better now...hence the’s the next stop for the demons. Time to finish my novel!

    Becca - No recipe available. I used a Betty Crocker Lemon Cake mix. Put it in a Bundt pan and set the timer.
    After that it was just me having fun with whipped cream, icing sugar and berries.
    Trust me, if I can do it anybody can!

    THANKS EVERYBODY - You all made this baking post way more fun by adding your comments.

    Cheers, Jenny

  14. SO GOOD! I'm still enjoying the pieces you gave me to take home! YUM!!!!

  15. Where have I been and how did I miss this? Good golly that looks really good!

  16. Courtney - Yah, you are the lucky little guinea pig I get to experiment on!
    Thanks for always being a good sport! Hugs, Mom

    Laura - I know what it's like to play catchup - it is so sweet of you to take the time and look over my posts - thanks and big hugs to you!

    Cheers, Jenny


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