Saturday, October 08, 2016

Rainy day chore - housecleaning my blog.

The rain is making puddles deep enough for cars to disappear in. It is warm in my home, for this I am grateful. I can't imagine braving the streets today on any level.

Yesterday I posted, after a few months absence. I miss blogging if you really want to know.

Since my car accident, back on Feb 4th, I've shied away from time at my computer, well, unnecessary time that is, which sadly is what blogging is for me at present. I do have to sit and do some business related work on my computer, that's the extent of how uncooperative my neck and shoulders are.

A few weeks ago I started with a Chiropractor - amazing.

He did stress I was to stay away from anything that required me to lower my head (chin to chest stuff) and that is exactly what working on a computer encompasses.

I created a standing work station which has been great, but I fatigue very quickly and as such get discouraged and then resign myself to not even bothering. Hence my absence here.

Blogging seems to have changed - how do I know this?

Well, I took a trip over to the "Manage Blogs I'm Following" page and saw I was following 257 blogs.

I now follow 73.

Yes... that's right 73.

Sad state of affairs because virtually all I deleted were inactive. Meaning no new posts in the last 2-3 years. I figured if a blog did not have a new post in over two years it was time to say goodbye to it.

I was stunned by the number that were outright shut down. A sign of the direction blogging is taking I thought.

And yet...

There is something about letting fingers fly over the keyboard (thank goodness for backspace) and sharing a little of one's world with others.

Whatever that something is we do like sharing, don't we?

We also like knowing we are visited and read (from time to time), that makes the whole experience all the more special.

I am satisfied with my housecleaning. Yet I wonder where those inactive bloggers have gone to, what they are up to, and if life is treating them well. My simple wish is that it is. This little wish accompanied every tap of the button which would forever remove those blogs from my list.

Sort of sad, eh.

But, life drifts on, regardless.

Hmm, that was my sentiment yesterday and it still hangs in the air today.

I realize life really moves at its own sweet pace. For some that means staying the course (blogging with some regularity), for others it means veering left (or right) and finding a new path.

To all the bloggers remaining on my List, thanks for blogging, for visiting, for adding a little something extra as I make my way through life - you are a part of the path I am presently on.

Now tell me...

Have you done any blog housecleaning of your own?



  1. Glad you are doing better. I have a sit and stand desk at work now. Scary reality how much I sit at work.

    1. Hi Mike - thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. :)

      I am fortunate in my job as a good portion of it requires standing. When I do book work (for my business) I used to sit for the most part - now I stand. It definitely helps.

      I think most of us do a fair bit of sitting so it's good to read you also stand at your desk.

  2. Hi Jenny - I'd like to get a stand desk ... but for the time being I sit! Good for you re housekeeping the blog - I'm pretty hopeless at that sort of thing and must liven myself up. I don't actually use Blogger's blog management - so would be lost to start with. I use Feedly ...

    I think more people are leaving ... life moves on, or they post on FB, or they've had trouble with Google being controlling ... I just keep toddling around and blog ... occasionally see something on FB ...

    Cheers and keep recovering slowly and methodically ... take care - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, I didn't actually buy a stand desk I added a crate on top of my desk and it's perfect. So when I do need to sit I have that option. I know there are actual desk that are built for the purpose but I thought I'd try and be creative and make my own setup.

      I agree with you, more folks are using FB (which I do not) and yes, Google can have its issues as well - which is quite discouraging.

      Thanks for stopping in, again... I so appreciate your visits and comments.

      Sending smiles and hugs your way. xxoo

  3. Found you via your comments at ABFTS. You have a great mind and I have a mind to follow you. Okay, then.

    1. Hi Jono - and welcome to Pearson Report. Also, thank you for following I hope you'll look around my blog.

      I too find interesting blogs by reading comments left in other bloggers posts. I'm glad you felt I was worth checking out. :)

  4. I tried that a while ago but it took so long that I gave up! Glad to hear the chiropractor is helping you a lot.

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for dropping in, reading and commenting - always happy when that happens. :)

      I was quite pleasantly surprised by the changes Blogger (aka Google) has made to many features. The Manage Blogs I Follow is on the main page with the Reading List and once there I noticed the changes. It is quite easy to see and delete inactive blogs. Sorry to hear it gave you grief, but as you mention it was a while ago. I too gave up with many task relating to my blog because of how user-unfriendly they were.

