Sunday, March 12, 2017

Having fun with #HASHTAGS

So much has changed, out here, and behind the scenes. Hence the long hiatus.

I'm dropping in to say HELLO.

I have been using Twitter for a while now and can be found @PearsonReport where I share a thought or two. With Twitter's 140 characters limit I can easily send out a quick tweet without investing the time normally needed to put a blog post together.

However, as I have said before I miss blogging and feel it's still a great way to share bits of our selves on a platform that has a few more options, as in more words, more pictures... a little more room for content.

Let me state, for the record, I do not do Facebook. Never felt the calling. I do feel the wine calling though! So, for me, it's a win-wine thing! LOL

As of 03/10/17, upon the encouragement of my daughter, Courtney, I have made the leap into the wide world of Instagram. Yet another bit of social media.

Will I last? I think so, as it seems the ideal in between fix - not quite a tweet, and not quite a blog post. I like it!

I can be found @jenny_pearson_report where I have, at the time of writing this, a total of 6 posts. Go me!  LOL

As with Twitter, and even out here on Blogger, I follow that which I know I will look at, read, enjoy and otherwise feel happy about investing time in. Please do not read anything into this, I only mean that as time is so limited I really keep my followings reigned in.

The reason for my visit here, today, is to share a little HASHTAG 101 on social media, in particular Instagram, and to a lesser degree Twitter.

I have discovered the real way to get exposure is not by worrying about your Followers, they will come and stay if the content is to their liking, but by knowing how to use HASHTAGS (#).

That's right... it's all in the hashtags. And how do I know this... well here, let me explain.

When I signed up with Instagram I had NO followers - stands to reason, right. So, the first thing I did was I followed my daughter's two accounts and a couple of friends. Okay, so far so good.

I then posted a picture of some colouring I am doing. Yes, you read that right. I am colouring a horse - call it mental relaxation therapy, as it is mindless and truly relaxing. I also find it is getting me comfortable with working with colours, and colour shading.

Here is the photo I used for my first Instagram post... click on it to see the bird on the back of the horse. I am still finishing this piece as the shading takes time. But, I'm in no rush.

When I posted this photo I used 6 hashtags in total.
The viewing potential was limited, and I received 4 likes, which I thought was so exciting.

It was during my 1st post and 4th post that I did some extensive Instagram research.

How does one get VIEWED... that was my question and I went searching for answers.

Did you know on Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags - more and your post won't show any. I found this out during my research phase.

So, here is the picture for my 6th post...

During my wanderings around Instagram I found some incredible 2D drawings that looked like 3D. I was so fascinated by @willie_hsu_art version of this, which is totally amazing, that I had to figure it out.

NOW HERE'S THE EXCITING BIT... I used 29 hashtags, all art and drawing related.

I got 44 likes - and 9 followers (some from my 5th post as I employed my hashtag principle there too).

So... if you are on Instagram, and want more VIEWERS then you really need to focus on adding hashtags. (they work great with Twitter too - upping the exposure of Tweets)

Here's a little bonus... I made a hashtag folder in the Notes section on my iPhone - this take a few minutes to do, but I made up 3 different versions (portrait work, random sketching, and a LCHF version for my baking). This way I can copy and paste my hashtags without much fuss.

Yes, leave it to me to be that organized - time is money. Hashtagging takes time, so I've taken that step out of the process.

In closing... may I just say, I still visit, I seldom if ever comment, and I'll understand if you don't either, time being what it is - in short supply and running out fast.

That said... here is my question (yes, I still ask questions).

Do you use HASHTAGS, and if so do you find they help bring visitors to your social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter?


  1. I am not on instagram or twitter but glad you are having fun with it. I love your colouring of the horse and you shaded everything so nicely. I looked closer at it and really like it.

    1. Hi Birgit, thanks for taking a read.

      I have tried, not successfully, to avoid social media. That's not working out so well for me, I see. LOL

      Last year I took to Twitter and let my blog sit on the back burner. When my daughter, who loves social media, encouraged me to get on Instagram (as I love snapping photos of my city) I thought I'd give it a try.

      What's neat about it, is I can easily post a photo and a little story with it and not feel like I've had to sit down and plan out a post, like I do here.

      Yet... that said, I have a soft spot for my blog, and for the many wonderful bloggers I have met out here. It is a balancing act finding time to do so much on so many social media platforms.

      Since Twitter and Instagram can be linked it eliminates an extra step of reposting - helpful, I guess. Though, given my paranoia with the overall security out on the net I haven't joined the two - I still post separately on them.

      I will try to do a monthly post here when things pique my curiosity. We'll see how it goes. Never say never!

      I hope this finds you smiling and enjoying life.
      Jenny xxoo

  2. Yes, I use hashtags on Twitter. I do not Instagram. Blogging is by far still my favorite medium. But I am glad you are enjoying yourself.
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Hi Barbara - I smiled when I saw your cute avatar, and my favourite shade of green no less! :)

      I only recently find myself on Instagram and must say it's giving me many chuckles. So much to see that time seriously is flying by. I will have to reign myself in, but for now it's a lark.

      Like you blogging is still a favourite of mine, however, finding the time to sit and plan a post is my problem. Of course nothing says I have to write an epic novel for each post, right!! So, to that end maybe I'll try my hand at shorter posts. hahahaha

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope all is sunny and bright in your part of the planet. Jenny xxoo

  3. Hey Jenny! Yes I use hashtags and yes I've gotten followers by using hashtags. I still love my blog and trying to post more often again. Gotta go. Meeting at the Nanaimo Art Gallery to dicuss publicity for the Mixed Media Assemblage workshop I"m giving in May. Later gater. xo

    1. Hi Carole, thanks for checking this post out. I'm so happy to connect with you over on Instagram.

      I wish you great success with the workshop planning - and then again when the day arrives and you're teaching it. Sounds like fun.

      Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

  4. I am afraid my teens will shut down their accounts if I join instagram! Maybe I wont tell them, but then who will help me!?

    1. Hi Andrea, ahhh kids! Yes, when they are teens we dare not get within a continent of their social media sites. :)
      My daughter is 29 so it's a little different for me. We both use Twitter and I was able to see her Instagram posts that way until she suggested (strongly) that I get with the program! hahahaha

      Well, dare I say it was super easy and after checking out the FAQ and Help section I got right into it. It seems to be a halfway point between Twitter and Blogging.
      Where one is very short, the other able to be quite long: Instagram is a bit of both.

      If you need help though, I'd be more than happy to walk you through the whole thing via Skype or email. And, you wouldn't have to let the cat out of the bag with kids.

      It was great of you to stop by - hope all is sunny and joyful in your world. Cheers, Jenny xxoo

  5. Hey Girlie - Great post. I am making my way to new social media outlets and I didn't understand how hashtags worked. Hey, I still call it the pound sign. Oy. Anyway, thanks for this post. It was most helpful indeed.

    1. Glad I could help, Ivy. I hope all's well with you. Sending smiles your way. :) :)


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