Saturday, July 09, 2011

Now, let me add a little colour…

Nothing like red, is there. (not a question)

These are my toes - painted by me! 
Since it’s what I’m famous for I figured only the best should do me!
If it's not red on my tootsies then it's pink!
Girls...who paints your toes - what colour do you wear and why?
Boys...are you a fan of painted toes on the ladies? 


  1. I can barely trim my nails without falling on my ass. Surely you have to be an amateur monk to sit perfectly still during the painting process, unless you have detachable limbs.

  2. I will re-paint them today, dark red! Love he colour as well especially in the summer!

  3. Love color on my toes in the summer, but haven't painted mine this summer yet. Maybe I should do that today? Nobody will do it for me...
    Love the red!

  4. Hi there. Yes, I've always got my toe nails painted to match the nails on my hands. I like sort of a nice deep plummy colour. Yours look very good by the way!

  5. I like painted lady toes. So did Jeffrey Dahmer. Except he kept his in a box.

  6. I don't pay much attention to things like this, so it is cool by me, either way. Now, if sexy lingerie is part of the ensemble.......

  7. You have beautiful feet. Me, not so much, so I don't color my toes, or my fingernails for that matter. But I love how it looks.

  8. I usually keep my toes a bright pink color all summer long. I don't have good aim with the polish brush, so I usually end up painting all my toes (nails and skin)!

  9. never had my oes done but i am thinking about it love the color on you

    everyday Life

  10. So that's where I must get my cute little toes from! ;) Red is definitely your colour Moo! OH! And I'm absolutely LOVING the new look for your blog! High fives all around!

  11. Summer I am a bright pink or bright orange or coral. Winter I like reds, browns, wines.

  12. Nice toes! Nice paint! I do my own (boohoo) in pink!

  13. I have short stumpy toes and dont very often paint them or my finger nails either. If I do make the effort it is more likely to be a pink or purple. I am slack I know.

  14. Drake - helps that I’m a human pretzel.

    Claudia - dark red is good too! Red, red, red - it’s all about the red.

    Laura - yup, you should do it, if you haven’t already!

    Thisisme - good on you for matching them up! I keep my fingernails reasonably short and clear due to the facial work I do.

    Al - I’ll remember to leave a toe to you in my next Will update!

    ib - they go hand in hand in my world!

    Karen - I’ve never seen a pair of feet that weren’t worthy of polish - never, and I’ve been doing this twenty-seven years. Now, go book yourself in for a pedi and send me a pic.

    Oilfield - thanks sweet man!

    Jamie - yah for bright pink! That’s my lipstick shade! I think I’ll put together a video on “how-to” for the DIY pedi.

    becca - put it on your bucket list - it’s a must do and it makes a gal feel oh-so-sexy!

    Courtney - ah, you are a chip of the big toe!

    Barb - I can visualize you in all those wonderful colours! Good on you for keeping the tootsies looking cheerful.

    Carole - Thanks - again, a gal after my own heart - pink toes rock - if I’m not donning red it is definitely pink!

    Mynx - read what I wrote for Karen - all toes are beautiful, never seen a not-worth-of-polish set of toes yet. And...I can so see you in a stunning purple! Yum!



  15. I do think that female toes and feet are sexy in high heels and that male toes and feet are equally sexy in flip flops :)

  16. DEZMOND - I'm a big fan of male toes - in or out of Thongs( I still call flip flops Thongs - remember)! ;-)

    But...back to male toes...I've had the pleasure of knowing some mighty fine tootsies attached to the foot of a well-groomed man, or two - dare I say it tickles my fancy, and then some!


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