      The chiropractor is indeed helping - so is this standing bit. It definitely makes a difference.

      Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way - and, happy blogging. Cheers, Jenny xxoo

  5. It takes a long time to heal from a car accident. Whenever I hear a person has been in an accident but they are uninjured, I just shake my head because I know that is not true. One will have all sorts of physical pain and it doesn't want to go away. I'm glad I still see you here but I know it causes you pain so I think you for still being here. I have not done any housecleaning in the blog area....I know I would go down but I still like to see 140 as followers:)

    1. Hi Birgit and let me say the same to you - thank you for still being here. You always add a special touch and your comments are more than just a quick hello. (Though a quick hello does work too - LOL)

      I enjoy interacting with people and blogging has allowed me that venue to reach out and meet folks I might otherwise never have met.

      The housecleaning was meant to give me better access to posts in my reading list. It may translate to me losing followers as many of those I deleted were followers, but if they are not active I guess they are not concerned with deleting themselves either.

      The way I look at following and followers is this: I follow blogs that hold my interest, I hope people follow me for the same reason.

      The real proof lies in here, in this comment area, these are the folks that are actually "following" my blog. As you can see that number is low - of course what goes around comes around. Therefore, it stands to reason to have commenters one must also visit and comment.

      I do fall short on that count and often find I can do some reading but the energy isn't there to comment - then I guess a short and sweet "Hello" might be the go to comment, eh!!! hahaha

      Anyway, I'm one of those accident victims that looks all well and good with the injuries not being visible from the outside (save my tired eyes from the pain and stress) so often friends, family and my clients think "what's the matter with her" because I've lost a little of my pep. So if you find, or have, any extra pep laying around send it my way please.

      Sending cyber hugs and heartfelt smiles your way. xxoo

    2. Whoa - well, that is reply enough to cover all the comments. hahaha

  6. I've slowed down on my blogging, but I don't want to give it up totally - I like the connection, and made so many great contacts and friends this way. I've never done any blog housekeeping, it might be interesting to do it.

    I'm glad the chiropractor is helping - small steps!

    1. Hi Annalisa, well I can most definitely understand the slowdown on your front - you're busy churning out novels. (I do get your tweets on my Twitter feed)

      Like you, I like the connection and blogging friends I have made along the way too. You have been one of those I am pleased is still here and still blogging - even if it is less.

      As to blog housekeeping you know me... if it isn't a new Header or Background it's something else - font colours change occasionally too, but this was the first time I decided to look at the Manage Blogs I Follow with the intent on seeing exactly what it was I was following. (Don't want to be following the piper without knowing where he's going, eh!!)

      Yes, the chiropractor is helping - and indeed the steps are teeny ones.

      Thanks Annalisa - it brought a smile to my face seeing yours here. Hugs to you, xxoo

  7. I certainly don't blog as much as I used to, and I've noticed a lot of blogs that used to be active have gone dormant. I do housekeep a little from time to time, but not often as it makes me sad.

    I hope the chiropracter is able to sort you out. These things take time :(

    1. Hi Ian - ditto your sentiments. It made me sad pressing the delete on some blogs that were ones I followed way back in the dark ages (aka 2010 when I started blogging).

      But... it did lift my spirits too in some ways because letting go is part of the journey - sad and difficult but part of it. I've been purging all over the place (office, home, my head even) and this blog was on the list of things to attend to. Not that it makes the posting any better, or easier, but for me it seemed to be part of the coming back process; fresh start as it were.

