Monday, September 12, 2011

The Cariboo - the interior of BC

Before I pack up my summer frocks and pretty thongs (that would be footwear to those of us over 25) I thought you might like to see what I do when I’m not here, in Bloggerville!

Yes...there is life outside this monitor...and these photos will prove it!

Back in June I took my mother for a little birthday outing up to the 70 Mile House area, in the interior of beautiful British Columbia, to spend a few days with our dear friend Dieter at his spectacular property close to Watch Lake.

We did a somewhat circuitous route: Vancouver, through the Fraser Canyon, Cache Creek, Clinton and into the 70 Mile - 100 Mile House area...the return trip was the same until Clinton, where we veered right and headed through the Pemberton Valley, Whistler and home to Vancouver thus avoiding holiday traffic on Hwy #1 - the Trans Canada - which is always under construction...ugh.

Up the Fraser Canyon

More Canyon

And still more...

We met some friends for lunch - a few of my closest

Out for an afternoon snack

Lucky's testing the water temp for a quick dip

Can you see the Loons on the on photo to enlarge

A stitched photo of the private lake on Dieter's property - the three above are of the same lake.

Some neighbouring land

View from the porch...

The porch.

Flowers from the garden...enlarge and see the honey bee.

Enjoying an afternoon drink at the local watering hole
Enjoying an evening drink without going to the local watering hole

Just plain pretty, isn't it?

See next photo for more info

Self explanatory

Just out the back door...a frequent visitor

Rhubarb pie anyone?

The drive home

Pemberton Valley

Seton Lake

Just past Whistler...the back side of our local Vancouver Mtns.

So much snow has never been seen in June...but here it is just for you!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into British Columbia's interior. 

Do you get out and explore the land closest to you? Or do you prefer to vacation away from home?

Thank you for following, for commenting, for being out there and in here. 



  1. Beautiful. I made the trip from Banff to Vancouver twice when I was a kid. Made quite an impression.

  2. All of the photos are fantastic, but the stitched on really wowed me.

    My husband is from Hawaii and calls thongs "slippahs."

  3. I get the oddest looks from my daughter if I accidentally say thongs instead of flip flops.
    Beautiful pictures.
    We usually stay close to home. But, we have nothing very beautiful, unless you like looking at corn and soybean fields everywhere.

  4. Why do I get the feeling you enjoy a bit of venison for your dinner? Gorgeous pics Miss Jenny.
    In answer to your question. Some of my best holidays have been within my own state, usually in a tent with my boys.
    I have only been out of the country 4 times in my life but have visited each state at least once.
    Husband and I talk about retiring and travelling with a caravan, touring the country and seeing a lot of places we havent got to yet.

  5. Wow! I'm suffering from a serious case of location envy. Gorgeous pics! And I LOVE rhubarb pie -- yum!

    Thanks for sharing your world. :)

  6. Amazing photos - but I loved the Experimental Dandelion Farm - seriously? I hope it was a joke since I usually break all my nails pulling those things out of my lawn. What a great day trip - and yes, we definitely need to get more local (not city, but country).

  7. Jenny, these are awesome photos. Hubby and I have been on a very similar route. Spectacular scenery. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I've only been to BC once in my life. Ages ago a friend and I went to Vancouver to see Simon and Garfunkel in concert. That was awesome but we didn't get much time to see the scenery. If I ever hit the lottery I think a big chunk of BC may end up being in the dusty mitts of an American. I hope nobody will mind too much...

  9. God those pictures are spectacular. Thanks for posting them. I love nature as you know and this place looks like a bit of heaven. I've got the other bit right here. Travel is heaven isn't it?

  10. Gorgeous scenery! What a breath of fresh air, literally. I envy you all of that beauty. It looks like such a relaxing trip! And it's wonderful you were able to share it with your mother. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  11. Absolutely amazing photos of the trip you had with your mum. The scenery is truly awesome, and it was lovely for me to see British Columbia looking at its very best! Thank you,

  12. I like both options and these pictures are gorgeous. What beautiful landscape you have around you. truely paradise

  13. L.G.Smith
    Banff is one of those places you just don’t forget. I was there about a decade ago, with my daughter - we also took in the sites at Drumheller (Dinosaur Valley) - a fun place for both kids and adults!

    Unknown Mami
    Thanks you - I enjoy stitching photos together; I do it because my panoramic feature is difficult to figure out on my camera. I’m looking to buy a new camera so hopefully that will be a feature I will have...and enjoy - although stitching is fun!

