Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hands at ten and two, please.

How many more young drivers would she see talking on the phone or texting before she came upon one that was actually just driving.
She honked and getting the girl’s attention she mouthed, “Stop that!” as she signed with her hands the texting motion.
The girl sneered and looked back down into her lap as the light turned green.
The old woman continued driving, focusing on the heavy traffic, and lost sight of the girl. When she arrived home she wrote down the licence plate and make of car, she had every intention of calling it in - she always did; not to be mean, but in hopes that it might save a life.
And, as luck would have it, the girl arrived home in one piece.
The girl was always home first given the time school let out and when her mother left work; time enough to raid the fridge for a snack - she knew dinner would still be a while.
The girl sent another text to confirm her earlier message that the evening plans had been fixed; they would all be meeting at their favourite club tonight.
A phone call and several texts later the knock on the front door aroused her attention. 
Almost bumping into a wall that had jumped out in front of her, as she texted her way to the front door, the young woman opened the door and thought, shit, that old bitch called the cops on me, damn, mom’s gonna be pissed.
Standing there, on the front porch, were two police officers, a man and a woman. They asked her her name and then asked if they could come in and talk with her.
The girl obliged and showed them into the living room; she figured maybe her luck would continue and she could sweet talk her way out of a ticket and have them gone before mom got home from work.
 The officers looked at her and at each other, simultaneously asking her to sit down; the female sat down beside her while the male officer turned his back to them.
He heard the breaking of his partner's voice and hoped she could deliver the news, she needed the experience - it would be tough.
“I have some very bad news, your mother was in a car accident,” the officer took a deep breath and continued, “she did not survive...I’m so sorry.” She inhaled and tried to steady her breathing - would giving such horrific news ever get easier.
“How?” was all that came out of the girl’s mouth as she began to sob.

“Your mother was hit, driver’s side, by a girl who was distracted while texting and didn’t see her,” came the chilling words from the male officer as he turned to face the girl.
He took a long heavy breath and paused, trying to mask his disdain, then continued, “And, she was texting reply to your invitation to go out tonight. We have the text on her phone.”
So, what do you think about texting while driving?


  1. Excellent post. Obviously, as far as I'm concerned, it's a real no-no. You've only got to take your eyes off the road for a second, and ..... Well, as the story in your post indicates.

  2. I don't think people should do it. Here they just passed a law that teens can't text and drive but adults can. Not that it will stop anyone if they really want to text.

  3. Spooky!
    If you ask me people younger than 20 and older than 70 should be forbidden to drive.

  4. What a haunting story. I can't imagine texting while driving, it just seems like an accident waiting to happen to me.
    Excellent post.

  5. ooooh that is chilling....but VERY thought provoking post. I'm so rubbish at texting i need both hands (or thumbs!!doh!)so fortunately makes driving impossible! As for trying to placate small children in back of car by trying to pick up dropped item on floor whilst driving..guilty....time to stop me thinks :)x

  6. wow what a powerful post i think texting and driving is a huge no no.

  7. Thisisme
    Thanks for dropping by. I watched a fascinating program on all the things that are considered distractions while driving - GPS systems, stereo/ipod adjustments, in-car movie systems for kids and all the knobs and buttons to control air and heat.

    The premise that “hands free” is the answer is actually compounding the problem, according to the research done on safe driving practices.

    I agree, people shouldn’t do it, but the sad part is they do! Interesting law - one for teens and one for adults - where do you live?
    Here, we just had the ban implemented whereby you cannot drive while using your phone. Everything is supposed to be “hands free” - which is a joke, most are still talking away like usual.

    DESMOND was WV today, just for you, my sweets!’re so harsh on the tots and the oldies!
    The problem, as I see it, is poor enforcement without any major consequences.
    I would like to see loss of car and a $5,000 fine for the first offence - death for the second! (just kidding! - okay, not!)

    It was a bit heavy, wasn’t it! But, I wanted to make an impact!
    I’m glad you feel the same way as I do.

    Always love it when another Jenny drops by! Thanks!
    Yah, I don’t know how they do it, but this story was inspired by what I saw a few nights ago on my way home from my daughter’s place.
    Sadly, it’s more prevalent then we think.

    Thanks for dropping by - I’m glad you found the post “powerful” it’s what I was going for.
    It was meant to have an impact.


  8. I am from Iowa. At first they tried to have it the same for everyone, but they changed it. Probably the lawmakers text and drive and didn't want to make it illegal for them.

  9. You know when I first got a phone that texted I used it all the time when I was driving. For some reason, I stopped. Maybe it was when I found myself swerving on a busy highway? Now I look at others doing it and I want to shake some sense into them. It is really unsafe not only to cause an accident but to avoid one. Great post. Hope it hits home to few more people.

  10. A very good friend of mine lost his mother in a car accident because a teenager was texting, ran a red light, hitting his moms driver side door. These stories are becoming all to common an occurrence.

  11. Yikes! Thanks for this. I have a 16 y/o girl (who's at her Junior Prom tonight) and a 19 y/o boy/man. This really hits home. Thanks again.

  12. This is indeed shattering! And you are right to share it with us, maybe awareness will be raised!

  13. Jenny, I hope this reaches someone who NEEDS to read this and makes them stop to think!


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