      The chiropractor is helping and you're so right - "These things take time." and yes to :(

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits, and comments immensely. Sending smiles to you and your family. I hope life on the Island is treating you well.

  8. I have that same problem still with my neck and shoulders, Jenny, as I was in a car accident a couple of decades back in a sports car and we were the car in the middle. . .exercise helped me but it comes back when I don't keep that area flexible. I used a chiropractor for a while when it first happened and had to wear one of those soft collars for neck support. Good Luck with getting rid of that pain. I'm not blogging much, nor have I housecleaned much but I was considering it. I do try the WEP flash writing - see Denise Covey's blog at:
    You might like it, it's a challenge about every two months or so where you sign up if you want to participate. It's flexible, very.
    Check it out.

    1. Hi D.G. - I appreciate you filling me in on the WEP flash writing. I will check it out most definitely.

      I'm thinking this recovery will go the way of yours where it will flair up when I'm not on top of it. However, right now the process is 2 steps forward 1 backward - most tedious and definitely not great for someone like me. Patience not being a virtue I was born with... eeeek! LOL

      As I've said to those wonderful bloggers above you in the comments I really appreciate those of you that drop by and let me know you're out there. I truly appreciate your interest, your kind words and your blogging friendship.

      Sending smiles and hugs your way, Jenny xxoo

  9. Wait, which one are you? Are you the blogger with the cute dog, or the blogger with the chronic night terrors? It's so hard to remember, since we follow 1,837 blogs.

    Kidding aside (I think we follow about 40), it's awesome to see you back. We've checked over here a few times over the past few months just to see if you were still around. It's always sad when a blog drops off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. You do hope at the very least that they're okay.

    Here's hoping the chiropractor can help get you back in working order sooner than later!

    1. I can always count on a good laugh from you Beer Boys - thank you. No seriously, thank you!!

      The true indicator of blogs that follow can be witnessed over at your hangout. Just visiting your comment area is an adventure. Hence my need to stick out amongst the masses and totally comment way off in left field (where crazies play all by themselves, LOL).

      I think it's clever keeping the follow list short - same goes for my Twitter account. I can't imagine sifting through a billion tweets - don't know how Kimmy does it - guess being talented is her key!

      As to the chiropractor - slow and steady as the spine cracks... that's my new motto.

      Take care Boys, and know that I really (x10) appreciate your humour (both here and there) and your persistence with blogging. Go team. You know it's because you've got sexy, perky wives that support your endeavours, right?!

      Cheers, Jenny :) :) (a smile apiece, can't be just giving them away willy-nilly)

    2. Yeah, we're those jerks who can't possibly follow back all of the people who follow us, so that means we just follow the people we like (like you).

      Life's too short to read a slew of mommy blogs and whiny diary blogs just for the sake of getting an extra comment or two. Here's 200 pictures of my 4 year old playing in the grass. Great, but I don't care. Also, one picture would have sufficed. Also, only you think they're cute. Or here's an itemized list of what I ate today, and also my life is the worst and here's 287 reasons why. I don't care.

      So that's the long-winded way of saying thank you also, for your awesome posts, and your awesome wine-inspired return comments. Plus, when you post pictures of your kid, she's a mermaid. That's so much more interesting than playing in the grass or eating snot.

      B&B (the smiles will come later after the beer starts flowing)

    3. Note to self: try to live up to the enormous expectations the Beer Boys (aka B&B) have outlined above in order to get smiles before the beer starts flowing.

      Additional note to self: Damn, what was I thinking getting back in the game.... standards are so high... where's the wine...

    4. Footnote: (cracking up over here) I had to delete and republish (aka copy/paste/correct/delete) the above reply twice (yup 2) because of typos - seems the wine had already been consumed.

  10. So many bloggers I follow/followed stopped blogging! Ever the pessimist, I have still been unable to delete them from my list-holding out hope! Now I am thinking it might be time to look forward and add some new and active blogs to my list!