    Tell your husband that “slippahs” is a nice alternative - they are after all very similar.

    You made me laugh with your daughter also thinks I’m odd - but I’m adamant; it was “my” word for footwear well before it became “butt floss” - I refuse to bend which drives her crazy.

    The thing about vacationing at home is to see our own neck of the woods as being similar to the grass that is greener elsewhere, and really go out and enjoy what is in our own front or back yard, so to speak - whether that is corn or soybean fields or just fields of dandelions (that’s what all the beautiful yellow is in my photos)!

    Take some pictures of those fields and I’ll be happy to come on by and admire them too!

    In my youth we ate a lot of venison, it helped my dad offset the cost of feeding his clan!

    Camping was a staple of my youth, but not one I needed to do with Courtney because she spent most of her summers exactly where these photos were taken - with my mom and Dieter - lucky kid having that for a playground, eh!

    You and hubby need to talk about coming to see Vancouver...I’ll play tour guide, we’ll have a blast!

    Thanks to all of you for dropping by to check out my photos!

    Cheers, Jenny

  14. Linda G
    Aww, don’t be envious, we all live in gorgeous places - problem is most of us don’t see the beauty around us because we see it every day or live with it and therefore we think it’s ordinary.

    Trust me, lot of people living in Vancouver could use a quick tour of the city to truly appreciate its beauty. I just happen to be a rare bird on that front - my thinking is this:

    If you can’t live in the place you love, then love the place where you currently live.

    Take some photos of your neck of the woods and post them - I’d love to look around!

    As to rhubarb all time fav! Double yum!

    Anne Patrone
    The Horn’s, the folks that own the massive fields of yellow, have a wicked sense of humour. We all crack up about it. People, not from the area, are really stumped by the sign - and often ask about it at the local grocers or tavern - rather comical!

    Dandelions, being a weed, grow anywhere they bloody well please, so the locals say, hey...go to it!
    The fun part is they only open up when the sun comes out, otherwise it’s green as usual!

    I know you are busy with the kids and visiting 500 places but don’t forget your own back yard (country) too.

    Karen Walker
    Does that mean you’ve been to my neck of the woods? I hope so, because it truly is magnificent country.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Vancouver and concerts...good mix! Would that have been back in ’09 (pre Olympics) or earlier? Either way a visit to Vancouver is as you say “awesome” and should be on everyone’s Bucket List.

    I think most of BC (particularly the area I have featured) is in the well-oiled leather-gloved grips of the Germans - they bought up a fair chunk back in the 50's and 60's. (maybe even earlier)

    But, hey, I know of a really fine piece, with its own lake, that may be up for grabs, and nobody would mind in the least, I’m sure, if you move on up here - so long as you let the dandelions do their thing.

    Thanks to all of you for dropping by and checking out my photos!

    Cheers, Jenny

  15. Bouncin’ Barb
    You and I need to swap places and check each others beautiful surroundings out! I love the photos you post as well...and the header pics you have up are just awesome!

    I’m really happy you see your spot on the planet as a slice of heaven too - join ours together and it’s as good as it gets, right!

    Pam Tucker
    The air truly is fresh - so clean and pure!

    As to relaxing, sometimes driving with “mother” can be trying, but this trip was truly delightful. (it could be that adjusting my own attitude helped - said with a chuckle)

    My mother, being quite the globe trotter is a fun travelling companion, very young at heart and very knowledgeable, so I try to pay attention when she starts in on the stories; it’s like a history lesson!

    Have you ever been to BC? - if not, put it on your list and come for a visit!
    I will be posting more photos of some of the local islands and neighbouring cities in the next few posts.
    I actually get out and about quite a bit since semi-retiring and always make a point of having my camera with me.

    Good for you for liking both options - staying home and going away both have advantages, don’t they?!

    As to the beautiful landscape around me, you’re right it is truly paradise. I am lucky, and I don’t forget that!

    Thanks to all of you for coming by and leaving me your wonderful comments.

    Cheers, Jenny

  16. I clicked on the picture. Those loons didn't look like my in-laws.
    Beautiful countryside.......I wish I lived there.
    But they can keep the pig head.

  17. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the tree in bloom. Have a great week : )

  18. Al
    I decided to throw that "see the loons" bit in the caption, just in case...too bad it didn't work out for you. 

