Monday, October 17, 2011

Vancouver Walkabout - Queen Elizabeth Park

Friday was a glorious day - not quite cold enough to bring out the winter coats, but yet there was a slight bite to the air when walking out of reach of the sun.
I decided to take a day away from the Lost and Found and enjoy a little time with my mom.
One of my favourite dining spots in Vancouver is Seasons in the Park, located at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park where the view is spectacular! 
We started our outing with lunch (the Omelette) and then mom went in the Conservatory as she had not been in quite a while. (more photos of the Conservatory here)
I enjoyed a small walk-about and took some photos - just for you!

Click on any photo to enlarge and have a closer look!

Taken from the patio at Seasons, as we headed outdoors.
Looking back toward the patio - I took the first photo from the area behind the tree.
Seasons Restaurant, overlooking the small quarry garden.
Bronze statues of tourist having their photo taken.
The bronze photographer!
In this photo, you see the Lions - the two peaks in the distance.
In this photo, you see Grouse Mountain, a popular skiing and hiking destination (for locals and tourists alike).
This picture sits to the right of the one above.
Also, take a look at our new stadium - it looks like a crown - in the centre of the photo! Can you see it?
A little bridge leading to the large quarry garden.
Same little bridge...from a different angle.
Isobel, Anna and Karen work close by and enjoy a lunchtime stroll!
A sentinel of trees keep watch over the large quarry garden.
A look into the large quarry garden from up the little bridge.

Four photos stitched together produce this amazing panoramic view of Vancouver. Click to enlarge!

I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial walk-about - if you are thinking of heading to Vancouver this is a must stop on your travels!




  1. Those are just beautiful pictures.
    Who knows, maybe some day I'll be able to get up that way for a vacation.

  2. What a wonderful location and the pictures are amazing!!!!

  3. Hi Jenny. Thanks for sharing those fantastic photos with us. Love the panoramic shot at the end! Seasons looks like a lovely place to visit, and that view is to die for. I love the bronze statues of the tourists having their photo taken - how cool is that?!

  4. Seems like a really fun day. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, the place looks awesome!

  5. Such a stunning place you live in. I would so love to visit Vancouver one day.
    Thank you for sharing

  6. Love Vancouver. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  7. oh, I really wanna move to Canada, eventhough most of my friend there say it's deadly boring ... but I love the cold and the nature and the calm people ... and Celine Dion and Shania Twain he he ...

  8. Oh I so wish I was there... This flat midwest scenery has me depressed.

  9. What great pictures. I always thought Vancouver was more than a hockey team.

  10. Awesome pictures Mum! The last one is really fantastic! :D

  11. i love that i get to travel through others pictures and stories

  12. One of my favourite spots in Vancouver! We should go for lunch one day.

  13. It looks like a lovely spot for an afternoon stroll! We don't get those reds in the trees here, will they get more dramatic as Autumn advances?

  14. This is so serene. Just what I needed. Great work.


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