    1. Hi Andrea - thank you for popping by, I'm smiling because that's what happens to me when I see a smiling Avatar! (my favourite kind)

      Funny isn't it how we get attached to things - a dress from a special occasion, heirlooms that no one in the family wants (and truth be told neither does the antique shop because it's junk to them) yet, hold on we do. I'm sure there's a really good post in here somewhere.

      I confess I did have to do 3 passes before I truly cleared out the Manage Blogs I Follow list. At first I axed those with no actual page - totally gone. Then with the second pass I still held onto some that were from my first year (2010) but by the third pass I said, "look if you dropped dead tomorrow this whole blog would be shut down, so damn well clean house and save the offspring the job" - yeah, I said something like that to Me, Myself, and I... and we finally listened.

      And, your right, it is time to add new ones that we've stumbled upon here in our comment area, folks that come back and say, "Hi, thinking of you."

      So... go for it. Besides, Blogger seems to have done a fairly good job of sorting that area out and making it user-friendly.

      Again, thanks for the visit - and for the behind the scene updates. Ah... the joys of modern technology that keeps us up-to-date and in the moment.

      Smiles and Hugs, Jenny xxoo

  11. Glad the back cracker is working. Back when I needed one, ours helped sooo much. Heaven, I say.

    Yes to decluttering blogs. No reason to keep more than I can or want to read, and for sure, no reason for me to keep dead ones.

    I did however, just jump over to G+ and that's fun too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Ivy, so tickled you stopped in - I'm wearing my Happy Face! :)

      Glad your back cracker did the job, mine gets excited every time he gets my spine to crack. I've always been a little stressed about chiros but this guy came highly recommended and since physio was basically not working I needed to give it a try. So far, so good.

      Too true about the decluttering - I want to see blogs that are actually posting in my Reading Blog List - and the ones that are off the grid deserve a decent burial.

      What's the G+ thing all about? I'm sooo in the dark these days I'm surprised I can function.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Enjoy the chow!!! I'm sure you're going to rock the bird and trimming.

      Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

    2. I don't know enough about G+, but it's owned by Google and people post pictures and stuff. Like Tim will post his map and other gaming dudes will see the map. Some leave comments, others leave +'s and others leave both. Or some leave none.

      I joined a few food ones, gaming ones, bloggers and stuff like that. It's neat so far.

      PS: Cool beans on taking a chance and so far having it work. That's the best.

  12. I need to go through my list of blogs too. So many I am sure are not active. I am not spending nearly as much time on he computer so I don't write so much. Standing desks are supposed to be good for a person even without having been in an accident. I have lower back pain from standing very long so I am not sure it would be good for me. I am glad it is working for you.

    1. Hi Ruth - what a treat having you drop by. :) :)

      The blog housecleaning job is on the minds of many, but we are all in the same boat - time and will.

      I finally caved and decided if I was going to jump back into blogging then I wanted to know who I was following (aside from the handful of regs, like yourself) and just be brutal. I'm good at that! LOL

      Though, I confess it wasn't as easy as I thought and every time I came upon someone that was from 2010, my first year, I did pause and reflect, wondering where they were and how life was treating them.

      Alas, I pushed the delete button and got on with the task at hand. I figure this way my reading list will reflect those that are active and still blogging.

      I'm sure you'll get the "call" and follow it! LOL

      In the meantime the standing work station is working well (at it right now) though sitting is still part of my routine too.

      Lower back pain sucks - mine is definitely in the neck and shoulder region so I'm lucky in that sense. I hope yours improves.

      Thanks for stopping in - sending happy thoughts and smiles out your way, Jenny xxoo

    2. As Mrs. Penwasser will tell you...getting me to clean anything (except "Little Al and the Twins") is next to impossible. Maybe I should, though.
      After I do some pull-ups with Little Al.

    3. As Mrs. Penwasser will tell you...getting me to clean anything (except "Little Al and the Twins") is next to impossible. Maybe I should, though.
      After I do some pull-ups with Little Al.

