Thursday, May 05, 2011

Post Interview Happy Thoughts

If you have been following me for a while you are aware that I am a relatively optimistic woman.
I see my world through rose coloured glasses and my cup is half full, or more.
You may be thinking - it’s not possible to always be up and cheerful - and I would say you are right.

But that never stops me from having Happy Thoughts!

I’ve taken a little pause after the A-Z Blogging Challenge to visit other blogs and also drop by some of my “pre-challenge” followers to say hello.
On my travels around this blogosphere I made a little discovery...ahh, piqued your curiosity, good; listen up.
I have found that some of my blogging pals are feeling a little blue, not just the post-challenge blues, but blue from coming up to a writer’s block wall and struggling with what to write about.
I can add myself to this list.
This challenge, which I just finished, had pre-set requirements and a deadline - namely using the alphabet letters to write a post and then completing this challenge in one month.
I’ve been thinking about the deadline and the pressure it imposed, good and bad; and how that pressure effected me, and apparently others that I have been visiting. 
This tight deadline may even have been the reason some bloggers didn’t finish the challenge.
Here in Canada, April is a high pressure month because it’s tax time. I hadn’t thought about that prior to this challenge and it added greatly to my stress factor. 

Also, I noticed there were bloggers who liked the challenge premise, but found out about it too late and therefore didn’t participate.
I found out about it on the 30th of March, while popping over to Al’s place for a chuckle and made a really quick, last minute decision to jump on board. No regrets - but definitely it was a lot of extra work coming up with my posts, under pressure. 
Some bloggers had posts, written in advance, ready and waiting and I think that was a great boon for them and probably alleviated some pressure.
Now...(a little Happy Thought)

In such pre-set challenges we humans get the much needed guidance and direction we are looking for. Sort of like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, if you will - directions are given, now follow them - easy enough, and I think it’s what most of us live for. 
To those of you reading this that did not enter the challenge but thought it might have been up your alley, if your alley were just a few blocks longer (time restrictions), I say - go for it anyway! The deadline, as I see it, was more like a guideline. (even Johnny Depp in POC would vouch for that)
I would love to read what A-Z means to you and do it at your own leisurely time! 

I might even mention that, in my own humble and unsolicited opinion, the A-Z Challenge would have been really nice if had a two month deadline - thereby allowing me to not only participate as a writer, but as a reader too.
As talented as I am (little bow) I am still not able to be in two places at one time! 
That was really the hardest part for me - neglecting blogs I really enjoy popping in on and, with wine glass (or coffee) in hand, sitting back and vicariously participating in the life and times of bloggers on my reading list - in particular some of my original Followers. (sorry for neglecting you)
Time is a pressure I don’t need applied to a passion! 
Again...I loved this challenge and I would easily participate again - but maybe the top line of my challenge posts in the future will read: 
New posts on Monday and Thursday - gone fishing the other days! 
I love fishing, really I do - deep water and fly - both float my boat. (well, maybe not fly fishing - little inside joke)
This next bit...right for one or two of you struggling with negativity about your writing and posting skills - DON’T - just have fun!
Imagine you’re sitting opposite a good buddy (or me!) talking about life, love and the universe, and all things in between - then post it! 
I’ll definitely be by to read it - because I am Following you!
Here’s my final Happy Thought…
I am going to challenge myself. (and feel free to join me)
I liked having some structure and direction, so to that end I have decided to make a posting pot!
In this posting pot I will put all the letters of the alphabet, pets I’ve had, men I’ve loved (and not), adventures with my daughter and any other thing that jumps to mind. 
Then...I will reach in and pull out a topic and write about it! 
See...I can think outside the box all by myself. 

What are you doing to challenge yourself?
Happy Thoughts to all of you!

Cheers, Jenny


  1. I think if anyone who wanted to take this challenge and didn't, this is a great idea. I like to write what I want, when I want and read who I want when I want. Make sense? It does to me. When I first started blogging, I thought I had to write something every single day or I was doomed. Not so. We put such pressure on ourselves don't we?

  2. I'll also say that it was not as much fun reading almost every single blog's letter for the day. It got boring in some ways. Write when you want to! That's my advice to anyone blogging.

  3. Good post there, with some good advice. Like Bouncin'Barb, I thought that it would all fall apart if I didn't blog every single day, which I did for an awfully long time. But I have noticed that more and more Bloggers are now only writing posts a few times a week. As people have said to me, blogging is supposed to be FUN. We shouldn't put pressure on ourselves, although I think we all that that on occasions. Take care.

  4. Get back to my manuscript and actually work on it!!!

  5. Ditto to what Karen said--I have to get back to work on my novel!

    Great post.

  6. Hey I think you did a great job on the challenge.

    And I didn't do it, but it was cool to read all of the other peoples post during the challenge.

  7. I love your challenge! Great post, and I can relate to what you said. I have struggled to get back to writing this week without the structure of the Challenge. I think I am going to try your posting pot. :)

  8. I've just started querying a new novel. So my challenge as I wait for replies is to start sending out short stories--something that I haven't done in a very long time.

  9. the voices in my mind and the passion for booze beer and as well as a blogging dog keep me going...

    good thoughts tho!'

    cheers! jenny

  10. I didn't do the challenge. Actually havent done any similar and doubt I will.
    I have a "blog monster" living in my head who quite oftens demands I post about stuff. I blog most days becasue I usually have something I want to say. Not because I have to.
    Something fun I did once was to offer an opening line to my followers and ask for guest posts along that theme which was "the sun was just peeking through the curtains". So much fun so see everybodies take on it.
    I guess as I treat my blog as a diary, there is usually something to write, whether it be rant, celebration or simply some doodle or poetry attempt

  11. I posted a few days ahead, but than a few didn't post so I had to go in and publish it again so I quit doing that.
    I liked it and I didn't. Picking a letter to use seemed a bit limiting when I felt like writing something else. But, it also made me be creative in finding topics from a letter.

  12. I didn't do the challenge (too busy painting paintings right now!) but I sure enjoyed reading what you had to say Jenny! Happy posting pot to you.

  13. A -Z Challenge was a great thing, I actually thought more of blogging than any time before. It made me realise that I am happy when I write, that you can find friends in unexpected places (like you, Barb, This .... LOL) and that in the end this is something that I would like to keep on doing. The second challenge Z-A gives me a little bit of time to figure out if I will keep on blogging about my life or start something else. Just enjoy!

  14. What I"m finding completely unexpected is that some of the bloggers I enjoyed sharing comments and support with during the challenge, are now presumably back to their usual style of writing or theme and it's so different, and uninteresting to me. I wonder if others have found that? Sue

  15. Just wanted to tell you that on my blog, a well deserved award is waiting for you :)


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