Sunday, December 28, 2014

Resolutions, REVISIONS, Goals and GAMES

Let’s start with RESOLUTIONS

Well, let’s say we did - and move on. We know I’m not making any, right?!


Okay, there’s one and it’s in reference to my previous post about my one and only GOAL for the New Year.

So, than this is really about REVISIONS to the GOAL.

I’ve decided that my goal should now be: 
To set TIME aside DAILY to free write. So, it’s not “doing” the free writing that’s the goal, it’s making the TIME to free write that is the newly revised goal.

Now… onto something else…


I like games. I play games, and I read about games.

Presently I am reading the GAME OF THRONES (Book 1)


REALLY LOVING IT! OMG (yup I’m even going there with an acronym. Why? Because I can!)


I’m reading it on my NEW Kindle Paperwhite - which I received for Christmas. 

Yes, I was good! (What? You have to ask!)

Santa saw my name on his NICE list, so there. (Okay, it was also on his NAUGHTY list and I did get a lump of coal too!)

I’m not going to debate the virtues of an e-reader over turning a page in a ‘real’ book. Mostly because I like turning pages too. I will never stop loving the feel of a real book. I buy real books. I even read them too.

That said… I really, really am enjoying this Kindle Paperwhite.

Two years ago I received the Kindle Touch and was not thrilled. Really, I thought this is not what I wanted for Christmas - and I know for certain I was NOT on the Naughty List. It was like getting a lump of coal; that was until I got over my pout and decided to try it.

Thing is - IT IS NOT A REAL BOOK - I get that, but it does something that real books can’t do; it fits nicely into the side pocket of my purse. 

Books can be bulky. Have you seen Stephen King’s, The Stand - need I say more, you need a little red wagon to cart it along.

So - these little gadgets have a place in my life. Now, when sitting in doctors offices waiting for spare body parts I can read… and read… and read one of the many books all neatly housed in this very thin little electronic book.

About GAME OF THRONES - all I can say is if you haven’t given it a read you are missing out on some amazing storytelling. 

Okay - now for the question… (drum roll please)

Do you do any reading with an e-reader? 

If yes - when, where and why.

If no - what’s holding you back?

Cheers, Jenny

PS - for the photos, in this post, I used Google Images. I would like to credit each but I think the sites they went to had taken them off Google too.

That said, here are the search words I used: 1-Resolutions, 2-Revisions, 3-Time Management and 4-Bulky Purses. See - that's how it's done! Credit where credit is due!


  1. That is a fine goal. One I should strive for myself but alas I always fall for the lazy ice cream cone. I have a tablet that has a Kindle built into it and I use it sometimes. I also have books on my iphone which I use sometimes. I can only stare at the little screen for so long until my eyes go cross. I love a real book. The feel, the smell and the way they pile up around the end table on my side of the couch.

    1. Ooohh… a lazy ice cream cone… hmmm, I've got chocolate and french vanilla having a standoff in my freezer - might I dare intervene.

      Re the whole tablet thing… when I got the Kindle Touch I actually didn't 'touch' it for about 6 months - I was quite annoyed that this was to be my gift when clearly I had asked for a new set of wheels, really some people just don't listen.

      Well, when I finally visited Amazon and set up and account I found there to be a whole host of 'free' ebooks. Me, being all about the 'free' (okay, and the brave) I decided to take the plunge and dive into murky ebook waters.

      To my surprise (I'm not easily surprised, by the by) I was happy to see P&P (okay, Pride and Prejudice in case you couldn't figure it out) my all time favourite old English classic.
      There was no turning back… after that I was all over the map and have found some really great ebook authors.

      I am told, by those in the know, (okay, by me, I've been researching) that reading from tablets will strain one's eyes. Apparently the way these Kindles and other designated "reader only" devices work has something to do with their ink displays. As I am not a science geek I am throwing in this LINK to a great site that explains e ink. I found it most helpful.

      But, in the end, like you, I still love the smell, the feel, and the function of a real book. I like using bookmarks too, of which I have a few my daughter made as little girl. I miss not being able to use them.

  2. I've not read those books. Funny comic about the words in different order.

    Happy 2015.

    1. As I bought my daughter, Miss CP, a Kindle Paperwhite this Christmas, and some gift cards, it was her doing. She ordered the set and, since we are sharing our account with Amazon, I was able to load them to my Kindle too.

      It took a short while of reading the first book before I found myself drawn in to the whole plot and characters. Really quite impressive. I have not seen the TV adaptation, not sure if I need to - I like making my own movie as I read.

      Yeah, I liked that comic too - so real! hahaha

    2. Very cool. Did you guys sign up for Amazon Prime? We love it.

    3. After I replied (behind the scenes) I did a little sleuthing into what Amazon Prime is.I realized I used it during my Christmas shopping spree. Only I did not sign up for it - it was a 30 day free trial. Normally all things from Amazon are shipped free of charge in 3 days. So I didn't think a membership was necessary. I think it would be great if it took longer to get things shipped to me.
      As for ebooks they come directly to my Kindle so there's nothing to ship. :)

  3. I bought myself a Kindle Fire over the summer and I love it. Like you a book with real pages will always be superior, but when space is tight and one reads a lot, an e-reader is a useful tool. Interestingly enough despite the Kindle, I've not read as much this past year because of goings on. But 2015 is looking to be the Year of Doing Stuff and reading is stuff that shall be done!!

    As for Game of Thrones, I made it through the first book and loved it. Got bogged down in the second one though for reasons beyond my control. I plan on diving back into it soon. As a side note, the show has got to be one of the best book to screen adaptions I have ever seen!

    1. I ended up with the Paperwhite as a gift. I don't own a tablet of any sort - must my iPhone and my MacBook Pro (Apple fan) and I understand the difference with the Fire is that it has an LCD screen very similar to many tablets. I'm glad you like it - that's a good recommendation.