    4. Look at you Al - double trouble! I'm going to keep both of you - it would be unfair to delete one of the twins! (hahahaha)

      To do or not to do - heck you're busy with the "family jewels" and quite frankly those are way more important than dusting out the cobwebs here at Blogger... way more important. Seriously!!

      Glad to have you popping in and laying a little Penwasser prose on Pearson Report... I'm gonna leave that line even though it sounds a little kinky.

      Given the state of my neck and shoulders I can safely say - I am kinky! Yup, I am. Went to the Chiro today and got cracked.

      Cracked and kinky - sounds like a new fangled potato chip. Yum!

  13. I find it sad when a blog I like becomes inactive. But it can, and does, happen. I did a blog housecleaning about a month ago and cleaned out the ones I follow that have not been active in a very long time. I am a bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving to you! :)

    1. Hi Linda, your avatar makes we want to go on Safari! I love the big cats.

      Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes - indeed my day was Happy - I hope yours was too.

      Yes, it is sad to clean out and delete blogs we once frequented, alas, it's part of the blogging experience, albeit one I don't relish doing all that often.

      Seems quite a few of us have been at it, not liking it, but still seeing the value in it.

      Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

  14. I've done housecleaning a while back, deleted a lot that were inactive and a few that were active only to whine lol screw that. Ugg to the neck and shoulders, I have to sit things just write or my neck has a fit. Editing is the worst, as I'm not typing just staring mostly, but meh, make due we do.

    1. Hi Pat... and cats! How are you all doing? Thanks for popping over and sharing your thoughts.

      I thought I was going to be the only one doing some housecleaning - seems I'm in good company. And you're so right, who wants to follow whiners - I'd much rather laugh.

      Though now that I think of it, my own posts, at times, have had a melancholy air to them - I better pull up my socks or risk being on the chopping block. LOL

      Today, as I sit and do a little office work (interspersed with replying) I am feeling my neck and shoulders. I had a session yesterday with the Chiro and it seems to be two steps forward and one back. Today I'm feeling the one back step. I can only sit for a short time. Sucks!

      I can't imagine how long you sit with editing and all the typing you do. Well, heed the warning... respect the neck because it can be nasty when it's pissed.

      Sending strong spine vibes your way.

  15. I hope your recovery continues to go OK and you can blog a little more. Blogging is definitely quieter now, with many seemingly switching to Facebook. I'll keep at it for the foreseeable future though, because I like the sense of connection that I just don't get elsewhere.

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for dropping by. :)

      My visits to my chiropractor are definitely helping.

      I'm not on Facebook and still prefer blogging but the switch from here to there seems to be the trend. I'm hopeful the novelty will wear off and folks will find their way back to blogging.

      I too like the sense of connection with blogging, which is evident in this comment area. Where else do you get this kind of personal and supportive community feel, that's why I always come back - I enjoy the camaraderie.

      And, thanks for being part of that camaraderie! I hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers, Jenny :)

  16. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to your home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at

    1. Hello Jerry,

      Thank you for visiting Pearson Report.

      I did check out your site, very interesting. I enjoyed visiting some of the Canadian links, and others.

      I will pass on the offer to use my header at this time. I wish you continued success in your search for safe sites.

      Cheers, Jenny

      PS - It would be appropriate to have an actual email address that accepts replies to help facilitate a quick response. :)

    2. There is a link to a contact/email form on the SiteHoundSniffs footer. Thank you for your time.

    3. Yes there is a Contact Page - but it does not allow visual access to the one I found on your Google+ page, which I was in the process of using to send you an email in the event you did not return here.
      I'm one of those bloggers that likes to see the address I'm mailing too - can't ever be too careful, eh!
      Good day!

    4. Oh, and the email access I am eluding to is the one that is at the top of your mail that says ""

  17. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Blog cleaning is important. I hate to have blogs on my blogroll that I don't keep up with. I feel disingenuous.

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