    Click on all the pictures and maybe you might see them hiding behind some trees, it's possible, you know anything's possible with in-laws!


I agree with you, it is "beautiful countryside" and I wished you lived here too because we need another strong pair of arms to help clear out the trees damaged by the pine-beetle, it's just a bit too much work for mom by herself!

    And that pig's's what happens when relatives get out of line - just sayin'.

    Thanks for coming by and taking a look. I'm a wee bit stoked to see your very cool avatar in my comment page - very cool!


As to the "tree in bloom", I caught sight of it in 100 Mile House while taking mom out for her birthday lunch, it just look so "picture perfect".


I'm making calendars for Christmas gifts and each month I single out one of my photos to use...this will be the June picture.

    To both of you...thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments, much appreciated.

    Cheers, Jenny

  19. me likes wearing thongs too (but me is also older than 25;)

    The pics are gorgeous! Or at least they were till you showed us a poor butchered animal :( I'm a vegetarian :(((

    Oh, boy, did Mutti Inge had some great times with her daughter on this trip! :)

  20. DEZZ - I'm happy to read you like wearing thongs (on your feet) too! Yeah!

    I'm glad you liked the pics...until...the "dinner" picture - which was rather thoughtless of me, when I look back on it. So sorry dear you forgive me?

    Here is the 411 on me and meat: I do eat meat - but not all meat and not that often - and never veal.

    As a member of CETFA (Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals) I will only eat meat that has been treated humanly in life and death.

    My daughter is also a member and would probably be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for Oma’s meat dumplings.

    As a person with three very good friends that are vegetarian (one’s an actual vegan) I’m actually surprised at myself for not catching this too Dezz - shame on’s probably Inge’s was her friends having the party...blame Mutti! (that’s what we kids called her...yikes)

    In fact...I just took those photos out - they weren't really necessary to show the wonderful scenery anyway, were they!

    Cheers, Jenny

  21. Ahahah I can't believe you actually took down the carnage pic :) But it is nice you did. I love when people choose not to promote eating meat and killing animals for it.

  22. Yes Jenny, I see the loons and I want to order a deep dish rhubarb pie for this Thursday. Thanks! xo

  23. Looks lovely but as much as I'd like to travel, I simply don't have the time or the money.

  24. Dezz
    For's all because I'm under the spell of your cute avatar which is trying for world's working!

    I would expect no less from you than to see, with your artist's eye, the loons I strategically placed in the middle of the lake...while baking you a deep dish rhubarb pie which, sadly, was devoured upon exiting the stove...poor thing!

    Hi! Welcome to my neck of the outdoors!
    Yes...time and money seem to be the curse were desire to travel is concerned, hence I do a fair bit of travelling via a good book!
    Thanks for dropping by to check out Pearson Report.

    To all of you...your comments are much appreciated - thanks for stopping by and leaving them behind!

    Cheers, Jenny

  25. Before I pack up my summer frocks and pretty thongs (that would be footwear to those of us over 25)
    Why on earth would you wear stringy knickers on your feet

    BC is looking good


    Out for an afternoon snack

    Really..... You guys had only just eaten – I hope that you cooked the poor thing first

  26. beautiful!

    tucker and i are so jealous of Dieter's private lake!

    i prefer to travel within a days drive (14 hour max)

    there is so much beauty in the natural world, some times i think the technology we have is stifling our ability to see it...

    as usual a thought provoking post!

  27. Haha! Laughed out loud about the thongs. We call them flip flops over here. Great photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  28. What a beautiful part of the world, stunning scenery. My husband has relatives in Vancouver so I have a dream to visit one day.

  29. BlackLOG
    You make me laugh!

    By the way, speaking of “cooking the poor thing”...what have they been feeding you on your Safari? Do I need to send you some leftovers?

    Gosh, seeing you here is like old times...I’ve missed you! (I’m smiling)

    Tucker would LOVE Dieter’s lake - let me know if you ever get this way...maybe you kids need to take a, longer than fourteen hour, drive next summer!

    Oh, those “thongs” are called flip flops here too - but I’m the lone hold out. You see...I’m of the vintage that actually wore “thongs” as footwear - we are a dying breed. (ah, the good old days - how I long for them)

    By the by...your book rocked; both mother and I enjoyed it very much - makes me want to go for a European vacation!

    Make your dream come true..and if you do head over this way let me know; I like playing tour guide around the city!


    Cheers, Jenny


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