      Re the Game books - my daughter had made it through the first book (real book, not e-reader version) and was slogging through the second but put it aside. Her reason, the font on the page was too small; she also found she was easily distracted because of it. Now with this e-reader she is able to adjust font size and is really enjoying the books.

      I'm still in the first book, but I'll let you know how I make out as I carry on with them. Sometimes, I find, it's only the first of a series that holds my interest.

      I have not seen the TV version. My daughter seconds your view though - she too feels it's the best adaptation of a book she's read.

  4. I ain't making any resolutions either, they never come true and I feel destiny works against us when we make them and have open plans :)

    1. I agree, Dezzie, making them only means breaking them. I can't ever recall making a resolution - and, truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of all the hoopla that goes into the start of a new year. Really, the calendar is just a man made thing - time and dates only exist to keep us mere mortals in line! :) :)

      Nice seeing you here, you add a smile to my day. :) :)

  5. I buy books-In fact, there is a book outlet near me and they had a 50% off sale so I got 3 books for $1.50-great bios on Hedy LaMarr, Louis B Mayer and A book on Hummingbirds. I did not pay over $6 for any books!!

    1. I love wandering through Used Book stores - and finding a treasure. I have a collection of books that I'll take out and read more than once. And getting a deal, such as you did, is the best.

      You'll be pleased to know (I hope) that I do the same with my e-reader. I love getting a deal on an ebook. I've also found some great authors because of it.

      I'm also a huge fan of my local library and do a lot of listening to audio books in my car.

  6. Use little electronic reader, I like creating audiobooks in mp3 and listen with the lights out or walking in the countryside!

    1. I'm a huge fan of audio books - I always have one for my car. Sometimes, I go for a drive just to listen to it. haha When I'm in my home I only read 'real' books or my Kindle.

      The Kindle has been great for when I'm on the go and a book would be to big to take with.

  7. Best comment ever on my blog (some terrific free-writing to meet your goal too). Thank you! I enjoy books in both forms but I like to think of it this way: reading an ebook is like dating whereas reading an actual book is the real relationship.

    1. I'm smiling! Thanks for the compliment - I really enjoyed writing that comment over at your place. I count myself lucky when it comes to playing with words and getting my thoughts on paper.

      I like your analogy - very good, and, I concur. I've had some pretty special relationships with some of my old classics.

  8. Anonymous6:59 am

    I have a basic Kindle that is sitting in a drawer, not charged. I also have two library books.

    1. My first Kindle did the same, until I got curious. I am enjoying having the option of electronic books and paper books. I am a big fan of audio books for driving.

      Happy New Year - Cheers!

  9. I resolve to finish Part II of my Opus to Myself (I have three more after that planned! Good glory).
    My sister-in-law gave me the first Game of Thrones book a couple years ago, but I didn't start reading it until this past spring. Once I did, I was absolutely hooked and have finished all the books. I have now become one of those fans wanting Martin to get off his butt and finish the next book. I've also seen the first three HBO seasons on HBO and can't wait until the 4th comes out on DVD.
    Winter's coming.
    Oh, wait. It already has.

    1. My daughter is huge into the series. She got the books but finds the font too small - she loves reading them on the Kindle. So, since we share a Kindle account I am able to access the books too.

      At first I wasn't too sure if GOT was my cup to tea - but, hell, once I got into it I was hooked. I'm ploughing through like a crazed woman (oh, aren't I that anyway) and loving the intrigue and mystery around the many characters.

      I haven't seen the HBO show, yet - but as I am enjoying the book right now I'm in no rush to bring it to life on screen.

      Yes, winter is coming… the intrigue is killing me! hahahahaha

      And, no, it isn't here yet - still no snow. Oh well, it's coming nonetheless - so Stark says.

    2. As of now, winter is all over my backyard.

  10. I have iBooks and Kindle on my iPad and iPhone. Used to seem to like reading on my phone until I got the iPad. There are free classics out there to put on e-readers if you do a search. I also have the Bible on mine so I can reference and read any time. Trains and planes are my favorite places to take my library. I love paper books, but I detest the dust they gather on the bookshelves, so I've slowly been changing the way I read.

    1. When I got the Kindle Touch (as a gift two year ago) I was not interested in going on line to buy books for it and thereby discovered a whole host of 'free' books - it was amazing. That got me using my Kindle.

      With time I discovered a few authors and started to buy a their books - I'm loving this form of book as it is so transportable.

      Like you - the dust drives me batty - and I need to be less batty so I'm scaling down my personal library. If it is a real keeper I keep it, otherwise I pass my books along.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  11. I resisted the call of the Kindle for a long time--I love paper books too much--but my husband got me one anyway. Now I do the majority of my reading on it--it's so light! It makes reading in bed so easy, and you can't beat it for travel.

    Happy New Year! :)

    1. Hahahaha - how easily we bend. I was so resistant that even after I was given a Kindle I would not use it. Ah… I'm so easily broken. :) But, no regrets - it comes with me almost everywhere. There's always time to get a quick read in. (feels like I'm having an affair with it - grabbing quickies here and there, hahaha)

      Happy New Year to you too - all the best. Cheers! :)

  12. I know I don't read often enough but I do sometimes use my iPad for reading books.
    My son loves the Game of Thrones books. Even has one signed by George RR Martin.
    He also has the DVDs which I have tried watching and ended up terribly confused.

    1. We talked about the reading… seems it'll come when you want it - no worries, you're busy with other things.

      Miss CP put me on to the GofT books - at first I was slow getting in the groove - way too many characters for my liking (at first) - but, once I got into it they all made sense. Now I can't but the damn Kindle down.

      I haven't seen the TV series - not sure if I will.


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