Saturday, December 27, 2014

On to the NEXT event… the NEW YEAR!

So, who’s making New Year Resolutions? 

We know, from past posts, I WON’T be making any.

But then…

this year might be the start of something different.


How about one Goal...

I was toying with the idea of setting a goal. 
Is that the same as making a resolution? Hmmm, not sure. 

Okay, I’ve thought it over and it is NOT the same thing.

Definition of “goal” (as in setting a goal)
the object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result.

Definition of “resolution” (as in New Year’s Resolutions)
a firm decision to do or not to do something

Okay - so we see there is a difference. (We could be splitting hairs here.)


To do a 15 minute free write, DAILY. (or not)

I’ve been free writing for a while and enjoying, but I was thinking about doing one a day for the year… hmmm, it may be too ambitious - reeks of resolution.

I’ve got this blog called Write Brain Challenge and I’m thinking a post a day (the results of my 15 minute daily free for all) for 365 days would be a doable goal. (I hear you laughing yeah, yeah, I know, with me, not at me.)

I get it word on the blog is she can't even post once a week, so how's she going to do it daily. Might you have a little faith.

Okay, so now I’ve put it out there.
Hmm, maybe I should sit on it for a year and think about it. 

What about you?

Will you set goals, or do you make resolutions?

Cheers, Jenny

PS   At the top right side of my blog you'll see FEATURED POST - that's my latest free writing piece.


  1. Hi Jenny - It's all POSSIBLE .. good idea - I don't - I have 'good' intentions .. the same this year ... and there will be changes this year ... just enjoy your year ahead .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - thanks for the encouragement.

      I laughed as I read my post again - realized I was all over the map with my "goal" sentence and had to revise it. hahahaha
      Maybe my goal should be to learn to write sentences that make sense first. :)

      Intentions - that's good! I might have to see this as me having good intentions too… and you're right the year does bring changes that are unforeseen.

      Happy New Year to you. Hugs, Jenny xoxo

  2. Hi Jenny - wow, it feels like I haven't been here for ages!! I much prefer the word goal to resolution - I tend to work towards goals, and give up on resolutions! :-)

    I tried free writing recently and really enjoyed it. It will be really interesting if you can keep it up for a whole year - a perfect collection to publish in 2016 maybe?

    1. Hi Annalisa - well, in that case, thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger!
      But then, I find we all are much busier and blogging becomes one of those things were time dictates our visits.
      Nonetheless, I'm tickled you've stopped by.

      I enjoy free writing. My spare energy seems to want to be spent doing it - so by setting this 'hopefully' attainable goal I will see myself reaching doing more of it.

      And, I like your thinking… after a year it will be quite a collection. When attending the SIWC, this past October, I connected with a great publisher. Who knows!!

      Happy New Year to you, cheers Jenny. :)

  3. I never got any of the goals I have set for next year. After the first two weeks diluted!

    1. Ah, that's what I fear - the two week mark. Well, I'll give it a try and go from there - as I say, it's not a resolution so much as it is a goal to try and do something I love - maybe the goal should be to make the time to do it, rather than doing it. Seem "time" is the problem.

      Thank you for dropping by - Happy New Year! :)

  4. Anonymous4:47 pm

    One year I gave up gossip. It lasted about three months.

    1. That's a good one - I'd last 3 minutes! hahaha

      Happy New Year - Cheers!

  5. Glad you enjoy free-writing. Good to see you having fun.

    I've never done the New Year's thang, but I do each Solstice and Equinox, get one silly gift, and make one three-month goal.

    These are holidays to me and great fun.

    Wishing the best in 2015. Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. I do enjoy it! As I said, in reply to a comment above, I think the goal should be in setting the time aside rather than the actual writing. Seems I'm always making time for stuff that doesn't include my writing.

      Maybe an amendment is in order… hmm, will think on it.

      What are the silly gifts? And, what have you made as a three-month goal? Do share…

    2. Here's the post I did on it. Haven't for sure decided yet on my goal but we've been doing this a long time. One silly gift, one goal. I'm big into celebrating the seasons.

      Happy Writing and keep up the great work.

  6. I'm not a "resolution" person either, but goals? Yes. All the time, as & when I see fit. The trick is to know the dividing line between a goal motivating you to achieve, and when it crosses the line and starts ruling your life. Always remember who's in charge! Good luck with your goal :)

    1. Too true - the dividing line can get blurred. I don't want to pressure myself. Thing is, I really love these short writing bursts and have been lately doing them quite regularly. It's more the 'setting time aside' that should be my goal.

      As I said to Ivy, above - an amendment to my goal might be forthcoming.

      And, I'll heed your good advice and try to remember who's in charge! (now, where did that little dog of mine go… here Master… hahahaha)

  7. My goal or resolution is probably the same one I set last year.
    To do whatever the hell I want.
    It's a no fail situation.
    Although I think this coming year is going to be pretty special.

    1. That's the best resolution! I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping it. :)
      Now, I'm curious… (little drum roll in the background aka Lucky snoring) what will be "pretty special" this coming year…. hmm…. come on cough it up.

    2. It's all about dreams and wishes. I'll say no more.

  8. Oh I do not do resolutions. They crash and burn 2 weeks into it. I do make goals though and want to organize my crap which I plan on doing throughout the year. I also plan on going through each room and picking 2 things that I can get rid of. I like to start small

    1. Starting small is the way to go. I've been having "toss the small" moments all 2014 as I get ready to renovate the inside of my house - which itself has been a 52 week long 'crash and burn' event - hahahaha.

  9. I don't do resolutions, not for the New Year, anyway, I try to make it a daily thing if you know what I mean...just try to better myself. Great post. Greetings from Montreal. :)

    1. I've never been a resolution gal either. Like you I try to focus on getting things done in the day I'm in - that said, I figure putting a goal out there, in the Universe, might help me to see it better.

      Welcome to Pearson Report - I've popped over to visit and added myself as a Follower. I enjoyed the videos you have up.

      Happy New Year - Cheers!

  10. I have goals and I am already on the way to achieving my main one. I will certainly check out your writing. I just hope I can keep up (You know how slack I have been lately)


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